Emily McClure’s Experiment with Wen by Chaz

Wen hair by Chaz is a type of hair care product that is reported to have the “magical touch”. In February 2016, Emily McClure reported that the put the product to the test on herself. She reported that on her first day of using it, she felt as if her hair had become thicker and that less strands were falling out. However, when she woke up the next day, her hair was greasy.

On the third day, her hair was still greasy but not quite as much so. She was sure to wash the WEN hair product completely out before using the blowdryer. Throughout the day, she noticed a feeling of flatness but wasn’t bothered by it since it still looked shiny.

On the fourth day, McClure woke up too late for her shower. She attempted to alleviate the greasiness by using a lot of Wen hair shampoos and conditioners at the salon that she worked at. Nothing worked and she was counting down the hours until she could shower again.

On the fifth day, McClure curled her hair after washing and drying it. She reported that her waves fell very quickly but that her hair was supersoft from Wen.

On the sixth day, McClure finally made it a point to shower in the morning and stated that she prefers to do so at night. She was out with friends that night and reported that they gave her numerous compliments on her hair.

On the seventh and last day, McClure reported that she experienced the same phenomenon as on the fifth day. That her curls fell faster than she would have liked but that her hair was very soft.

The Wen hair cleansing products were founded by Chaz Dean, who started out as a photographer. After taking several photography courses and moving to Los Angeles, he was inspired to enroll in cosmetology school. This led to his profession in cutting, coloring and styling hair.

The Wen products are designed to produce the clean, shiny hair look without the sulfates. They are also designed to be simultaneously anti-frizz, hydrating and nourishing. However, as McClure points out, it’s only recommended to make Wen your go-to product if you shower in the morning and every day.


Weak Economic News Continues

The United States service sector slowed to a new two-year low in January 2016 causing officials with the Federal Reserve to become worried. The Federal Reserve has been watching the market very closely since they raised interest rates for the first time in over a decade in December 2015.
The report and other recent economic news have caused the Federal Reserve to fear that the United States economy could weaken further. While the United States dollar is already strong, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York William C. Dudley says that United States economy could weaken further, but that most global markets will fare far worse.
The Institute for Supply Management’s(ISM) Nonmanufacturing Index fell another 2.3 points in January to reach the lowest level that it has been at since February 2014. The index is at 53.5 which is still above the neutral 50 level which would indicate that businesses are still manufacturing more than they did in recent years.
The ISM’s New Export Orders Index dropped to its lowest level since March 2009. Marc Sparks points out that import orders were also lower reaching levels not seen since July 2012. The only good news in the report is that United States companies continue to hire, although at a slower rate than anticipated.
Factors driving the market include the strong dollar, weakening in the global economy and the quick decline in profits in the United States energy sector.

Keith and Keely Mann Partner with Uncommon Schools

High School students across the country are getting excited as they plan to embark on a new journey as post graduates. Many high school students are often left to determine rather or not they can afford college based on rejections or acceptances by financial aid. Keith and Keely Mann recognized the struggles of high school students particularly those who were from low income families and decided to help. Together, both Keely and Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award recognizes up and coming leaders in business who have the potential to impact the next generation. The Mann’s scholarship initiative partners directly with Uncommon Schools’ a Brooklyn based charter organization.

Joe Frick, a counselor at Uncommon Charter High School was elated about the announcement because he knew it would give the opportunity for a high school senior to attend college who may have not been able to without the scholarship.

Those who are interested in the scholarship have been asked to write an essay of 1,000 words about how a college degree can help them reach their professional goals. Keith Mann has always been an advocate for education and philanthropy and believes this scholarship will give him the chance to see the pool of future leaders in his community.

Keith Mann has been a supporter of Uncommon Schools for many years. Uncommon Schools works to prepare low income students to attend college. The Mann family believes that theirs scholarship is their way of supporting Uncommon School’s overall mission.

This year’s scholarship is available only to seniors who are graduating from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The application process is open from now until February 2016. The winner be announced in the Spring and the winner will receive a $5,000.00 scholarship.

Keith Mann is a 15 year veteran in the executive search industry. He is the CEO of Dynamic Executive Search and in 2009 he decided to expand his business into Dynamics Search Partners dedicated to help investment firms.

Check out some of Keith’s favorite videos from around the web on his Vimeo.

Source http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

Handy: Cleaning Up in New York City

Today, many creative startups have made headlines by accumulating impressive sums of seed money in comparatively brief periods of time. The fledgling company Handy (formerly Handybook) has demonstrated the business genius of its co-founders, Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhardt. The company arose from a software app which allowed customers to schedule the services of cleaners and handymen rapidly and easily.

The firm started in June, 2012 and quickly raised some $50,000 in starting capital from investors and business incubator funds. Its innovative approach sparked media articles comparing the firm’s impact in the cleaning industry to Uber’s revolutionary role in transforming the ride sharing business. By October, the company reportedly gained an infusion of some $10 million from Highland Capital and General Catalyst. It has rapidly expanded, and now conducts business with the help of some 10,000 cleaning contractors in over 25 cities in three nations.

Oisin Hanrahan helped develop the concepts underlying Handy.com while still attending graduate school. He drew upon his experience investing in real estate in Europe, where he observed that often property owners experienced significant difficulty locating contractors willing to provide solutions to comparatively minor handyman tasks for apartment owners.

The founders of Handy developed an application calculated to assist individual consumers and small landlords in gaining access to qualified contractor assistance using online resources. Their ingenious application followed the proven business formula of transforming a common problem into a unique, easily applied solution with widespread potential.

What will the new few years hold for Handy? Predicting the future for any young businesses remains a challenging undertaking, naturally. Yet since the company’s underlying premise solves a very real dilemma for many apartment owners requiring handyman assistance, the firm’s founders should probably feel optimistic!

A New Financial Era Is Beginning In Argentina According To Hedge Fund Investor James Dondero

Argentina has had its fair share of troubles over the last 20 years. In 2001, the country the country had so much debt that it defaulted on $95 Billion worth of debt, and that sent the country to investment jail without passing “Go.” Former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was popular, but she didn’t have what Argentina needed to get the country moving again. When Mauricio Macri, was elected president at the end of 2015, investment companies started to look at Argentina once again.

Highland Capital Management, the Dallas-based investment firm that James Dondero started in 1992 was well aware of Argentina’s potential before Marci took office. Highland Capital invested $4 billion in Argentinian debt in 2014, and the company has enjoyed the 20 percent return it is getting from that investment. The Argentina investment helped Dondero recoup some of the losses from energy stocks over the last 12 months.

Jim Dondero is known for taking risks before other investors do. Highland Capital has built a solid investment portfolio that includes consumer-driven companies, energy related companies and tech companies. The total amount of Highland Capital’s assets under management is more than $19 billion.

Mauricio Marci is advocating increased participation from the private sector and a reduced role for the government, according to an article published by Bloomberg.com. Marci wants to bring foreign investors back to Argentina as well as motivate the locals to make that capital work. Macri has a big job ahead of him, according to Dondero. Interest rates are now 38 percent, and the country’s currency is worth 30 percent less than it should be. President Macri’s concept of bundling the country’s debt and selling bonds that mature in 2033 has perked the interest of foreign investors like James Dondero. Dondero told Bloomberg.com that Highland Capital is going to buy a chunk of those bonds once all the paperwork is in order.

Investors like James Dondero are warming up to Argentina because Macri has reestablished three important financial institutions. He is bringing back valuable former employees in the finance ministry, the statistics agency and the central bank. Even local investors are excited about Macri’s appointments. It has been years since local or foreign investors could depend on those agencies to enact policies that would stimulate economic growth, and hold down inflation. Dondero is confident that Highland Capital’s investment in Argentina will pay off, and any new data coming out of the country is more believable than in years past.

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The United States Money Reserve is one of the nation’s leading distributors of government certified gold, platinum and silver coins. The US Money Reserve president, Philip N. Diehl was interviewed by Eric Dye. The duo had many things to discuss. Philip Diehl was the one who launched the first ever US government certified platinum coins. He also greatly facilitated the creation of the popular 50 States program and such feats have made him one of the most influential Mint Directors of all time. Before securing a job at the Mint, Mr. Diehl was Chief of Staff of the US Treasury Department. After that he was nominated to be the Director of the United States Mint by the then President Bill Clinton.
Mr. Diehl’s efforts at the United States Mint rewarded them with an increase in the yearly profits to $2.5 billion from $450 million the year when Philip became the Director. Other than being the president of US Money Reserve Currently, he is the co-founder of the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee and also a member of the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT). US Money Reserve is trusted because they only sell precious metals from the world’s most trusted mints. These include Perth Mint, Canadian Mint and the Austrian Mint. They offer three categories of precious metals; bars, certified coins and bullion coins. The notion of owning makes sense considering the unstable global economy and this can be a good way of protecting your wealth. You may also be at an advantage when the value of the dollar goes down.US Money Reserve offers a variety of ways in which you can acquire the precious metals and secure your future.
A client of the US Money Reserve will be served by a team of over 100 professionals who are highly knowledgeable about the precious metals. They include;
•    Coin Research Professionals
•    Vault and Shipping Department
•    Sales Verification Personnel
•    Inventory Department
•    Business Support Development
•    Customer Relations Department
There are many other experts in various fields in the US Money Reserve. Clients who have put their trust on them have profited as they were able to acquire the coins with the highest value. Situated in Austin, Texas, it was founded by veterans in the gold market who saw a need in merging customer service with the financial knowledge of the precious metals. They have a reputation of guiding their clients to make the wisest decisions regarding the purchase of precious metals.


Talk Fusion’s Innovative Video Marketing Solutions

The Relevancy Group conducted a survey and reported that one of the powerful tools of increasing email marketing revenues is using video clips in the email marketing campaigns. The Internet continues to grow and employing video marketing strategies is a sure way of reaching audiences.

The same survey reported that an email with a video is capable of increasing click-through rates by 2-3 times and open rates by up to 20%. This implies that using video in email marketing yields more results than using text. The use of videos is a perfect means to show the audience the personality of your brand. It is said that a single picture is worth a thousand words. You can imagine how much more a video is worth. Dr. James McQuivey says that a video of just one minute long is worth 1.8 million.

There are several companies in the video email marketing. Talk Fusion is among the top online video content providers in the entire world. The company which is based in Florida is ranked at position eight. It was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 after his attempt to embed a video ten seconds long into an email he was sending to his friends was dismissed by America Online. He partnered with one of his friends who was IT-savvy and they managed to perfect the art of embedding videos into emails.

It is very easy to use Talk Fusion even if you are new to the video email marketing. This is because Talk Fusion provides more than 1,000 ready-made templates which fit every situation and occasion. The users can also choose to customize their own templates after they have known how it works. Many people have adopted the video email marketing and you should not be left behind. Make the compelling content of your brand more engaging and entertaining by using video email marketing today.

Originally reported in Hello Tesla http://hellotesla.com/arent-using-video-email-marketing/

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a leading online video email content provider in the world. It was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 and it is based in Florida. Reina is currently its CEO. It provides innovative video marketing solutions aimed at helping businesses expand their operations. Its products are marketed in over 140 countries.

Fashion According To Doe Deere – 2 Fashion Rules Women Should Completely Ignore

Doe Deere has been dubbed the unicorn queen do to her unique sense of style and willingness to do things her own way. She is not the type of woman who will follow the rules. She believes you should define beauty for yourself and not allow some so called fashion expert to do it for you.

With that being said, here are 2 fashion rules Doe Deere thinks every woman should break:

Fashion Rule #1 – Don’t Mix Too Many Colors

Let’s be honest, knowing how to match the perfect colors is not an easy task. How much is too much is the question that constantly invades our mind. And with such an array of color combinations that can be put together, its quite overwhelming trying to decide which way to go.

The key is to trust your instincts. If it feels right, go with it. Don’t let the opinions of others stop you from freely expressing yourself through color. Doe Deere believes the key to successfully pulling off multiple shades of color is coordination. You should coordinate everything from your clothes, to your hair to your makeup.

Don’t be afraid to dabble with various colors. You might be surprised at how amazing they look together.

Fashion Rule #2 – Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns

Just like color can be intimidating, so can patterns. While there are some women who are born with an innate ability to mix patterns and colors together flawlessly, the reality is most of us don’t have that ability.

And while most fashion magazines would caution you not to mix too many patterns in one outfit, Doe Deere does the complete opposite. She actually loves patterns and thinks they are super fun. In her mind, the more patterns you have, the better.

Deere advises there is no right or wrong way to pair patterns. However, she prefers to use the same color scheme when pairing various patterns together. By staying within the same color family you will eliminate a great deal of confusion.

Who Is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. And as the name implies, Doe wanted her cosmetics line to be so far from the usual that it would be almost illegal to wear it. She started her line to show women makeup can do much more than just cover up the things they don’t like about their appearance.

She believes makeup should be used as a form of expression and not just to cover up the imperfections. With that in mind, she launched Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008 and it has been growing steadily every since.

To learn more about this amazing line of cosmetics visit their website at www.limecrime.com/.

Sanjay Shah Contributes to Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a multi-billionaire based in London. He is the CEO of Solo Capital. Shah is a wealthy individual with over 36 companies to his name. Dubai and London are his main headquarters. He has used his wealthy colleagues, clients and friends to raise money for his charity associated with autism.
In a recent declaration, he pledged to raise £6,610 in his GoFundMe campaign to go to the research of autism. These funds are to be sent to the Cambridge School Autism Research Trust for the study on the causes of autism. The study will be a step closer to developing a remedy for the disease.
When his son Nikhil was first diagnosed with autism, Shah went on to research on the disorder. He tried to find other parents who had children suffering from the same condition. In this discovery process, Sanjay Shah learned that there was little advancement in the understanding of the disorder. It was at this point that he founded Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that funds research and awareness on autism. Autism is a development disorder that affects children’s ability to interact and communicate.
Autism Rocks has a unique way of getting funds. Shah uses concerts to raise money for donation. He says that he prefers to host a small group of elite people who will give generously as opposed to having a huge concert for a small fee. With this model, he has hosted many private concerts all over the world. The concerts are invite-only and host high-end individuals. The featured artists in his shows include Lenny Kravitz and Prince. Snoop Dogg once showed his support for Shay’s cause by paying him an impromptu visit to his home to discuss how he can help raise money for autism research.
This cause is close to Sanjay Shah’s heart as his own son was diagnosed in 2011. He has staged events in many countries hoping that one day a cure will be found to help the needy children. The founder of Autism Rocks continues to raise more money and awareness.

Have You Tried Wen Yet?

Have you ever been flipping the stations on TV and noticed QVC? You’ve probably seen hundreds of people on their selling their product and telling you why you need to purchase what they’ve got. Well, I’ve been just like you before. Except the product that hooked me in was Wen by Chaz Dean. When I clicked on a facebook link, I saw Dean talking about this all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. At first, I didn’t think it was anything I needed. Sure, my hair is a bit on the thin side but it has always been something I live with. However, he was so convincing with what he was saying that I figured I might as well give it a chance. Let me tell you, I was so happy that I did.

Wen hair has completely changed my life ever since I first started using it. Wen has taken my fine hair and turned it into something amazing. Now when I leave my house, I know that my hair is going to look voluminous. I was so sick of looking at all the ladies around me and wishing that I could have their full heads of hair. Now, I do.

Of course you don’t have to take my word here. You can try WEN hair product for yourself. Wen can be purchased in most drug stores If you can’t find it there, you can always check QVC and see if they’re selling it the way I did. If that doesn’t work either, Wen can be purchased from Dean’s website online. You don’t have to be embarrassed of your hair any longer. Take a chance and purchase on Amazon your very own bottle of Wen Hair products today. You will immediately notice the results you want and be so thrilled that you took that chance into great hair care.