The Growth And Accomplishments Made By Status Labs

The rapid growth rate of Status Labs has seen the firm shift its New York office to a grander Manhattan office space. This move comes a year after the company expanded to New York. In order to accommodate the growing team, the new office is five times larger than the old office. The office, which is located at 1123 Broadway in Flatiron, has a great view that overlooks the Madison Square Park.
Status Labs President, Darius Fisher, said that the reason for the sudden shift was that the firm had added four business development and account management experts to their New York team. To better accommodate the staff, he decided to move to a bigger office that would also be comfortable for future addition of staff. The firm has plans to hire five professionals for their public relations, account management and business development departments before the end of the year.
Fisher added that the firm was happy with the team’s accomplishments made since joining Status Labs. He believes that it is important to have a body of talent as the firm continues to undertake larger and challenging projects. The firm also operates in Sao Paulo and Austin besides serving clients in about 35 countries. This information was originally published on PR Newswire as highlighted in the following link
About Status Labs
Status Labs is an online reputation management, public relations and online marketing firm. Darius Fisher formed the firm in 2012. The firm assists clients in building their reputation through an effective PR strategy and digital marketing. Status Labs has enabled clients to offer compelling content that not only drives sales and participation but also engages the audiences. Since every client has different needs, the firm offers a creative solution that is complacent to the expectations of specific clients.
The main objective of the company is to offer clients the best search results. Additionally, through digital marketing, the firm helps clients grow their sales. Currently, maintaining an online presence is important. To this end, being on the first page of Google gives the initial impression of online presence. The expert techniques offered by the firm helps to enhance the reputation of a client’s business. Status Labs ensures that an individual or a firm ranks high through a search result.

Great Hair Results from Using Wen by Chaz

It seems like everyone should be able to enjoy a head of hair that’s beautiful, shiny and easy to manage. Unfortunately, life isn’t always like that, and many people struggle with hair that is too oily and too lank. For those who are hoping for a magic wand to come and fix their hair, there is good news, however, and it’s called Wen.
Wen by Chaz is a hair care product line by Chaz Dean ( that uses a natural shampoo and conditioner combination to cleanse the hair and give it more body and shine. These products came about in response to wikipedia reviews and Chaz Dean’s observations of clients at his Los Angeles hair salon. It was clear to him that many people needed better hair treatments to enhance their hair’s natural beauty, so he developed the Wen product line.

These products should be used regularly, and a large amount of product is recommended for each washing. Within a short time (about a week) the results are obvious. Users of the products (the Sweet Almond Mint shampoo is recommended for oily hair) will have hair that is fuller and cleaner and shinier.

So don’t despair if the perfect head of hair has been elusive. Try Wen by Chaz for great results. WEN is available on

VTA Publications Ltd: Beating the Odds

VTA Publications Ltd. is an event’s organizer that caters for specialists’ genres and a non-fictional publisher of distance learning courses. The company was founded in 2012, and it has grown to be a business where customers can get informational products and services they can enjoy. The mission of the company is to provide its clients with physical and digital cut-edge information with specialization in finance and economics. The company has one active director and solely owned by Mrs. Geraldline Roberts. The company aims to find experts around the world with skills, experience and tradecraft to their customers.

One of the publications of the group includes “Beating the Odds”. The article helps you to learn the odds that determine whether you will succeed in your goals. Is your odds 10-1? 50-1? 100-1? Or 1000-1? What is it for you? All these possible answers are wrong. The article seeks to explain the reason these answers are wrong and help you find the correct answer. By the time you will be done reading the article you will understand the odds of you making it, but of course, the answer will surprise you.

If you have heard or read about the winter Olympics of 1980 in Lake Placid, USA ice hockey team won the gold medal victory but overcame dramatic odds to win the title. At the time, it was evident that the Soviet hockey team referred to as “The Red Machine” was the favorite team to win the Gold medal. Facts were visible because they had always worn the competition and therefore they seemed unbeatable.

Before they played with the USA ice hockey team, they had thrashed NHL all-star team in a warm-up exhibition match. However, the coach of USA team, Herb Brooks, chose to approach the size of the problem in an unconventional way. According to him, doing things the same way and expect different results is being stupid. He took a team of college kids and trained them to play in a cohesive unit.

He knew that teaching the kids would shape them in a different style and in fact the European style with the objective of beating the ever-dominating Europeans in the sporting event. When they later faced the Soviets in the semi-final, nobody expected the USA to win the competition since the Soviets were still looking sharp. The point is that odds were against them.

In the dressing room, Herb Brooks made a speech to his players trying to deny these odds with a positive thinking and invented his version of reality to them. To make the story short, Brooks made his players ignore the odds and so that is what you need to do.  See more about the company on VTA’s website, and they have a store where you can buy further products.

Kyle Bass And His Wrong Choices

Kyle Bass is the founder and CEO of Hayman Capital. He is very popular in the blog world, and he gives his opinions on issues affecting the world. He has been in the spotlight for some years now, but he made his name when he correctly predicted the mortgage crisis several years ago.

The hedge fund managers became the talk of the world when he made the right prediction. For several months, everyone considered him to be a genius. He was considered as a person who could not make any mistakes, and the respect he received was out of this world. Apart from the fame he received, Kyle Bass managed to make a lot of money for his company.

Several months later, Kyle would be consulted on almost all the occasions. People wanted to know his opinion on several things, because they believed that he was always right, and he was the person people could run for when looking for help.

Last year, the energy industry had a lot of activities. At the start of the year, the prices of oil were very high, and people like Kyle Bass were all over the news asking people to purchase the energy stocks because the prices would go higher than they already were. He was called for interviews on televisions and radio, and he managed to get hundreds of supporters.

There was, however, a certain group of people that chose to ignore Kyle Bass this time round. They did not invest in the industry, and they chose to disagree with the popular hedge fund manager. Hayman Capital, on the other hand, purchased a lot of money on the industry, waiting for huge returns.

After several months, things turned upside down. The prices of oil went down significantly, and the CEO of Hayman Capital found himself in a lot of trouble. His investment in the industry only managed to get huge losses. The other group was safe with their investments, and they had won the prediction. Kyle defended his decision, hoping that things would change for the energy department. This has not happened until now, and he has had to deal with huge amounts of losses.

Apart from the energy prediction, UsefulStooges paints that Kyle Bass seems to be making the wrong decisions in the recent past. His magic has slowly disappeared, and he is no longer the person who was respected by everyone. He recently announced that he was hoping that Hilary Clinton would win the presidential race in the upcoming elections, and everyone is waiting to see what happens.

How To Make Dark Circles Under The Eye Disappear

It is estimated that more than half the women in the country are bothered with dark circles under the eye. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if there were a magic formula to make those dark circles disappear? The fact is that dark circles under the eye make a woman look tired and take away their confidence in their appearance. Beauty experts, like Wengie, have a few tricks up their sleeves and know the best way to zap those dark circles. It is a good idea for every woman to memorize those tips. Here are a few ways to make those dark circles disappear.

Goodbye Dark Circles
One highly regarded skin expert states that simply slicing a potato and applying the slices to the dark circles under the eye should do the trick. The fact is that the potatoes contain an enzyme that brightens the skin. Here is another easy to do idea. Purchase an eye serum with peptides that also brighten the skin. Finally, purchase a good quality dark circle concealer. There are several on the market. Simply apply the concealer over the dark circles with your little fingers. Use a light tapping motion. Blend in the concealer. Go easy on the concealer. Apply later in the day, if required.

Wengie shares secrets about concealing dark circles and so much more on her Wonderful World of Wengie YouTube Channel. The Chinese-Australian Beauty Guru is one of the most popular beauty experts on YouTube. In fact, she has over a million regular subscribers to her channel. This is a truly amazing feat for the former marketing executive that left a six figure income to start a channel. Wengie shares that she loves making videos and uploading them to YouTube to share with fans.

Wengie believes that her Chinese-Australian background is partly responsible for the success of her channel. She has a unique way of looking at beauty that is truly multi-cultural. Wengie also likes to bring awareness to Asian inspired products that the Western world does not know much about. She enjoys introducing products from Korea, China, and Japan to her one million subscribers.

George Soros Explains the ‘Surge’ Fund Solution to Europe’s Refugee Crisis

George Soros a well renowned investor, author and philanthropist has written an essay on that details the refugee crisis in Europe and the measures that EU should take to contain the situation.

The Refugee Crisis

Civil war and terror in 2015 caused over a million people to seek asylum in Europe from Middle East and Africa. Right now the situation is even more desperate. George Soros wrote that “Asylum seekers are desperate”, he urged that the refugees should be allowed to attain asylum in the places that they prefer.

George Soros advised that the only way European Union can survive and contain this situation is by quickly getting great amount of cash to fix the crisis. In an article published in CNBC, George Soros said, “EU leaders need to embrace the idea that effectively addressing the crisis will require ‘surge’ funding, rather than scraping together insufficient funds year after year.” George Soros estimated that an amount of $34 billion (30 billion Euros) will be needed per year.

Soros pointed out on that while the amount may seem to be huge, the consequence of the refugee crisis will be more costly. The refugee crisis if not contained will cause failure of the Schengen system. Failure of this system will affect the trading and economy of the 26 member countries.

George Soros calculated the number of refugees that Europe can comfortably receive per year to be between 300,000 and 500,000. This regulated number will have two benefits. First, the refugees will be assured of getting asylum in countries that they seek. Secondly, the governments of the various countries will be able to plan for the refugees and make proper provisions for them.

EU’s Available Sources for the ‘Surge’ Fund
Having set the amount, Soros went ahead to point out the different mechanisms that EU can use to get the ‘surge’ funds. The tax revenue should be increased in all EU countries. But since, the move will face objections from various members; the European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework should be employed. This forum is concerned with the long term spending plan of the countries and it can fairly increase the VAT values. Soros pointed out that while this method was effective; it lacks the ability to create great funds quickly.

Soros assured that EU has the ability to create the ‘surge’ funds urgently. The union should make use of the unused $68 billion funds from the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility and the Financial Stabilization Mechanism (EFSF). The ability of the financial entities (EFSF and ESM) to leverage easy credit terms should be used. Soros further advised that now is the time for EU to use their triple-A credit. The refugee crisis is a national emergency and as such EU should use the latter mechanism to acquire funds.

George Soros

George Soros is a very successful investor. He is listed among the top riches people in the world. He is the founder of Soros Fund Management which is a very successful investment management firm. He is also the founder of Open Society Foundation which supports charity activities around the world. He has written various important articles. He has dual citizenship in U.S. and Hungary. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

Michael Zomber: Antiques, Novels and Documentaries

Michael Zomber has been a long time collector of arms and armor, all of which detailed on his website. For over 4 decades, Zomber has been buying and selling various weapons. This experience has turned Zomber into a expert on arms from the 15 hundreds to the 18 hundreds. And because of his expertise, Zomber has been asked to be on various History Channel episodes of Tales of the Gun. One of Zomber’s main goals is to place weapons and armor with individuals who will look after the piece. Zomber also enjoy telling stories with his knowledge. He has written several novels that highlight his expertise. Jesus and the Samurai is one such novel where Zomber shows the link between the development of early christianity and the development of the samurai values. Park Avenue gives readers a look at what a high end action house is actually like. The book provides significant insider knowledge to the antique trade. Zomber and his wife also produce a film under their film house, Renascent Films. The film is title Soul of the Samurai and has been a well received documentary, along with the film company’s other two films.

Michael Zomber might be best known for his ability to rise above struggles. In the early 2000s, Zomber was falsely accused of mail fraud. He was convicted and have to serve several years in prison. Zomber used this time wisely and he research his case and found a way to defend himself and prove his innocence in an appeal. Zomber chose to also use this time productively. During his time behind bars, Zomber penned several of his novels and planned out his documentary. Zomber also helped several other inmates. He helped them to prepare for their appeals and he also helped several of them pass the GED test.

Because of the line of work that he pursues and also his time in prison, Zomber feels strongly about fighting against violence. He and his wife are major supporters of various organizations that help to fight for peace. They regularly give to organizations like, the Randolph Bourne Institute, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Disable American Veterans, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, The Smile Train and Get Lit’s.  Follow Michael and his wife on Facebook, where they continue to work towards a better tomorrow.

New York Attorney and Philanthropist: Ross Abelow

New York City attorney, Ross Abelow, launched a GoFundMe campaign on 13th January 2016. The campaign was started to assist animal shelters in New York City to be better equipped in lending support to homeless animal support shelters. Through the campaign, they will be able to obtain necessary medical care, food, blankets and vaccines, bearing in mind that most shelters lack enough capacity to take in more homeless animals. The campaign is aimed at raising $5000. Due to the cold temperatures and the winter season, animals that have no shelters are at risk of suffering the adverse weather conditions. The excess funds will be directed towards treating animals in the shelters.

Ross Abelow decided to start this campaign due to his participation in the community activities and projects. The campaign will go a long way in preventing animal deaths and also ensure more are being housed in the shelters. One can get additional information on this campaign through .

Ross Abelow is a licensed legal practitioner a partner at Abelow &Cassandro LLP. His areas of specialty are commercial litigation, entertainment law and family law. He has been practicing for over 20 years. In addition to this, he is a graduate of New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law. He also writes on legal blogs and has his own personal blog. He is particularly active on social media and has facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and mashable accounts. Ross Abelow conducts his business with the highest level of confidentiality as is expected of all attorneys.

Through Lawyer Lighthouse one is able to get information on lawyers including Ross Abelow. The platform offers a directory where one can get all the addresses and phone numbers of different lawyers. Lawyer Lighthouse maintains that Ross Abelow is very capable and thus if one has a case they can be assured of a win. It also describes him as one of the best attorneys in New York City. He is able to look into contracts carefully and never ignores the fine print. Ross Abelow has been described as having the ability and discipline to follow the law. For prohibitions with regard to conflicts of interests, Ross Abelow ensures he abides with them. His has been praised as being one of the most versatile lawyers who has managed to successfully help divorcees and entertainers. Ross Abelow also writes various articles with regards to the legal world and have been published by Crown Point New York.

Talk Fusion Keeps Military Families In Touch

Talk Fusion is one of the best things to ever happen to military families who have people living or traveling around the world on long deployments. These deployments can happen at any time, and they could last for a long time. That means that the family has to have a reliable way of talking to the people they love, and they need to start thinking of what they can do to make sure they can talk often. The military personnel that get to bring along their own electronics can use Talk Fusion to their advantage.

Bob Reina wanted Talk Fusion to be a very simple software program that anyone could use to get in touch with others, and the service is a cheap way of making video emails or chatting online. The video chat service has become the best way for military personnel to talk with their families, and they can dial into pretty easily as soon as they get an Internet connection. Anyone can be accessed anywhere around the world with an Internet signal, and it becomes easy to talk to people who are far away.

People who are far away from home can dial into their families at any time, and these same people will be able to use their computers to talk, and they will get a reliable signal. Talk Fusion also works well when people who are abroad just do not have the time to talk in real time. The video emails that people can make in Talk Fusion look great, and they become amazing letters that people can send back and forth. The two parties get to see each other, and it is much more poignant that way.

The best thing that people can do is to make sure they get Talk Fusion before deploying. They can talk to their families easily, and they can make video emails even more easily. The family does not have to be too far apart, and Talk Fusion makes it easy to chat while seeing everyone. The phone has been supplanted by the genius of Bob Reina and his Talk Fusion program. Read more on about Securus Technologies.

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Changing Lives with Talk Fusion

The story of Talk Fusion started with a vision for a product that is revolutionary and determination to make it a reality. In 2004, while Bob Reina was touring North Carolina to purchase a new home, he took a short clip of the house and wanted to send the clip to family and friends for opinion. Upon inquiry from the American Online, he was told that it was impossible to attach the clip to an email. This made Reina to think hard of how he can make a video to be attached to an email and market the innovation using direct selling model. Reina was really determined to revolutionize the way firms around the world connected with their customers. He contacted his IT-guru friend for professional assistance, and from there Talk Fusion was born.

As of 2007, the video email product was succeeding and was quickly spreading to the international arena. Currently, Talk Fusion continues to attain global momentum. The firm has spread to over 85 countries and ranks at 8th position among online video content providers globally. It has been able to surpass giants in the industry such as MegaVideo, AOL, Viacom, Yahoo and CBS. Talk Fusion has membership in the Direct Selling Association and Direct Selling Educational Institute, which is an organization that is dedicated in enforcing professionalism and ethical practices in Direct Selling.

The firm fosters strong commitment in philanthropic activities by supporting communities and animals all over the world with an aim of producing positive global change.

About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. His combination of industry expertise, natural talent and his entrepreneurial spirit has led Talk Fusion to charge forward, promote innovative video technology, recognize emerging trends, and empower other individuals to live their imaginations.

Bob Reina started his career in relationship marketing as an income earner. He currently has over 20 years of experience in relationship marketing and his leadership skills has earned him outstanding reputation as the industry’s pioneering leader. He graduated from University of South Florida with a degree in Criminology. Bob is a renowned champion for animal causes and he is a highly respected community member.