Talk Fusion Introduces A 30-day Free-Trial For The Video Communication Solutions

People usually join direct selling to earn extra money. Talk Fusion has created an instant pay feature of the company’s compensation plan to get attention from the video communication creators. The way it works is that when an associate makes a sale, the customer can begin using the product immediately while the associate is credited with his commission within three minutes. According to Bob Reina, the founder, and president of the company, Talk Fusion developed instant pay because what get rewarded gets repeated, and it ultimately validates the business speaks to the financial strength of the company, and it creates the excitement for being a Talk Fusion Associate.


Talk Fusion is based on a culture of hard work, leadership, diligence, and the willingness to learn from others on all things required. In fact, new associates have to work for 7-10 hours a week at least for a year before they start evaluating their options for long-term success. Bob Reina maintains that the Company is very transparent become after being on the field for so long he knows at least what it takes to be successful. Success takes a lot of hard work, and Talk Fusion is the company that pays hard work.

Talk Fusion is already serving more than 140 countries worldwide, and the company grew by 42 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year. As the American market expand exponentially, the company is gaining growth momentum in the international markets especially in Brazil, Mexico, and other Latin American markets. Bob Reina is an animal lover who lives his home with pets and shares his office with at least one. For that love, he generously gives to support animal welfare to build his Humane Society if Tampa Bay Animal Health Center that is mainly sponsored by Talk Fusion.

The recent introduction of a 30-day free trial of the comprehensive video marketing solutions is one development the Bob Reina has referred to as a value that cannot be compared with something else in the world. The 30-day free trial version is intended to give the new customers an experience that will make them subscribe the premium version at the end of the free-trial period.


JustFab is Just That

There are a lot of online retailers who have many different clothing options, but JustFab is one that is not just for clothing, but also for fun shoes and handbags. You might wonder about the new looks they have this year and I’m excited to show you.

JustFab Boots

There are a ton of boots available for you to choose from on They offer small boots that come just over the ankle and larger boots that go all the way to the knee. They also have them in a wide range of colors for any outfit. If you are stuck trying to figure out what style is better for you, why not just get both, the price is certainly low enough to do that. You also can find the boots in a strappy style or a style that is more for work rather than fun. That will be totally up to you and what you want for your boots.

JustFab Shoes

JustFab has a ton of different options for shoes from dressy to plainer for work. You can find strap shoes as well as heels that are short or long depending on what you prefer. JustFab also come in a wide range of colors that will work with any outfit. You may even find some sparkle shoes to add to your closet. These are great for a night on the town or to let everyone know you have some great shoes.

All of JustFab shoes change year after year so you won’t get the same looks twice and they are up to date with the styles this year. You may decide you want the same style of shoe or boot but in a different color and that works too. The best thing you can do is to look at all the styles, save a few and pick the ones that you want the most. That way you will get the shoes you want for the low price JustFab offers.
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Take some time when you are looking at the different shoes and boot available to you so you can choose the ones that are going to look the best one you and work with the outfits you have. The last thing you want is to have a shoe that doesn’t look quite right, but maybe you could put it with another outfit and get something great. You just never know. 

In the Dark in the Heart of Venezuela

Some writers that are trying to poetically express the collapse of Venezuela may refer to this economy as one that is in the dark. People like David Osio, 50, that live in Venezuela may refer to the land as one that is literally in the dark due to power outages. That may be a very difficult thing for many process, but significant power outages have caused many customers and homeowners to be without power at the most inconvenient times.
There are a plethora of people that have managed to continue to make the best of each situation, but many people are no longer able to take these harsh conditions. There are photos of that are surfacing, and people in the United States are getting a first hand account of the trouble that people are facing with in Venezuela. Customers are literally shopping in the dark. Some are cooking their meals at home in the dark. The work week in Venezuela has been shortened to four days as a result of all of the ongoing issues with electricity.

Venezuelan citizens are certainly feeling the effects of what is happening because it is affecting every single aspect of their lives. The citizens of Venezuela are starting to protest now that there are so many issues with food. It is hard for people to live this way. There are certain to be more protests as power outages increase.


Why Investors Turn To Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm

Investment banking, as the name would suggest, is a branch of banking in which the investment banks primarily deal with selling securities and underwriting new equity shares used in raising capital funds. Investment banks are different from commercial banks as they do not take deposits or issue commercial loans.

For companies looking to issue securities, investment banks act as intermediaries between the companies and those willing to buy the securities. The banks operate along the side. On the side, the operations undertaken include portfolio management and securities trading. On the “sell” side, the banks are involved in underwriting new stock lines, publishing financial research and marketing financial products.

Regulation is very vital when dealing with investment banks. Since the institutions operate on both sides, the buy side and the sell side, conflict is bound to arise between the buying and selling operations. The role of regulation is left to agencies such as the SEC.

Another role that investment banks play is the advisory role. Investment banks offer advice to companies that are seeking mergers, acquisitions and a wide array of fund raising strategies. Few investment banks have gone on to become industry leaders. Among them are Goldman Sachs, which is the largest, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bank of Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan Chase. Among the clients served by investment banks are companies, financial institutions, governments, foundations among others.

A notable figure in the world of investment banking is Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is an experienced investment banker and has over the years gained a wealth of experience in the securities and equity markets. Lustgarten, Martin is an investment banking firm that is sought-after by many investors as it uses the vast experience of its investment bankers to ensure their clients get the best services.

Martin Lustgarten is an effective leader as well as an effective communicator. This has placed him in an excellent position to create cordial relationships with his clients while earning their trust at the same time. He continues to make a vast contribution to the banking industry to date.

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Charles Koch Endorses an Unlikely Contender

In an interview with ABC News conservative political activist, Charles Koch suggested in an interview that he preferred Hillary Clinton over the other Republican candidates. During the interview, Charles Koch might have stopped short of saying that was to support Hillary if she was going to clinch the nomination.

The Koch brothers have for a long time been an activist of the Republican party. He, however, criticized the Republican party for the presidential candidates for lack of policies. The kind of rhetoric they have been giving to the public prevented the brothers from financing any of the Republican party. Neither did they fund to derail any candidate’s nomination.

Koch wants the Clintons back in the White House and in the interview, he told Jonathan Karl that Bill Clinton did a better job than George W. Bush in running the government. Koch also said in the interview that it was possible for another Clinton to be better than the Republican candidates. From the interview with ABC, it is easy to believe that Koch and even his brother David believes that Hillary Clinton can easily change and thus is safe to support her than any other candidate.

Koch wants a leader that is ready and talks of making the country better not destroy it. He spoke of Ronald Reagan as an example of a leader that he would prefer. The politics of division indeed does not please the billionaire and says it does more harm than good to the American population and the country at large.

He particular condemned Donald Trump ban on Muslims and also Ted Cruz threat to carpet-bomb the ISIS group. Koch and his brother avoided funding any Republican candidate nominee. In the past, Koch has spent millions backing conservative Republicans, and their causes did not get involved with the party politics. Koch wants politicians that make America better and also improves lives. This could have been the reason he endorsed Hillary Clinton.

It is also unlikely that Donald Trump will change his policies. In the interview with Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM Trump said he did not need anyone to tell him to be different. It seems that Trump will not be changing his rhetoric. Koch will not support policies that dived America and in the interview he said he to offer support he must know the specifics.

Trump has lost the support of the Koch brothers, and unless he changes his policies, the support Koch endorsement is Highly unlikely.

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The Entrepreneurial Podcast Network Hosts Philip Diehl, the President of US Money Reserve

Philip Diehl, the current president of the US money reserve, held a conversation with Eric Dye. This took place during Dye’s show, the EPN’s Enterprise Radio. The show acts as a platform for top business executives, entrepreneurs, and small business proprietors to talk about their current experiences, services, creations, strategies as well as products.

The Interview with Philip Diehl

The interview with Dye served as an addition to the other numerous interviews that Diehl had taken part in this year. It focused on various aspects such as the future of the gold market, the leadership background of Diehl and the strong customer base of the US Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 and U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue

During the interview, Diehl reminisces the transformation experienced by the US Mint under his leadership. He has widely been recognized for his role in the US Mint for his achievements such as the minting of the original government-issued platinum coin as well as the 50 States Quarter program.

Diehl gave an insight into the condition of the US Mint before transformation by stating that it was initially a regressive agency. The change turned the company into an entrepreneurial agency by also making a six years devotion towards boosting its customer services. Upon becoming the US Money Reserve president, he has employed similar entrepreneurial commitment and principles towards promoting customer satisfaction.

In its endeavor and initiatives to boost customer satisfaction, the company established a self -directed IRA program for its precious metals early this year. In this case, clients of the US Money Reserve maintain the possession of physical gold, which acts as wealth security for retirement as the customer continues to receive benefits from any increment in the price of gold. The information was originally mentioned on PR Newswire

An Insight into US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve was established in 2001 and has instituted itself as the leading private supplier of the United States government-issued platinum, silver and gold commodities such as coins and bullions. As a testament to its growth, the company has managed to ship over a million precious coins, which amount to more than a half-billion dollars from its Main Vault Facility.

The company operates from its main headquarters, which is situated in Austin, Texas. It possesses industry leading experts including the compliance and standards department, Industry leading numismatic experts, order verification personnel, coin research professionals, inventory department and the coin research professionals. Learn more: and

The precious metal distributor also engages in charity activities and initiatives by supporting various organizations such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, The Boy Scouts of America, the Austin Children’s Center, as well as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In the past, the firm has helped in raising finances to support the Superhero Kids Endowment in a bid to cover non-medical costs on behalf of families whose children were admitted to the Dell Children’s Hospital.

GoFundMe Campaign for Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an international charity organization providing surgical procedures to children and young adults who suffer from facial deformities like cleft palate, cleft lips, and other health issues. Operation Smile was started out in early 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee. In their first mission, helped children in the Philippines. Over the years, the organization has built a global network and has acquired volunteers from over 80 nations. The team has offered more than 220,000 free surgical procedures around the globe. The organization also provides training to the local medical professionals when they are on a mission.

Due to Operation Smile’s growth, Mr. Avi Weisfogel announced the launch of GoFundMe campaign to raise $2000 to support Operation Smile. Avi said that he believes that every child deserves to have good healthcare to ensure equality of all and hope for tomorrow. Avi Weisfogel is a family man and a father of six children and believes every child is entitled to have the best health and dental care available. His love for children has lead him to work hard to support this organization called Operation Smile.

Operation Smile works with local hospitals, governments, professionals and other organizations to create the necessary surgical models. The goal of the Operation Smile is to offer these solutions effectively in the best way possible and reach many children as possible. Each year, Operation Smile goes for different missions around the world. For each mission, the organization may require importing equipment or medical expertise depending on the resources available in the location. They work with the local healthcare providers to ensure they provide the care in the locals own language and culture.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in New Jersey. He is known for handling many dental problems successfully. More that 50% of his patients have been referred to him by other dentists that were not in a position to help them. He is interested in acquiring and amassing education. He takes 200 hours every year to expand his knowledge to make the lives of his patients better and learn better ways of simplifying his work too.

Doe Deere Makes Makeup Fun Again!

Doe Deere is a name that is well known among those who follow fashion, but wish to find their own individuals sense of style through a combination of clothing decisions and the best in bold cosmetics choices. The chance to become a famous figure in the world of popular culture is something Doe Deere has been on the edge of for a number of years, particularly after she formed her LimeCrime brand soon after completing her fashion education in New York; Deere sold innovative one of a kind clothing of her own design through an Online marketplace before embarking on a career as a singer.

Doe Deere eventually found herself drawn towards the world of cosmetics design and creation when she was seeking to market her own clothing range, which she felt was not being properly represented in the marketing she was undertaking. Deere has found success as a designer of innovative cosmetics options, which include her own ranges of eye and lip makeups that she gives tutorials on via her extensive Online presence.

The need for an individual sense of style has always been strong in Doe Deere, which has included her own belief that confidence in oneself is as important as following the traditional rules of fashion Deere loves to break. In interviews and articles the LimeCrime founder has revealed the cosmetics she is creating alongside the experts in her own laboratories take up much of each working day; these cosmetics are created to reflect the needs of Deere herself after the move from New York to Los Angeles of the Russian born fashion expert, her husband, and three cats.

Doe Deere has proven herself as a successful businesswoman who has a knack for finding the perfect way of marketing both herself and the products she creates. Doe Deere has become a major part of the lives of her followers who she now encourages to follow in her footsteps with video tutorials on creating and using cosmetics. The LimeCrime CEO is now seen as one of the most important executives in the fashion industry because of her role as a leading creator of new products; the need to create remains important in her marketing campaigns and the many new products and lines she is constantly working to produce.

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A Lesson In Image Recovery

Status Labs is an Austin TX based firm that specializes in online reputation and crisis management. However, due to the actions of a former executive, the firm recently found itself experiencing its own negative press. What began as a local news story quickly went national, and threatened their reputation.

Status Labs began to slowly rebuild their reputation. The first step was to change their leadership by calling for the resignation of the questionable executive.

This news was then released to the media, along with a team photo. This was done to connect human faces to a company name and help the public realize their anger was misdirected.

The company also realized they were disconnected from the community. To fix this, they spent a year working with local charities and nonprofits. This also helped to boost their team’s morale.

The firm then made a conscious effort to improve employee relations. They did this by implementing stock options, company outings, publishing a newsletter Etc.

Status Labs had been successful in helping improve the reputations of over 1,000 businesses and individuals, and now they had achieved success healing their own.

This was due in part to the efforts of Darius Fisher. After graduating with honors from Vanderbilt University, Fisher had previously worked as a copywriter and political consultant Taking that experience with him, he then went on to co-found Status Labs. As president of Status Labs, Mr.Fisher developed the strategies and partnerships the company needed to achieve such a successful track record.

Since the implementation of the crisis control measures, many positive features about Mr. Fisher and Status Labs have appeared in various media outlets. This provides proof that if the proper steps are taken, you can recover from bad press.

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Madison Street Capital – Reliability Exposed

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment banking firms that is operated and headed by Anthony Marsala. Every year, the firm is noted for its contributions to the finance industry as well as its accomplishments as a business. Marsala is a well-educated and experienced professional and has been selected as one of the best finance experts in the world. He is recognized for his dedicated leadership role, decisions and performance within and outside his firm. He has a proven track record of success and awarded accordingly.

As important as the firm for Marsala, his family, as it is frequently referred to, Marsala rose to the power of becoming the head of his firm through hard work and passion for finance. He completed his degree in finance at an early age and worked for many major companies where he participated actively in mergers, underwriting, acquisitions, consulting and corporate financing to name a few. All of these experiences combined with his motivation made him open his own business – Madison Street Capital. Today this firm is one of the leading providers of many finance related products and services. Marsala has converted his pipe dream into reality through his firm. It is serving the needs of many investors and businesses throughout the globe.

Ever since the inception of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala has given it an international presence through high quality services related finance that are tailored to individual needs and budget. His firm is now established in Asia, Europe and Africa as well. The firm now engages in a variety of finance related matters including but not limited to raising capital, asset administration, business evaluation and much else.

Madison Street Capital is one firm that you can rely upon for your finance needs especially fund raising. It also offers a wide range of services in corporate finance. Its helpfulness is spread across various sectors and industries as well. Its services come in a variety of form, size and price for businesses. MSC offers assistance and comprehensive plans and strategies for industries such as technology, biotech, food, agriculture, wholes distribution, medical devices, pharmaceutical products and so on. The plans are laid out in such a way that businesses get to think carefully about each phase of their operation, its details and how the various details fit together to form one viable entity for short term and long term productivity and performance. This firm is well-versed in gathering the needed information to make an informed decision on the behalf of individuals and businesses for their finance needs as well. The goal is to improve the chance of success for its clients and reduce the degree of risk to which they will be exposed.

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