Helane Morrison is a renowned American lawyer and business magnate. She was born in Brooklyn, New York. She is a holder of Bachelors’ degree from the prestigious Northwestern University. She also studied at the University California, Berkeley, School of Law. During her time at the University of California, Helane Morrison was the chief editor of California Law Review. In 1984, she had the privilege to graduate as a Jurist Doctor. Two years later, she applied and was accepted to the State Bar of California.
Currently, Helane Morrison is the Managing Director, the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of Hall Capital. Hall Capital Partners is a corporation based in San Francisco and considered one of the most revered and fruitful investment firms in America. An interesting aspect is that women exclusively run the enterprise. Before joining Hall Capital Partners, Helane Morrison worked as the chief leader of the coveted office of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco; from 1999 to 2007 to be precise. During her time there, she was wholly accountable for fraud litigations, regulatory aspects and security law enforcements covering five states in the Northwest and Northern California. Before 1999, she was head of implementation – San Francisco SEC office.
Diverse leadership culture is the main reason why she joined Hall Capital Partners. Another reason for joining Hall Partners was because of the 2007 – 2008 market crash. Nine years later, she discovered that investors were still coy about the financial industry. She had the zeal to restore public confidence in the financial sector and saw that position as the perfect opportunity to achieve that.
Helane’s career in law was highly motivated by the desire to fight against unrepresentative corporate crimes. No matter where she found herself professionally, what gave her impetus was the desire to fight tirelessly and wipe out corruption from the face of the company.
Morrison’s future dream was to shape businesses that upheld the basic ethics and moral values. Wherever Helane Morrison has worked, she’s been steadfast in exposing acts of corruption and those individuals who leverage on influence and power for personal monetary gains. Due to her consistent efforts to create more ethical and fair business models, she has suddenly become a dominant force in the battle against industrial injustice.
The 2007 market crash was particularly the hardest and trickiest time in American financial history. Unemployment was at its peak; the threatening financial situation did not offer financial institutions any safeguards. Most systems entirely depended upon government bailout to subsist on.
Helane Morrison was instrumental in the process of turning back the fortunes during the market crash. She led spirited campaigns to investigate executives of top Fortune 500 companies who were somewhat immune to prosecution. She uncovered the illegal sale of fraudulent securities mainly to military personnel and destruction of audit papers by auditors. Insider trading and online trading got polished thanks to her efforts. Also, she totally cushioned individuals who were defrauded by the top brass. Her other achievement was to bridge the gap between men and women working in the financial sector considerably. In the process, many women found themselves breaking into higher ranks.
Today, Hall Capital partner’s wealth portfolio stands at $24 billion regarding assets. Hall Capital manages finances of most millionaires and billionaires in America. Helane’s motivation to join Hall Capital was purely female leadership. Her co-workers in the company include Kathryn Hall, who is the Co- Chief investment officer and Sarah Stein, who is the company, President.

FreedomPop Focuses on WiFi Expansion Across the USA

For some people the only way to get a product is by finding a great deal. Look at how cell phone carriers are conducting their business nowadays. The majority of carriers out there are trying to price gauge customers for every single cent in their pocket. That natural tendency to overprice created room for the ‘freemium’ company FreedomPop to make some serious headway. Over the past several years FreedomPop has steadily established themselves as a prime time alternative carrier for folks who need to spend every cent wisely. Now FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols is announcing further services being made available for current and future customers including new WiFi access.

For the past year or so we have seen FreedomPop begin to establish their own database of wireless hotspots all around the country. Installing these WiFi hotspots across the country has been a priority for Stokol’s company and now the reason why has come to the forefront: FreedomPop is offering an expanded WiFi service for an additional $5 per month for customers. The $5 monthly fee, which is entirely optional, would grant new customers access to the more than 10 million different hotspots across the continental United States.

Most people are probably questioning why an additional WiFi service needs to be added when the phone already has WiFi technology. Well, the 10 million hotspots will be available to ONLY FreedomPop customers which ensures that the network will never be overcrowded and hard to use. Furthermore, FreedomPop is planning to expand to a total of 25 million hotspots all across the country within the next year or so. These hotspots will be available in common retail places like Best Buy, McDonalds and Burger King with more coming along the way as partnerships reveal themselves. Now, imagine that you lived above or near one of these hotspots. Suddenly you are getting unlimited WiFi in your home for just $5!

FreedomPop’s core service will remain free, just like Stokols has always claimed. Customers who opt to stick with the core service will get a limited amount of talk, text and mobile data all without any charge ever coming to their account. From there customers can choose to expand their services to incorporate more and more of the ‘expansion options’ that Stokols is making available for the platform. This is the route that FreedomPop is choosing to take in order to make their freemium company profitable.

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Whistleblower Lawyers and the SEC

SEC Whistleblower lawyers personify and reveal fraud as well as reclaim and retrieve taxpayers’ assets thru “qui tam” (private person who assists in a prosecution and obtains partial or entire instituted monetary penalty) under the State and Federal jurisdictions pseudo claims laws.

Moral aspects dictate that it is a foremost obligation to expose fraud aimed at our government. Fraud contrary to our government senselessly burdens American taxpayers billions of dollars annually.

The severity of these prohibited actions result in a massive financial squeeze on our economy. Reporting fraud is the honorable step to undertake which ultimately may also prove to be rewarding as well.

The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) conducts Whistleblower Program to obtain tips relating to the infractions of Federal securities laws. This program was created as a sector of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which retains and adheres to strict dollar guidelines when compensating a Whistleblower for tips which conclude in implementing an accumulation of monetary penalties of at least $1million.

SEC is interested in these violations: misleading market guidance strategy, price misrepresentation, money laundering, fabricated sales, reporting and offering fraud.
Anyone who voluntarily offers SEC “original” information about a breach of Federal securities laws that either ensued or are about to transpire and is the primary individual to accumulate that information contingency on two essential aspects, initial autonomous information unknown to the SEC or publicly accessible, and not from a pending finalized court proceeding.

Corporations or organizations are not qualified to become SEC Whistleblowers as well as officers and employees of various government or self regulatory entities who were employed at the inception of this information, as well as condemned persons of a criminal prosecution in regards to the lawsuit in question.
Exempt are Whistleblowers who attained the information through some course of an audit deemed necessary under the SEC.

To become a Whistleblower it is not necessary to be an agency insider. The SEC undertakes nameless proposals into account with the information, but if you desire to be compensated for your efforts it is mandatory that you disclose your contact information and the name of the attorney who is associated with your submission.

You will also have to finalize a “tip, complaint or referral form” which incidentally must be acknowledged and signed under penalty of perjury.

In the event that the SEC disallows the claim and decides not to pursue it through further channels, then the claim is dead in the water.

Dr. Jennifer Walden In A Class By Herself

Dr. Jennifer Walden always wanted to be a surgeon, according to an article in Texas Monthly. The Dallas-native was told at a very early aged that she had the hands of a surgeon.

Actually becoming a doctor was not a huge step. Her father is a dentist, and her mother a surgical nurse. So, it could be said that medicine is in her blood. No pun intended. “I experienced an up close and personal view of what it was like in the day and life of a medical professional. So I was prepared.”

After graduating from Anderson High School, Walden received a degree in biology from the University of Texas. She then did her medical residency at University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

After practicing in New York for several years, Walden became a mom and decided to pull up stakes and head back to Texas. Walden is unmarried and says she’s a single mom by choice. She made the decision to move back home so her twins Houston and Rex would be close to family.

Walden is one of the top aesthetic plastic surgeons in the state if not the U.S. She doesn’t mind being a rarity. The fact is, there are not very many female aesthetic plastic surgeons. Only about 1 in 10 are female, according to the latest statistics.

Walden says she loves her job. And most of her patients are just plain ordinary working women. She enjoys the fact that she can help them improve parts of their body. “It’s a real self-esteem builder,” says Walden.

As one of the highest-rated surgeons in her field, Walden has privileges at numerous hospitals in Texas. She also operates her own satellite clinic in Marble Falls.

Her skill set was honed in New York under the tutelage of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Sherill Aston. Waldon also worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

She says balancing work and motherhood can be a challenge, but thankfully, she has a full-time nanny. Her sons are in pre-school, which is also close to both home and her clinic. Walden says that even though the move back to Texas wasn’t easy, it was necessary to help her gain perspective.


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