Happy, Healthy, Fun; Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth lip balm products are known for many things, but primarily they are known for their vital moisture, their all natural formulation, the delicious scents and flavors, and their upbeat packaging. All of these benefits are a no brainer for the next shopping trip down the self care aisle. These benefits make the smile happy and healthy, it makes it easy to enjoy being healthy.

EOS lip balm products lock in moisture and enhance the lips natural softness with a mix of ingredients that are found in nature. Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin known for it’s skin healing properties that is found in nuts. Jojoba oil is another rich oil derived from a plant, and Shea from a tree. These natural fatty acids and antioxidants naturally and more effectively nourish and seal in moisture than any other lip balm product on the market.

The flavors that are used to scent and flavor EOS balms are also derived from natural sources. There are no fake tasting or smelling flavors of EOS. The scent and flavor described on the packaging are exactly what is found inside. Like the natural moisturizers found in the balm, the natural flavors and scents also help to heal the lips. Natural botanicals like coconut oil are soothing to the lips and Vitamin C found in citrus are also brightening for the skin.

The packaging of EOS products is fun and fancy. The little spheres look awesome when left out on a nightstand, they are easy to find in a purse, and they look great when applying them. The outer color of the sphere coordinates with the balm flavor on the inside in bright hues like pink, blue, yellow, or swirls of color indicating a mix of flavors in the balm. Go to the nearest Target supermarket or browse Amazon.com for full list of EOS lip balms.

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The Creation of Lime Crime: From Russia to NYC to LA

If you are tired of your traditional nude lipstick and soft pink blush, perhaps you should try a Utopia purple lip from the fairly nontraditional makeup company, Lime Crime. Surely the very thought of this might have you shaking your head in amusement, but simply looking at the company’s gorgeous CEO, Doe Deere, will have you wonder if you, too, can rock a neon lip and eyeshadow combination.


Established in 2008 by the self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns as a means for fans to express themselves in a fairly cheap and appropriate manner, Lime Crime got its start in a way that is anything but normal. In an interview with Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere told readers everything that they could possibly want to know about both her and her business, and described how her success never detracted from her quirky traits that everybody loves her for.


Russian Born with a Dream-Chasing Attitude


Most people do not know that Doe Deere was actually born in Russia. She lived a normal childhood that carried over into her teenage years, but she had always possessed colorful, animated attributes that her family and friends could not ignore. An immense passion for music was able to be depicted in most of her activities; helping people be themselves has always been a mission for this lively soul, and she even sold temporary tattoos to passersby at the age of thirteen.


New York City Living: A Music Career, College Degree, and Love Story


When she was only seventeen years of age, Deere moved to New York City in the hopes of pursuing a music career. With three guys, the rainbow-haired beauty formed the band, Sky Salt. Despite the band deciding to pursue other careers after less than five years of performing, one of the members became Doe’s long term husband.


After getting married and leaving the band, the Queen of Unicorns obtained a degree in fashion design from FIT University and put that to use designing dresses and selling them under the domain name, Lime Crime. However, she always recognized fashion as something that coincides with makeup, so she crafted cosmetics on the side as well.


Success That Offers Important Advice


There are many people who have gotten plenty of accolades but fail to put those awards to use by educating future generations on how to achieve the same. Deere clearly marches to the beat of her own drum, though, and is a strong believer in telling younger people to chase their dreams in the most passionate manner possible. She has a belief that using your distinctive traits to your advantage is of the utmost importance, which is something that offers both sound advice and further proves that her success has touched her heart by making it full.

Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/

Hotelier Andy Wirth Named RASC’s Chairman and President

Renowned hotelier, Andy Wirth was recently appointed president and chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC). This body promotes air services at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Besides this, it is mandated with the task of identifying flight routes that have the highest potential for profit. The board is mainly made up of managers and owners of tourism entities, and hotel-casino properties in North Lake Tahoe, Reno and South Lake Tahoe.

While welcoming his appointment, Mr. Andy Wirth expressed his readiness to ensure that the area’s tourism potential is attained. He further added that he will work in liaison with other board members, and relevant agencies to enhance air travel. This way, the entire region will thrive economically due to increased tourism numbers. Many expect Wirth to perform his new role with ease, having played a pivotal role in the enhancement of air travel to major resorts throughout North America. The corporation aims to increase air travel to the region by marketing it as a one-stop tourist destination.

Other Roles Played by Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth made a name for himself by being a prominent ski resort owner in Orange County. He is the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Resorts, which is the parent company of major ski resorts operating in the area. Andy has played a crucial role in marketing the skiing area on of the most exquisite tourist destinations globally. His efforts have been successful owing to the high number of tourists who flock the area every year.

Mr. Andy Wirth is also passionate about environmental conservation. He has incessantly been marshalling local communities to oppose projects that threaten their livelihood. He also supports community projects that are aimed at improving the greater Lake Tahoe Region. Such efforts are aimed at ensuring that the quality of life is improved.

Andy’s philanthropic efforts have seen him make contributions to a number of initiatives. However, his main area of concern is the Navy Seals Foundation. He is a fervent supporter of the foundation, keeping in mind the work done by Navy Seals to protect Americans. He organizes fundraisers on behalf of the foundation. His efforts have seen him raise nearly 14,000 dollars.

Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.cbs.com/shows/undercover_boss/photos/1000242/season-4-episode-11-sqauw-valley/

Lake Tahoe’s Best Ski Resorts

Lake Tahoe has long been among the very best ski destinations. Being the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics make it the most iconic. Straddling the California-Nevada border, Lake Tahoe sit 6,225 feet high in the Sierra Nevada mountains and gets about 400 inches of snow each year. This draws countless visitors to the 16 Lake Tahoe ski resorts Squawalpine.com. The area is a skiers paradise. It boasts a wide variety of options for downhill and cross-country skiing for from beginners to expert skiers. Lake Tahoe has ski options and resorts for everyone.

Great Resorts

Whether you want a small family-friendly ski area, a large world-class resort, any type of terrain or abundant recreation or entertainment options, Lake Tahoe ski resorts have it all. There are many great ski resorts at Lake Tahoe. They include Homewood Mountain Resort, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Diamond Peak Ski Resort, Boreal Mountain Resort, Donner Ski Ranch, Northstar California and many others.

All these resorts have great atmosphere, spectacular scenery, stupendous nightlife, friendly, attentive staff and miles of fresh powder to ski. Plus you can watch amazing sunsets cover the lake, meadows and mountains in a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s sure to stimulate your senses and help you relax and have fun.

Best Of The Best

Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows

With over 6,000 skiable acres, 270 impeccably groomed trails, and a variety of terrain parks, Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows is more than just Lake Tahoe’s premier resorts, CNN called them the ‘ Best Places to Ski on Earth’. They have among the longest ski seasons, mountain-top beginner areas and bars, boutiques, restaurants and art galleries in the Village at Squaw Valley. This resort hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics and has remained a popular international ski vacation destination. These beautiful, fun-filled resorts are sure to please your entire family.

From the breathtaking scenery, comfortable rooms and friendly staff to the wide range of amenities, these resorts are the perfect setting for ski enthusiasts of any age or skill level. These spectacular world-famous resorts offer unmatched ambiance, unique ski experiences, a 8,637 foot patrolled summit elevation, myriad challenging peaks, valleys, cliffs, steeps and fluff and are havens for world-class skiers. If you are looking for a thrilling ski vacation, pack up your friends and family and head to Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows resorts in Lake Tahoe. It’s a ski vacation that you will remember lovingly for years to come.

Manse On Marsh Offers Senior Living With Amenities and High Marks

The reality sets in that you are going to have to spend time in an Assisted Living facility but you are unsure of the ratings of these facilities. You search online for the best of the best in senior facilities and come across a list. The list is naming the best in the nation. How do the people on the website come up with the information to be able to name the facility one of the best in the nation? Surveys are the beginning of the process. People visit or tour the facility, they write a review or answer a survey, and this information is added together to make a list.
What are things that people are looking for in an assisted living and senior care facility like the Manse on Marsh. The first thing to look for is cleanliness. The facility must smell clean and appear clean. The people living in the facility must look and smell clean as well. They should never smell like urine. If in an assisted living facility, you should be able to clean yourself with a tiny bit of assistance. Dressing yourself should be easy with a little bit of assistance such as buttons or snaps. People living in an assisted living facility will need very little help with their own care. Nursing assistants are great at helping with the little things the elderly may need help with.

The Manse on Marsh is a wonderful facility setting with individual living components such as flats, rooms, and suites. These living components are different prices. Each person that comes to live at the Manse on Marsh is capable of doing most of their own care. They are capable of living on their own if someone checks on them daily. The few things they may need help with only raises the price a small amount to pay for the staff that is assisting with care. These things are some of the amenities that make the facility one of the best in the nation. Check out the information by contacting them online, or following them on Twitter.