Paul Mampilly’s Experience Helps Others

Paul Mampilly has always wanted to be helpful to people. He has worked in many different positions and is a major financial factor in different areas. Because he knows the right way to make millions of dollars, he feels that it is his responsibility to pass this knowledge on to other people so that they will also be able to do it.

Paul Mampilly believes that even average Americans should have a chance to be able to make millions of dollars and he uses his company to make this a reality for other people so that they can enjoy everything that he has to offer for the business. It is something that he started from scratch and something that he has built from the ground up. Because of the way that Paul Mampilly is able to do different things, he knows the right way to run a business and the right way to help other people.

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Through his company, Paul Mampilly knows that it is necessary to show people the right way to do things instead of just doing it for them. He believes that this approach is something that will make a difference and something that will change the way that he can do different things in the course of his career. Because he wants people to be able to be independent with the options that they have, he knows that there is more to life than just doing things for people and has decided that he will teach them the right way to make a good amount of money.

By showing people how to invest their money, what they should buy into and the different capital aspects that they have, Paul Mampilly knows that this is a necessary part of the process and that is something that he can take advantage of in the different areas. Because of the way that he is doing different things, Paul Mampilly has been able to show more people what goes into making millions of dollars and that, with the right type of investments, the process is not hard to understand or do.

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Rick Smith: Innovating the Industry of Correctional Communications

Rick Smith is the current chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, and he was appointed into his position in 2008. The company, based in the state of Texas, is one of the most significant and highly recognized telecommunications companies that are operating inside correctional facilities. Rick Smith previously served as the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc., but was ultimately selected to become a chief executive officer because of his dedication and expertise in the field of communications.

Securus Technologies have been perfecting the video calling technology for years, in order for the prisoners to communicate and gain contact with the outside world. This method have seen a spike in the last few years, as authorities are looking into the possibility of the using the video calling technology for replacing the old face to face visiting method. It will also save a lot of money and increase the prisoner’s safety, creating a broader timeframe for the prisoners to speak and talk with someone outside just by using a device which supports video call. Rick Smith Securus have also introduced the biometrics technology inside correctional facilities, helping the authorities identify the prisoners effectively, making prisons more manageable than before.

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Securus Technologies have been serving thousands of correctional facilities along the borders of Canada and the United States of America, and they have been a for profit prison company for a very long time. Rick Smith’s leadership with Securus Technologies have landed them several contracts, and the company had invested more than $600 million just to look after some of its patents and inventions. In just a matter of three years, the technological development that the company is working into has resulted into several outstanding devices that could develop the country’s justice system. The collection and organization of a wide array of data by the company means that the authorities would fare better in tracking down inmates, use the data collected to formulate graphs that could tell about how crimes can be solved, and could also use to provide the needs of those working in local law enforcement and emergency response.

Through the years of its existence as a leading company addressing the needs of correctional facilities, Securus Technologies would always innovate and develop the technology required to serve the changing and transforming needs of the law enforcement and corrections industry. They currently have 140 patents, and this number would soon increase as more developments are under way. Rick Smith’s vision for the company is for it to continue its legacy of technological innovation, and will continue to invest in different areas and firms that focuses on the development and improvement of communications, because for Securus Technologies, communication with the outside world is the best gift that they can provide to inmates. Read more on

Jason Hope Proclaims the Internet of Things as next Great Venture

You can’t really have a conversation about the future of the Internet of Things without at least discussion Jason Hope. Jason Hope is an acclaimed futurist and one of the most devout advocates of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things has been becoming increasingly important over the past few years as more and more people shift their attention to automated technology. The Internet of Things refers to the collection of technology being used to interface in our day to day lives with the internet. Jason Hope believes that this is the next great industry and that people should start paying attention to it as a result.

Alright, to really understand why the Internet of Things is so influential you need to take a moment to look at how it can impact the many different industries available. Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things could be the biggest investment opportunity in the technological world. Right now we are seeing the Internet of Things becoming more and more important in both recreational and commercial enterprises. Let’s take a look at how it is impacting some of the biggest industries on the planet.

We can look to Virgin Atlantic, the airline company, to their Boeing 787 jets as a prime example of the Internet of Things at work. The Boeing 787 jets being used by Virgin Atlantic are completely interfaced, via computers and the internet, in order to feed statistics to people safety information. These jets are safer and more effective than ever as a result of the Internet of Things. Hope also believes that airline industries will begin using the Internet of Things in order to improve upon their own customer service relationships.

Smart technology is just part and parcel of the Internet of Things, but it is not the most important aspect. Hope begs us to consider how safety and emergency response vehicles could benefit from having their vehicles tied in to real-time data. Imagine first responders who get fed up to the second traffic data. Lives could literally be saved as a result of Jason Hope and his work with the Internet of Things.

Omar Yunes leads Sushi Itto to Higher Levels of Success

The Best Franchisee of the world (BFW) seeks to give recognition to the franchisee’s that have managed to go above the fray. This edition of the BFW had a large attendance from representatives from Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, France, Brazil and Italy. The organizers of the award and the representatives were enthusiastic about this particular recognition. This was due to the fact that Mexico was now able to be gain trajectory among other franchisees on the international level.

Omar Yunes emerged as the winner of this chapter of the BFW. He was also able to be named in the first place of the Mexican chapter of the BFW. The competition which was held in Florence Italy singled out Omar Yunes due to his resilience and innovative strategies as one of the leaders of Sushi Itto. His contributions and input to the brand have been able to gain significant milestones and gain peer and industry recognition for Sushi Itto.

Omar was elated about receiving the award and stated that it was only a visual representation of what the 400 employees have strived to achieve. He considered himself a representative of employee excellence and the brand that has given them the liberty to be innovative with their service delivery. The award scrutinizes the franchisee’s ability to effect positive changes in the network, its financial and operational input and general employee motivation.

Omar Yunes was able to clinch the award due to his management skills and his relevance in ensuring the fluency of the franchise and franchisee relationship. The CEO of Sushi Itto also reiterated that the award was a manifestation of the brand’s efforts to provide top-notch customer service to their wide range of clients.

A Glance at Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is an astute and intelligent businessman. Having started off at 21 years as the franchisee of Sushi Itto which features a Japanese food chain, Omar has been able to grow in leaps and bounds. He currently owns up to 13 units which represent 10% of the units that are belonging to Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes runs the base operations of the units that h owns at Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. Omar Yunes continuous to empower and inspire the people around him to achieve even greater levels of success.

Wild Ark

Ecotourism is traveling to captivating eco-friendly destinations with conserved natural environments and wildlife. Wild Ark Travel offers ecotourism with thrilling adventures to the most exotic destinations in the world. They give tourists the opportunity to directly benefit the people and places they visit by supporting conservation and contributing to protect the cultural heritage and economic development.



Here are a few eco-friendly destinations;


  1. The Blue Mountains, Australia


The Blue Mountains is a rugged mountainous terrain west of Sydney in New South Wales, composed of 7 national parks and 8 conservation reserves stretching across 2.5 million acres. This region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has an incredible combination of heathland, canyons and rainforests, with the most exotic plants and an abundance of fascinating animals and birds.


The Blue Mountains got its name from the natural blue haze produced by its extensive eucalyptus forest. The distinct blue color is formed by tiny droplets of oil released from the abundant eucalyptus trees combined with the water vapor and sunlight.


  1. Sian Ka’an, Tulum, Mexico


Sian Ka’an is a Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. Situated on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in México, this reserve is so pristine and biodiverse, and home to thousands of flora and fauna species. Sian Ka’an is also the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean with so many eco-friendly activities such as exploring the Mayan ruins, diving in the deep cenotes, swimming in the Caribbean, or just laying on the soft white sandy beaches.


Cenotes are natural crystalline sinkholes formed by the collapse of the ceiling of limestone caves, exposing spectacular turquoise freshwaters of underground pools.


  1. Belize


Belize is an ideal eco-friendly destination for adventurers, with some of the best locations for scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling. The Great Blue Hole, an underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize, is a perfect circle that is 480 feet deep and over 1,000 feet wide. This hole is a diver’s paradise with over 500 rare plants and animals found only in this area.


  1. St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands


St. John, located in the Virgin Islands, U.S., has 2/3 of its island protected as national park lands. This island is a nature lover’s dream with many exciting activities such as snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, hiking and much more, or just relaxing on the pure sand of one of the most breathtaking beaches.



Wild Ark offers adventures of a lifetime while conserving the biodiversity of these destinations and protecting wildlife. They provide many opportunities for tourists to experience and connect with nature, so they’re motivated to join in and protect the world’s wildest places.


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Anthony Petrello – An Insider’s Opinion

Sometimes, the people best placed to describe you is those who were by your side when you began your journey to success. To best understand Tony Petrello, the Nabor Industries CEO, you will have to tap into some of the things his college roommate, Lloyd Grove has to say about him. His eager demeanor that was manifested in a public school back in 1972 grew into a drive that has steered Tony into being one of the most successful business moguls of the modern world.

His love for math was evident from a very young age and his consistent dedication to proofing arcane theorems when other kids were busy playing naughty definitely have something to do with his hard work and focused demeanor. He graduated from the Harvard University with his J.D degree and also holds a MS and BS in Mathematics from Yale University. After his studies, he began his career life by signing up with Baker & McKenzie’s New York office where he worked as the Managing Partner from 1986 to 1991.

After this, he moved to Nabors Industries where he began as the Chief Operating Officer before making his way up the corporate ladder to become the Chief Executive officer and Board of Nabors Industry chair in 2012. position has made his one of the best paid CEOs in the region. His compensation for 2015 stood at an amazing $27,512,939. $1,580,077 was his salary and $16,863,656 came from his stock shares. He also received $7,727,000 as bonus and the rest as different kinds of compensation.

Anthony Petrello is married to his college sweetheart, Cynthia Carrafa and are together active philanthropic givers. Carrafa ia a soap opera actress and producer and the mother to Carena. Their daughter, Carena, was born premature and developed a cerebral palys condition that drove the family to spend money furthering the search for a solution to the condition. Anthony has given up to $7 million to grow neurological research and experiments at the Texas Children’s Hospital.


MB2 Dental Is Offering Great Services For Anyone Who May Be Needing Optimal Qualities of Oral Care

MB2 Dental is offering prospective patients an opportunity in which they’ll be able to receive optimal qualities of dental care upon signing up for an appointment. If you are concerned about appointment scheduling conflicts, you may be happy to know that MB2 Dental is absolutely flexible with the options of scheduling that they provide. You may find that there are a myriad of different services/dental care options that you may be needing and could potentially benefit from.


If cost is a concern of yours when it comes to dental care, then you should know that your insurance may be able to cover a considerable amount of the total costs. If not, then it may also be of value for you to know that MB2 Dentak offers their services with very competitive prices within the market. You may find that some of the services that they offer are not necessarily offered anywhere else. If this happens to be your case, then it’s recommended for you to set up an appointment immediately.


MB2 Dentak is an organization that takes pride in the efforts it puts towards keeping their facilities properly sanitized and maintained. Regular instances of sanitation is a crucial aspect of ensuring the environment is safe for receiving care in. Due to re nature of the work that his conducted within the premises of dentistry clinics, bacteria is prone to lingering around amenities, appliances, devices, and furniture is the area(s) are not regularly sanitized. Be sure to speak with a representative of MB2 Dental as soon as you get a chance so that you can receive dental care that places a tremendous amount of emphasis on cleanliness and welfare of their patients.


There’s a vast array of different services that you can receive upon setting up a schedule with MB2 Dentsl. Among some of those services are: teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, extractions, and much more. by consulting with a dentist of MB2 Dentsl, you’ll essentially be given a guarantee of having an opportunity of receiving some of the best forms of dental care that is available on the market today. The dentists of MB2 Dental will provide you with guidance and advice on how you may be able to care for your teeth in your own time; however, it’s still important for you to know that there are many reasons why you should still consider going in to a dentistry clinic on a recurring schedule.

Bruce Bent II: The Brains Behind Money Market Fund

Money market funds present unique investment opportunity for investors seeking for significantly safe investment option with reduce risk and short maturity terms. This type of mutual funds was established by Bruce Bent II’s father in 1971 for investors in-debt securities. They have a fixed investment approach and a short maturity period. The safety that comes with money market funds investment is hinged on the significantly low volatility associated with them. In addition, they have low credit risk. Investors in this type of mutual fund also enjoy tax exemptions while some of the investment options under this category of mutual funds are not taxable. These qualities make money market funds as a preferred investment option for investors with low volatility threshold and prefer nonvolatile investment vehicle. Additionally, investors seeking for investments that mature within a short period of time should opt for money markets funds. Lastly, money market funds are suitable for those seeking to invest in securities, which are extremely liquid.

Employment Background

 Bruce Bent II had already made a name for himself as an expert in financial advisory and an investment advisor with a strong reputation. He has experience working in the industry where he is known for his innovative and creative marketing and investment ideas.He currently serves as the Vice Chairman of board of directors and President at Double Rock Corporation in addition to his role at Reserve Management Company.

Bruce Bent II has worked at Hallmark Investment Series Trust across its various investment and financial advisory subsidiaries. Initially joining the corporation as an assistant treasurer in 2000, he excelled professionally rising through the corporate ladder while at the company to become one of its leading executives. He held the position of senior vice president at one of its subsidiaries before being elevated to the position of co-chief executive officer.

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What You Need To Know About The Meriwether Group

The Meriwether Group was founded by its CEO, David Howitt. Howitt is renowned for his years of expertise and success in brand-building and producing immense results for Fortune 100 companies. His career began in 1966 when he worked as Corporate Counselor for Adidas and subsequently went on to lead in licensing and business development. The Meriwether Group has offices in Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California and has collaborated with large corporate clients such as Adidas, AT&T and Nike. Howitt’s son Sawyer Howitt is an Ivy League undergrad making a name for himself in business and finance and acts as Project Manager of The Meriwether Group.

The company motto is helping clients “Fulfill Your Journey”, and their track record proves that they are brilliant at what they do. Entrepreneurs from all over the world seek the services of The Meriwether Group because of their legendary ability to work with startups and large corporations with equally dynamic results. If you are seeking guidance in the development and business strategy of your budding or established brand, The Meriwether Group should be at the top of your list of business advisers to turn to.

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The Meriwether Group has been featured in many publications and is a major influence in the way some of today’s top brands and niche businesses operate. Howitt is author of the acclaimed book “Heed Your Call”: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality, and Business (for more information visit: The book is a blend of useful tips and inspirational anecdotes.

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NuoDB Gets Your Database in the Cloud

NuoDB is one of the leaders in SQL-based transactional database systems. Since their founding, they have been pioneers in putting relational databases into distributed cloud systems. Their technology is cutting edge, yet still tempered with years of experience in the database industry.

NuoDB is a distributed database, accessible from anywhere, secure, and saved in the cloud. It also takes traditional SQL databases a step farther with a three tiered system that includes administrative, trasactional, and storage tiers. This helps NuoDB deal with some of the problems found in especially large cloud-based systems. It also uses a number of in-memory caches. This helps to maintain data integrity, while still operating within a cloud environment.

The cloud database from NuoDB comes in three flavors: an open source version that is free, a professional version for developers, and an enterprise edition for large corporate and manufacturing environments. Each one has the basic technology and makes use of the cloud-based design.