Bruce Bent II: The Brains Behind Money Market Fund

Money market funds present unique investment opportunity for investors seeking for significantly safe investment option with reduce risk and short maturity terms. This type of mutual funds was established by Bruce Bent II’s father in 1971¬†for investors in-debt securities. They have a fixed investment approach and a short maturity period. The safety that comes with money market funds investment is hinged on the significantly low volatility associated with them. In addition, they have low credit risk. Investors in this type of mutual fund also enjoy tax exemptions while some of the investment options under this category of mutual funds are not taxable. These qualities make money market funds as a preferred investment option for investors with low volatility threshold and prefer nonvolatile investment vehicle. Additionally, investors seeking for investments that mature within a short period of time should opt for money markets funds. Lastly, money market funds are suitable for those seeking to invest in securities, which are extremely liquid.

Employment Background

 Bruce Bent II had already made a name for himself as an expert in financial advisory and an investment advisor with a strong reputation. He has experience working in the industry where he is known for his innovative and creative marketing and investment ideas.He currently serves as the Vice Chairman of board of directors and President at Double Rock Corporation in addition to his role at Reserve Management Company.

Bruce Bent II has worked at Hallmark Investment Series Trust across its various investment and financial advisory subsidiaries. Initially joining the corporation as an assistant treasurer in 2000, he excelled professionally rising through the corporate ladder while at the company to become one of its leading executives. He held the position of senior vice president at one of its subsidiaries before being elevated to the position of co-chief executive officer.

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