Talk Fusion Receives Award from TMC

It takes an enormous amount of effort in order to elevate your company into elite status. CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has been working hard over the past decade in order to bring his video marketing company into the next stratosphere. Through years of dedication and innovation Talk Fusion has finally been awarded for their work. Talk Fusion received the Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation for their work in communication solutions. The award is typically only handed out to companies that push the limits, innovate the industry, and do it in such a way as to not be ignored.

Bob Reina initially founded Talk Fusion because he saw the trends in video marketing and how businesses were going to need to cater to them. Reina had been looking, at the time, for a company that could offer video marketing services to his own work. He couldn’t find anybody and so he decided to create Talk Fusion as an answer to his own needs. How right this decision would end up being. Reina’s been the steady hand behind the rapid growth of Talk Fusion ever since.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, made the announcement that Talk Fusion was amongst the winners for the coveted Products of the Year Award. Tehrani said that the winners of the award were, “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Technology Marketing Corporation weren’t the only voices responding to the award.

Reina said in a statement, “This is just the beginning. Our talented IT team has big plans for the future of our all in one video marketing solutions.” Reina talked extensively about his work at Talk Fusion but he was quick to defer to who he believes to be the engine behind his company’s work: his IT team, spearheaded by CTO Ryan Page. Page echoed Reina, “This is just a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is.” Page also alluded to potential upgrades to key products and services, like their award winning Video Chat application.

Handy: Cleaning Up in New York City

Today, many creative startups have made headlines by accumulating impressive sums of seed money in comparatively brief periods of time. The fledgling company Handy (formerly Handybook) has demonstrated the business genius of its co-founders, Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhardt. The company arose from a software app which allowed customers to schedule the services of cleaners and handymen rapidly and easily.

The firm started in June, 2012 and quickly raised some $50,000 in starting capital from investors and business incubator funds. Its innovative approach sparked media articles comparing the firm’s impact in the cleaning industry to Uber’s revolutionary role in transforming the ride sharing business. By October, the company reportedly gained an infusion of some $10 million from Highland Capital and General Catalyst. It has rapidly expanded, and now conducts business with the help of some 10,000 cleaning contractors in over 25 cities in three nations.

Oisin Hanrahan helped develop the concepts underlying while still attending graduate school. He drew upon his experience investing in real estate in Europe, where he observed that often property owners experienced significant difficulty locating contractors willing to provide solutions to comparatively minor handyman tasks for apartment owners.

The founders of Handy developed an application calculated to assist individual consumers and small landlords in gaining access to qualified contractor assistance using online resources. Their ingenious application followed the proven business formula of transforming a common problem into a unique, easily applied solution with widespread potential.

What will the new few years hold for Handy? Predicting the future for any young businesses remains a challenging undertaking, naturally. Yet since the company’s underlying premise solves a very real dilemma for many apartment owners requiring handyman assistance, the firm’s founders should probably feel optimistic!

How Talk Fusion is Revolutionizing Video Marketing

Every business owner wishes to see his or her venture gaining visibility. A study piloted by research firm, Relevancy Group indicates that embedding videos in email marketing advertisements increases internet marketing revenues by 40 percent. With improved access to the internet globally, video marketing has stood out as a verified technique of reaching out to many people at a go.

Emails embedded with visual recordings spawn more curiosity amongst recipients than simple texts. In any case, this mode of communication saves more time and provides prompt fulfillment to users. It is also a real time way of communicating. It is also a personal way of articulating the brand’s disposition to many people without necessarily having to seek them out personally. Several upstarts are pioneering this technology. They include StreamSend, GetResponse and most prominently, Talk Fusion. Salespersons all over the world need to tap into this revolution to sell out their products to previously unimagined audiences. The original article can be accessed via this link:

A Brief Overview of Talk Fusion

This was made clear to him by internet service provider America Online. Not someone to easily give up, Mr. Reina sought assistance from one of his friends. After wide research and consultation, they transformed the idea into reality and that is how Talk Fusion came into existence.

The company has been on a steady growth phase, which has seen it ranked at position eight among the world’s largest online video content suppliers. It has managed to gain a foothold and currently has operations straddling all continents. It has surpassed its competitors by offering high quality platforms for clients to communicate.

Talk Fusion has received a lot of commendation for the ease with which its services can be used. Although many video upstarts find the industry rough and daunting, the company has taken it in stride. When one subscribes to its products, he or she is given up to 1,000 templates to choose from. One they know how it operates, customers can then personalize their own stencils.

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Handy Overshadows the Competition in On-Demand Services

Handy is the organization that has leaped forward as the best in the on-demand cleaning services business. There have been a lot of others that have tried to keep this type of momentum, but few have been able to do what Handy has done. Handy has managed to keep customers happy as the on-demand services move from one city to the next.

This organization has clients in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The word is spreading about this company, and the desire for on-demand services may become much greater as more people get to know about Oisin Hanrahan and his highly praised cleaning company.

Oisin has branched out and made the decision to offer a lot of different things like electrical work, TV mounting, plumbing and several different services. This, however, is only a small fraction of what the business does at this time.

When it comes to electrical or plumbing services these may be emergency services that people need to resolve. The mounting of a television is also something that would only be a one-time need. The customers that are getting homes cleaned, however, are often going to request repeat services. That is what makes this concept of cleaning such a big part of what Handy does.

There are a lot of people that have started booking cleanings on a regular basis after they become familiar with the business. That is what Oisin hopes for. He wants customers to feel good about the service. He wants them to book more services again. Repeat business equates to higher revenues.


Securus Technologies Receive Positive Response From The New Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies have received a great positive response from the public in their newly initiated technology namely the video visitation app. The application is a simpler way to connect those incarcerated in prison to their loved ones without actually having them go visit them in prison and making long ques. The application is communication channel where with the video visitation app you can communicate to a friend or a family member in prison and even share important family events over video chats. The convenience of the video visitation app is the fact that it is perfectly fit for all Android phones and the newly initiated app for iPods and iPhones.

Families have made more than 65,000 downloads of the video app mobile application from their mobile phones (Source: There have also been more than 5,000 downloads of the application from iPhones, tablets and iPod’s. The application can be obtained in the play store for android devices and app store in Apple iPhones. All one is required to do is to download the app and synchronize the calendar to get notifications of the next scheduled video chat for their loved ones. Securus Technologies has helped many prisoners reconnect with their families especially those in correction centers far from home. Video visitation app serves more than a mere phone call can do.

Securus Technologies have been in service to many correction agencies to maintain peace. They are also great in providing solutions in civil and criminal justice that are technology related. This is to ensure investigations, public safety and monitoring of activities in correction centers. Located in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies have served more than 3,400 public safety corrections and more than 1,200,000 prisoners all over North America. They enhance connections through providing information on public safety, conducting biometric analysis, emergency response and also incident management.

Securus has advanced its technology to ensure even the safety of all inmates in correction centers. They will have a frequent connection with loved ones from the video visitation app which does not need one to tether to computers to connect but can work under Wi-Fi connectivity and remote connections too. To provide efficient services, Securus Technologies also added more software developers and a new member to their sales leadership team who will assist in running of technology and creating new ideas to serve inmates and their families. To Securus Technologies, the commitment to serve and connect is their drive.