Sanjay Shah Contributes to Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a multi-billionaire based in London. He is the CEO of Solo Capital. Shah is a wealthy individual with over 36 companies to his name. Dubai and London are his main headquarters. He has used his wealthy colleagues, clients and friends to raise money for his charity associated with autism.
In a recent declaration, he pledged to raise £6,610 in his GoFundMe campaign to go to the research of autism. These funds are to be sent to the Cambridge School Autism Research Trust for the study on the causes of autism. The study will be a step closer to developing a remedy for the disease.
When his son Nikhil was first diagnosed with autism, Shah went on to research on the disorder. He tried to find other parents who had children suffering from the same condition. In this discovery process, Sanjay Shah learned that there was little advancement in the understanding of the disorder. It was at this point that he founded Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that funds research and awareness on autism. Autism is a development disorder that affects children’s ability to interact and communicate.
Autism Rocks has a unique way of getting funds. Shah uses concerts to raise money for donation. He says that he prefers to host a small group of elite people who will give generously as opposed to having a huge concert for a small fee. With this model, he has hosted many private concerts all over the world. The concerts are invite-only and host high-end individuals. The featured artists in his shows include Lenny Kravitz and Prince. Snoop Dogg once showed his support for Shay’s cause by paying him an impromptu visit to his home to discuss how he can help raise money for autism research.
This cause is close to Sanjay Shah’s heart as his own son was diagnosed in 2011. He has staged events in many countries hoping that one day a cure will be found to help the needy children. The founder of Autism Rocks continues to raise more money and awareness.