School Supplies That You Can Eat

While you’re in school, you might want something to snack on during the day. Make sure that you’re allowed to have food in your class before tying some of the fun school supplies treats that Wengie has made.

One of the fun things that you can make is a pack of crayons that aren’t used for coloring. You can take a bite out of these crayons because they are gummy candy. The colors are brilliant, and you can wrap each crayon in a paper that makes them look like a pack of Crayola crayons. All you need is gelatin that matches the color and flavor of your crayons, thick straws and duct tape. Close one end of the straw with tape, prepare the gelatin, and pour the gelatin into each straw. Let the gelatin set, and wrap each color of paper around the gelatin before putting them into a crayon box.

Another idea is to replace pencil shavings with shaved nuts. You need to make sure you shave any nut that you enjoy as thin as possible so that it looks like a container of shavings in a pencil sharpener container. Brazil nuts work well since they are larger and easy to file. You could also use thin slices of the nut in the pencil sharpener so that you have a realistic treat instead of just adding the shavings to the container. Paint the ends with food dye to make the shavings look like the end of a pencil that you’ve sharpened.