The United States Money Reserve is one of the nation’s leading distributors of government certified gold, platinum and silver coins. The US Money Reserve president, Philip N. Diehl was interviewed by Eric Dye. The duo had many things to discuss. Philip Diehl was the one who launched the first ever US government certified platinum coins. He also greatly facilitated the creation of the popular 50 States program and such feats have made him one of the most influential Mint Directors of all time. Before securing a job at the Mint, Mr. Diehl was Chief of Staff of the US Treasury Department. After that he was nominated to be the Director of the United States Mint by the then President Bill Clinton.
Mr. Diehl’s efforts at the United States Mint rewarded them with an increase in the yearly profits to $2.5 billion from $450 million the year when Philip became the Director. Other than being the president of US Money Reserve Currently, he is the co-founder of the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee and also a member of the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT). US Money Reserve is trusted because they only sell precious metals from the world’s most trusted mints. These include Perth Mint, Canadian Mint and the Austrian Mint. They offer three categories of precious metals; bars, certified coins and bullion coins. The notion of owning makes sense considering the unstable global economy and this can be a good way of protecting your wealth. You may also be at an advantage when the value of the dollar goes down.US Money Reserve offers a variety of ways in which you can acquire the precious metals and secure your future.
A client of the US Money Reserve will be served by a team of over 100 professionals who are highly knowledgeable about the precious metals. They include;
•    Coin Research Professionals
•    Vault and Shipping Department
•    Sales Verification Personnel
•    Inventory Department
•    Business Support Development
•    Customer Relations Department
There are many other experts in various fields in the US Money Reserve. Clients who have put their trust on them have profited as they were able to acquire the coins with the highest value. Situated in Austin, Texas, it was founded by veterans in the gold market who saw a need in merging customer service with the financial knowledge of the precious metals. They have a reputation of guiding their clients to make the wisest decisions regarding the purchase of precious metals.