Mike Baur Role In Swiss Start Up Factory

Every startup requires nurturing and support for successful professionals, in order to understand the market challenges, and how to handle them. This is what Mike Baur does across Switzerland, helping great minds change their ideas into business. Mike Baur is a mentor and a prominent entrepreneur across Zurich, for his involvement with the Swiss Start Up Factory, (SSUF), and his vast experience in the banking and finance sectors. Before joining the Swiss Factory, Mike spent over 20 years in the banking sector in popular institutions like the UBS, and Clariden, which laid a foundation for his current career path, that kicked off in 2014.It’during this time, when together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, launched the Swiss Start Up Factory, that offers fledgling entrepreneurs with a space they can share and build their ideas, and also get support from relevant professionals.

Quality education in MBA and executive MBA, from Bern University and Rochester University, respectively, has equipped Mike with the right skills and knowledge to run the SSUF, as its superb co-founder and the CEO. In addition, he has been able to effectively apply the lean business model into the SSUF, as its driving force. As a result, Mike has played a crucial role in revolutionizing the company’s space in Switzerland.

Swiss Startup Factory is a privately –held and financed ICT company, based in Zurich- Switzerland. It’s one of the most active accelerator startup in the region, due to its great global network. As a result, over 100 entrepreneurs have received support from the incubation program that has steered their business into established start-ups. This is a great milestone for SSUF, whose idea is to help startup ideas grow into business in three months, through mentorship and coaching. For this to materialize, the company has created a website platform known as the Founderstories.ch that contains interviews and experiences from professionals on start-ups.

Under Mike’s leadership, Swiss Start Up Factory has made great milestones and made several partnerships. Among them is the CTI -a financing start-up partnership with SSUF. Due to the exemplary work by Mike, he was named as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest, and the same year, featured in the Wall Street Journal, due to his service to others. This is an indication that Mike is a leader who is passionate about helping the youth, as he has even funded most of the startup companies from his own pocket.MI

Anthony Petrello – An Insider’s Opinion

Sometimes, the people best placed to describe you is those who were by your side when you began your journey to success. To best understand Tony Petrello, the Nabor Industries CEO, you will have to tap into some of the things his college roommate, Lloyd Grove has to say about him. His eager demeanor that was manifested in a public school back in 1972 grew into a drive that has steered Tony into being one of the most successful business moguls of the modern world.

His love for math was evident from a very young age and his consistent dedication to proofing arcane theorems when other kids were busy playing naughty definitely have something to do with his hard work and focused demeanor. He graduated from the Harvard University with his J.D degree and also holds a MS and BS in Mathematics from Yale University. After his studies, he began his career life by signing up with Baker & McKenzie’s New York office where he worked as the Managing Partner from 1986 to 1991.

After this, he moved to Nabors Industries where he began as the Chief Operating Officer before making his way up the corporate ladder to become the Chief Executive officer and Board of Nabors Industry chair in 2012. position has made his one of the best paid CEOs in the region. His compensation for 2015 stood at an amazing $27,512,939. $1,580,077 was his salary and $16,863,656 came from his stock shares. He also received $7,727,000 as bonus and the rest as different kinds of compensation.

Anthony Petrello is married to his college sweetheart, Cynthia Carrafa and are together active philanthropic givers. Carrafa ia a soap opera actress and producer and the mother to Carena. Their daughter, Carena, was born premature and developed a cerebral palys condition that drove the family to spend money furthering the search for a solution to the condition. Anthony has given up to $7 million to grow neurological research and experiments at the Texas Children’s Hospital.


Kenneth Goodgame And The Importance Of A Plan

When it comes to business, it is very important to have a plan. This is especially true when it comes to retail. After all, it is important to have every aspect of the retail business. Among the most important aspects of retail is the product line. People need to know what is being sold and they also have to know about any of the special promotions that are going on in the store so that they will profit from the sales that are made. In order for businesses to have a good retail game, it is important for them to learn about the different methods for bringing about sales.

One person that is very good to learn from when it comes to retail is Kenneth Goodgame. Ken knows a lot about how to bring the customers to the retail store. He not only knows about the technicalities of bringing forth the sales, he also sees the art in what he does. Customers respond favorably to creativity. There is a lot of room in retail for creativity. In fact people who are creative with end caps and stocking tend to attract even more customers and sales. For one thing, they know how to take advantage of all of the sales that they have going.

Ken Goodgame also has a few platforms that he uses to give people advice on what they can do in order to bring about the best results in sales and business. Kenneth has a lot of experience in the retail business. He has worked in stores such as Tru Value, Ace Hardware, and a few other stores. He has become very successful in his career because he has pursued what he is passionate about. His creativity and input is what brings retailers to a higher level of success.

John Goullet Has Long Been Providing Top Notch Staffing Solutions

John Goullet has become a highly successful entrepreneur residing in the United States, and he is currently the director for the company Diversant LLC. John was in the business for quite a while, working in IT for years before he ever ventured out on his own to start his own business. In 1994, John founded Info Technologies, which was a tech company dedicated to providing IT staffing solutions and generally IT problems for many fortune 500 companies. The company managed to grow to a net worth of $30 million in just a few years, making it one of the fastest growing companies in the US at the time. Not too long ago, in 2010, John Goullet decided to merge his company with another, Diversant Inc. The merging had John appointed as the principal at Diversant, leading the IT solutions that would be available to their clients.

Gene Waddy, the previous head of Diversant Inc, became the CEO after the merging with Info Technologies, and today, Diversant has become one of the largest Minority Owned Businesses revolving around IT solutions and staffing. Since the merging, the two minds of John and Gene have brought the company immense amounts of growth, helping clients from all over with the very best It solutions available today. Diversant has even entered the list for Fortune 500 companies.

Diversant LLC today focuses primarily on IT staffing and services of the highest quality to meet the ever growing standards of their clients. They also offer their services on a contract basis as well as permanently for those who need it. Under John’s lead, Diversant is dedicated to solving problems with the latest innovations in the field. Clients using the services of Diversant are able to benefit greatly for their transformative services, as they are at the ready to meet the demand of their customers.

Based out of New Jersey, John attended Ursinus College for his academic background getting into IT, which enabled him to found Info Technologies after graduating. John is in his 50’s today, and has been making innovations in his industry for many years now, and it’s no surprise that Diversant will hold their high rankings with him leading the way in the future.

More on John:



Diversant Principal John Goullet

A Firm That Strongly Advocates For Environmental Sustainability

Flavio Maluf is a successful Brazilian business magnate who is popularly known for his involvement in excellent business endeavors. Through dedication and commitment he has worked his way up to become the chief executive officer of Eucatex Group. He is a graduate of Sao Paulo University where he earned his Degree in mechanical engineering. He later on moved to the United States where he pursued his education in administration. Besides studying, he also engaged himself in a part time job in NewYork. Under his management, Eucatex Group has grown to a successful venture in Brazil.

Achievements of Eucatex Group

With a humble beginning in the 1950s, Eucatex Group has expanded its operations and built a good reputation all over the world. This company was among the first panel companies to use eucalyptus as the main raw material. Following proper management, Eucatex quickly expanded to include furniture firms as well as furniture products for construction. Currently, this firm is the leading global provider of soft boards, panels, wood tiles, wall partitions, doors and paints among others. Following Flavio Maluf’s background in engineering and administration, Eucatex Group has managed to secure a position at the top of the curve. Initially, this company operated only in Brazil. However, it has grown to a multinational company with many other outlets across the globe.

Despite economic downturns under Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex Group continues to prosper and grow. This firm continues to produce high quality panels following the upgrades made by the CEO on his assembly line. He strongly believes in maintaining strong ideals and morals. This is clearly seen by his extreme respect and protection for the environment. Flavio Maluf established a wood buying policy and the environmental policy to ensure proper environmental standards are maintained as well as sustainability. Additionally, Eucatex Group has a recycling program that assists in minimizing waste and reusing of wood waste.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf works with several environmental groups and projects within the community to ensure environmental sustainability is achieved. One of the major goals of this savvy businessman is to ensure that communities fully benefit from his firm and the operations it offers.

Sam Tabar Lends His Expertise To Hedge Fund Firms

Sam Tabar is a well known and widely respected attorney and capital strategist. After graduating with honors from Oxford University he attended Columbia Law School. There he served as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. In 2001 he completed his degree at Columbia Law School and joined one of the most successful law firms Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an Associate. He not only used this opportunity to gain experience, but also made contributions to the law firm’s clients by counseling them on investment management and employment issues.

Tabar left Skadden in 2004 for a position in finance at PMA Investment Advisors as counsel but was quickly promoted to Managing Director. He was able to introduce the company to 2000 potential client opportunities and develop more than 400 investor introductions.Tabar also orchestrated and executed a strategic marketing plan aimed at institutional investors. Before parting with PMA in 2011, Tabar helped raise $1.2 billion in assets.

After his time at PMA, Tabar became the Director ans Head of Capital Strategy at Bank Of America Merrill Lynch for the Asia-Pacific Region. His job there was to provide clients with counsel and representation. Like his contribution to PMA, Tabar supplied Bank Of America with a rolodex of over 1,200 institutional investors. After roughly one year, Tabar moved on from Bank of America to take a position as the Director of Adanac LLC. There he invested in properties and start up companies such as THINX and Verboten. Tabar has made significant contributions to each firm that he spent time with, gaining experience and a polished reputation along the way.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @SamTabar.

Bernardo Chua And Organo Gold Spreads Health, Prosperity, And Inspiration

Bernardo Chua is a man with a vision. His vision is a world made healthier through the use of the ganoderma lucidium herb. When the native of the Philippines moved to Vancouver, Canada and founded the company Organo Gold in 2008, he created a line of products infused with ganoderma that tapped into a worldwide need. Through his unmatched marketing skills and innovative business strategies the company has become one of the fastest growing direct sales company on the planet. Chua started the company with three employee and today has thousands of independent sales people and customers in 35 countries.

One of the great things about Organo Gold is its success has benefitted thousands of users and enriched its worldwide sales force. Chua was recently honored in the Philippines for his hard work as a global entrepreneur. His company was presented with the prestigious Dangai ng Bayan award for excellence in Business and Industry. This is in addition to his 6 Executive of the Year awards and numerous other accolades his company has earned for the ganoderma infused coffee, teas, and other beverages Organo Gold sells.

The tremendous growth of Organo Gold is attributed to the work of Chua and his staff along with the ability of Organo Gold products to improve the lives of its users. Many credit the Organo Gold product for the greater prosperity, balance, wellness, and quality of life they enjoy. The Dangai ng Banyan awards Chua and Organo Gold received recognizes not only his business acumen and the quality of his products, but also his role in bringing honor and hope to the Filipino business community. The National Consumer Affairs Foundation presented Chua with the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur award along with People’s Choice awards for Number One Global Network Marketing Company and Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee.

Bernardo Chua enriches the lives of young people worldwide through his company’s sponsorship of the OG Cares Foundation. The mentoring and talks he gives along with the example he shows of how through a clear vision, determination, and hard work success is possible, motivates budding business people worldwide.

Kyle Bass And His Wrong Choices

Kyle Bass is the founder and CEO of Hayman Capital. He is very popular in the blog world, and he gives his opinions on issues affecting the world. He has been in the spotlight for some years now, but he made his name when he correctly predicted the mortgage crisis several years ago.

The hedge fund managers became the talk of the world when he made the right prediction. For several months, everyone considered him to be a genius. He was considered as a person who could not make any mistakes, and the respect he received was out of this world. Apart from the fame he received, Kyle Bass managed to make a lot of money for his company.

Several months later, Kyle would be consulted on almost all the occasions. People wanted to know his opinion on several things, because they believed that he was always right, and he was the person people could run for when looking for help.

Last year, the energy industry had a lot of activities. At the start of the year, the prices of oil were very high, and people like Kyle Bass were all over the news asking people to purchase the energy stocks because the prices would go higher than they already were. He was called for interviews on televisions and radio, and he managed to get hundreds of supporters.

There was, however, a certain group of people that chose to ignore Kyle Bass this time round. They did not invest in the industry, and they chose to disagree with the popular hedge fund manager. Hayman Capital, on the other hand, purchased a lot of money on the industry, waiting for huge returns.

After several months, things turned upside down. The prices of oil went down significantly, and the CEO of Hayman Capital found himself in a lot of trouble. His investment in the industry only managed to get huge losses. The other group was safe with their investments, and they had won the prediction. Kyle defended his decision, hoping that things would change for the energy department. This has not happened until now, and he has had to deal with huge amounts of losses.

Apart from the energy prediction, UsefulStooges paints that Kyle Bass seems to be making the wrong decisions in the recent past. His magic has slowly disappeared, and he is no longer the person who was respected by everyone. He recently announced that he was hoping that Hilary Clinton would win the presidential race in the upcoming elections, and everyone is waiting to see what happens.

Brad Reifler- The Whiz of Investments

Brad Reifler is a very interesting and extraordinary type of guy- the trunk of all trunk cards. He’s a boss who strategically moved his greatness to the top of the food chain. Brad Reifler is a man, who makes money, and he is super strategically wise. He has gained much more money, and this has been happening for years.

The secret to his success is what he knows about this business. One of the keys that separate mediocre businessmen to top notched business men, like Brad Reifler, is for several years, he strategized investors who focused only on the accredited investments, in which the net worth was about below average. You see, he knows Forefront Capital seeks to close the economic gap by catering to what is now accredited investors.

Brad Reifler, founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, strategized a system of overflow. This achieves amazing results when used right and time your investment in any circumstance, which in turn, is Brad Reiflers shifting everything to the non-accredited investor with a plan. This is also specifically designed for them. He literally changed their saving increase with little financial risk, specifically designed with finance opportunities, that are most likely guaranteed. He gives to his investors in his company an advantage to give a viable investment alternative to the middle class, for a specific amount of leverage and money. With powerful and compounded returns, the client potentially watched a small investment grow into a substantial payment account, which is an amazing achievement.

Reifler has not only made other investments, professionals are the power to present small investment to return a huge account investment funds. The value of him learning strategies in presenting the non-accredited investors, had to show and present their business investment income increases or loses. In Brad Reifler trust company, Forefront Management Group, he also owns subsidiaries. The Forefront advisor also owns Forefront Capital Management. And last, but not least, he owns a Forefront Capital market, which he also founded in June 2009. This organization is the boutique investment banking and wealth management firm. These are particular great avenues he has climbed and conquered to build the prolific image of himself, and to be the ultimate CEO overall in this industry.

With those different departments, he has kicked it up a notch, with great excitement and emotional energy, that make him the boss of all bosses. He knows what he knows about flexibility, and adaptable investing. And that’s Brad Reifler-he is the boss and man of the hour, who works his investment tour, and the ultimate king giant of cash flow. The success of his companies speak for themselves, along with his long reputation. As a matter of fact, he is considered a whiz in the industry.  Check out Brad Reifler’s investment tip articles for another side, otherwise you can get informed through About.me on his career and achievements.

Keith and Keely Mann Partner with Uncommon Schools

High School students across the country are getting excited as they plan to embark on a new journey as post graduates. Many high school students are often left to determine rather or not they can afford college based on rejections or acceptances by financial aid. Keith and Keely Mann recognized the struggles of high school students particularly those who were from low income families and decided to help. Together, both Keely and Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award recognizes up and coming leaders in business who have the potential to impact the next generation. The Mann’s scholarship initiative partners directly with Uncommon Schools’ a Brooklyn based charter organization.

Joe Frick, a counselor at Uncommon Charter High School was elated about the announcement because he knew it would give the opportunity for a high school senior to attend college who may have not been able to without the scholarship.

Those who are interested in the scholarship have been asked to write an essay of 1,000 words about how a college degree can help them reach their professional goals. Keith Mann has always been an advocate for education and philanthropy and believes this scholarship will give him the chance to see the pool of future leaders in his community.

Keith Mann has been a supporter of Uncommon Schools for many years. Uncommon Schools works to prepare low income students to attend college. The Mann family believes that theirs scholarship is their way of supporting Uncommon School’s overall mission.

This year’s scholarship is available only to seniors who are graduating from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The application process is open from now until February 2016. The winner be announced in the Spring and the winner will receive a $5,000.00 scholarship.

Keith Mann is a 15 year veteran in the executive search industry. He is the CEO of Dynamic Executive Search and in 2009 he decided to expand his business into Dynamics Search Partners dedicated to help investment firms.

Check out some of Keith’s favorite videos from around the web on his Vimeo.

Source http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement