New Entertainment Face- Lovaganza Foundation

We all need some time away from home and workplace to relax. Every individual gets the relaxation in a different way, some would prefer to take a vacation away from home, and others would prefer to be entertained through movies on Instagram either at home or in entertainment joints.

Lovaganza is a striking characteristic that is founded on a benevolent mission. The organization is dedicated to creating an immersive international performance with its primary aim being to offer inspiration to people as they create a peaceful co-existence among the people of the world. Lovaganza has two divisions one of them being the non-profit department and the profit making unit known as the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, that assists in the generation of funds to support the non-profit section.

Lovaganza Entertainment is a bohemian adventurous inspired celebration that its purpose is to offer the world with a unique entertainment that will showcase all the cultures of the world that will be revolutionary and overwhelming using motion pictures to entertain as well as exhibit their products. Lovaganza’s entertainment is inspired by the past, future and the present of the nation. The entertainment organization has been preparing for its Lovaganza 2020 celebration that is scheduled for May-September 2020 as they launch their other eight locations in the world. The launching festivities were to happen in 2015, but the organization decided to postpone the party to 2020 to enable them to incorporate the new technologies in the entertainment world. The organization has offices in locations including Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, Oceania as well as Asia.

The luncheon that is to take place in 2020 will involve traveling shows that are planned to be held in 2017 and which will be a way of endorsing the 2020 celebrations. The traveling shows organized by Lovaganza aims to present a trial of the organization’s glasses free 3D entertainment familiarity around the world. The demonstration of the free samples will be followed by an issue of three motion major pictures that will upgrade up to 2020. The motion pictures will be showcased via the glasses 3D, 2D theaters and 3D standard in the Lovaganza’s traveling pavilion. Several countries including Spain, United States, and France have already started receiving the footage of the picture motion. The strategic plan on Crunchbase of the organization is to recommence the shooting in other countries and continents including Africa, Asia, India and it will spread to the rest of the world.

The official opening of Lovaganza Foundation has been scheduled to take place in 2018. The organization is making a proper preparation that will fit all regions in the world. In 2040 Lovaganza has planned to present a celebration in the form of entertainment that will show the new phase of human history.