FreedomPop’s No-Contract Budget Mobile Service For Light Data Users

A recent FreedomPop review praised the service, however, it’s challenging to find anything negative about completely free mobile phone service, which is free for one year without contracts. Using the Sprint network, FreedomPop’s business model depends on consumers upgrading to a paid service from their free 200 voice minutes and 500 free MBs of data. For people who rarely use their cell phone, FreedomPop’s free service via wireless broadband is perfect, nevertheless, the company’s paid plans are also very reasonably priced as well. While users must keep track of their data usage to avoid extra fees, doing so is not a hardship for most users in return for free voice and data service.


After one year of free service, users will pay about $10.99 each month for the same voice and data service, without a contract. Users can accumulate additional data each month by referring friends, completing surveys or downloading software.


According to TechCrunch, FreedomPop’s freemium model works because it costs the mobile service provider far less to acquire their customers than other carriers. FreedomPop does not have expensive retail outlets to maintain; people who need a Sprint-compatible phone to use FreedomPop’s service can purchase new and refurbished devices at discounted prices on their website, including Samsung Galaxy’s S3 and S4, iPhones and the HTC EVO. FreedomPop’s customer service is accessed through their website or via a phone call, not through commissioned salespersons in stores.


CNET reports that FreedomPop is now offering a $20 per month unlimited voice and data plan, however, data speeds are throttled back after consuming more than 1GB of data. Additionally, FreedomPop offers a variety of affordable plans, which are ideal for individuals who are light data users and not planning to watch videos all day from their smartphone. While not available everywhere yet, FreedomPop continues to expand their service as the company grows.