Eli Gershkovitch Is A Founder Of The Canadian Craft Beer Movement

Eli Gershkovitch is a Canadian lawyer who is known for opening one of the first and most successful microbreweries. His interest in brewing began when he visited a microbrewery in Germany where he noticed the number of people who were sampling craft beers. Eli Gershkovitch realized that Canada was open to craft beers so he began brewing beer in his hometown of Gastown.


Some of the market forces Eli Gershkovitch noticed were the rise of a younger generation of people interested in unique beer along with an aging group that would be interested in going to bespoke taverns where they could sample high-quality beer. Eli Gershkovitch also recognized that Canada lacked a steam-powered brewing option. This way of brewing beer provides a taste that is not tainted by the fuel used to heat the mash. It also calls back to a time before massive breweries. Eli Gershkovitch has since gone on to make award-winning beers that have won international awards while establishing it as a cornerstone of Canadian brewing.

Eli Gershkovitch also noticed that Canadians were lacking in bars designed to enjoy good beers. This lead to him establishing a number of pubs designed for enjoying craft beers. These bars have open seating where large groups of people can gather around to enjoy beer. These pubs offer an old-world feel while maintaining Canadian culture. His flagship pub has since expanded so that it seats over seven hundred people. The pub serves as a large brewery where patrons can go to drink where their favorite beers are made (WingsJournal).


Eli Gershkovitch used his experience in law to help him establish his business. Brewing requires a business to act in accordance to many laws in different areas that have their own regulations. In addition, craft brewing results in prized beer recipes that he was able to patent in order to bring his beers to a large market. This prevents large breweries from copying his beers. Because of Eli Gershkovitch’s love of fine beers while understanding the laws and changing attitudes towards craft beer it is expected that many great beers are expected from Steamworks Brews.

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Louis Chenevert and UTC’s Amazing Year

Louis Chenevert is a businessman who is the former Chief Executive Officer at UTC, United Technologies Corporation. He has also worked for General Motors for fourteen years, as well as being the President of Pratt and Whitney Canada. He has also worked as an exclusive advisor at Goldman Sachs.

While he was the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert accomplished a great deal. He is often accredited as being the one who has helped catapult the company to a level of success that they never before thought possible. For example, he negotiated a deal to acquire Goodrich at a price of over eighteen billion dollars. He spent over a year on the negotiations for this deal.

Another thing that he concentrated on while he was the head of United Technologies Corporation was producing products that were green and helpful to the environment. United Technologies Corporation, with the help of Louis Chenevert, has gone on to be able to build the best high quality air jet engines.

One of the most successful years that Louis Chenevert had at United Technologies Corporation is 2011. Many people look at 2011 as the time when United technologies Corporation took a huge turn for the better, which is all thanks to Louis Chenevert in the eyes of many people around the world.

The merger with Goodrich is a great example of the business acumen of Louis Chenevert. Both Goodrich and United Technologies Corporation work in similar or the same industries. That is why the merger was such a good idea, but it needed a great businessman with the negotiating skills of Louis Chenevert in order to be able to come up with an agreement that could let the merger go forward.

The Geared Turbofan Engine was a project thought up by Louis Chenevert. It turned out to be a huge success, with many people admiring the genius of Louis for coming up with it. It reduces fuel components by sixteen percent and emissions by fifty percent. It was chosen by Airbus for one of the products. It is considered a great advancement.

Louis R. Chenevert’s Professional Achievements

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert has held many management positions in various companies. He served as the chief executive officer and a senior chairman at United Technologies Corporation until 2014. He was appointed to hold the CEO post in 2008. Louis Chenevert has earned reputation since his venture in the commercial industry. He was responsible for the growth of United Technologies Corporation to the global scale level. The company is now among the best-performing companies in the delivery of technology services to the corporate world of business.

Louis R. Chenevert worked as the Production Manager for General Motors Company. He helped the company to increase its sale and made a lot of profit. Louis later left and joined Pratt & Whitney Company, serving as the President to the whole firm. He served in Pratt and Whitney for seven years.

Currently, Mr. Louis is a member of US-India CEO Forum. He is also an active participant of Executive Committee of the Business Roundtable. His exceptional managerial and leadership skills gave him a chance to chair the Business Council together with the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. Moreover, he chairs the board of directors in the Confessional Medal of Honour Foundation.

Louis R. Chenevert has had a successful professional journey since his studies in Production Management which he received from the University of Montreal (HEC). He has been on the advisory board in two different organization. Louis has been in the team of advisors from HEC and Yale Cancer Center. He has been an advisor and a great friend to the University of Montreal (HEC). Louis R. Chenevert was once named in Aviation Week and Space Technology Trade Magazine as the person of the year.

There was a time Louis was appointed to be the member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has won various global awards including Honor Award which was presented by National Building Museum. Louis went on and received an honorary doctorate from the University of Montreal. As an exclusive advisor at Merchant Banking where he joined in 2015, Chenevert has been focusing on opportunities arising from aerospace and industrial sector so that he can invest.