Sam Tabar: An Economics Expert

Despite having an educational background in law, Sam Tabar has proven himself to be an acclaimed economics expert. Working with a variety of financial firms such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and PMA Investment Advisors, Slideshare stats show Sam has been able to use his experience to help investors around the world meet their financial goals. As a result of this, he has also been able to help the firms at which he worked grow at rates that many in the business world thought were simply not possible. However, by using a determination to succeed and putting what he learned at Oxford University and Columbia Law School to good use, Sam has shown the world of high finance he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to economics.

Specializing in global marketing and strategic planning, Sam has gained a reputation as a leader who understands what it takes to lead a firm to the next level. After serving as a legal associate with numerous law firms around the world, he decided to take his legal training and apply it to the world of high finance and economics. Deciding to accept a position with PMA Investment Advisors as its Managing Director and Head of Business Development, Sam used his legal background to evaluate the firm’s plans and then decide what needed to be done to in order to make the firm one of the world’s best. Developing numerous strategic plans that could be applied to many types of investors, Sam focused intently on investor relations in an effort to bring new clients into his firm.

Managing a hedge fund worth in excess of $2.5 billion, Sam knew it would take numerous high net-worth investors to keep the fund growing at a high rate. Therefore, he began meeting with potential investors in Hong Kong and other areas in the Asia-Pacific region in order to explain how his firm’s hedge fund could help them meet their financial goals. As his reputation for excellence grew in the region, more and more investors began to come on board with the firm. Due to his marketing and financial strategies that were considered to be cutting-edge by many experts, Sam was able to bring in many new investors that resulted in the hedge fund growing by nearly $1.5 billion.

Continuing to build his reputation internationally as an expert in client and investor relations, Sam is ready to take the next step and establish himself as perhaps the world’s foremost expert on hedge funds.

Sam can usually be found on Instagram, otherwise he’s always working on giving back to the communities that have given him so much.  Not to mention what he’s done for Africa by both investing in THINX and also taking time to create a Go Fund Me page for AWI.

Kevin Seawright Interview Shares How CEDC Operates In The Newark Community

According to Dhiren Shah who conducted an interview with Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Seawright, the non-profit organization was created by Mayor Ras Baraka. Founded in 2007 as Brick City Development Corporation, it was renamed and re-organized in 2014, the same year Kevin Seawright told Local Talk News that he joined the organization after serving as Executive Director of Operations in Baltimore, Maryland for two yeas and over 13 years of impressive accomplishments achieved using his financial expertise and aptitude to improve communities along the East Coast. He told that the organization is looking at a citywide development plan and has a number one goal to help small businesses throughout the Newark community.

When they tapped up Seawright, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) was organized to retain, attract and grow businesses, enhance the capacities of small and minority businesses and spur real estate development throughout the City and its 20 diverse communities. Seawright said along with the branding of a new name, the CEDC has a lot more community focus and the re-structuring will have farther reach. He also said that all businesses are important, not just minority or women owned small businesses and that any business with a good small business plan will get support from the CEDC. The organization’s doors are open and their loan specialist, Lexie Demirali, is available to any business that comes in. The CEDC helps small businesses understand their financial, tax and credit reporting with the goal of helping them reach a higher threshold. The organization helps them assess their status and how close they are to actually opening their businesses. It also helps businesses ready to move forward with as much as a $25,000 loan and have partnered with other financial institution and community development organization for loans above that amount.

The CEDC has two representatives dedicated to each city ward to help small business become successful. Its overall goal is to help the City of Newark grow and move forward by helping business gain and train for financial stability and success. So far the CEDC has assisted 53 new businesses which resulted in 88 new hires. Kevin Seawright explains on his Twitter that the success of the CEDC’s efforts is due to having a good team that are out in the communities giving them voices.  If you’re hungry for more, follow Kevin on Soundcloud where he contributes to podcasts and posts new songs on occasion.