A Lesson In Image Recovery

Status Labs is an Austin TX based firm that specializes in online reputation and crisis management. However, due to the actions of a former executive, the firm recently found itself experiencing its own negative press. What began as a local news story quickly went national, and threatened their reputation.

Status Labs began to slowly rebuild their reputation. The first step was to change their leadership by calling for the resignation of the questionable executive.

This news was then released to the media, along with a team photo. This was done to connect human faces to a company name and help the public realize their anger was misdirected.

The company also realized they were disconnected from the community. To fix this, they spent a year working with local charities and nonprofits. This also helped to boost their team’s morale.

The firm then made a conscious effort to improve employee relations. They did this by implementing stock options, company outings, publishing a newsletter Etc.

Status Labs had been successful in helping improve the reputations of over 1,000 businesses and individuals, and now they had achieved success healing their own.

This was due in part to the efforts of Darius Fisher. After graduating with honors from Vanderbilt University, Fisher had previously worked as a copywriter and political consultant Taking that experience with him, he then went on to co-found Status Labs. As president of Status Labs, Mr.Fisher developed the strategies and partnerships the company needed to achieve such a successful track record.

Since the implementation of the crisis control measures, many positive features about Mr. Fisher and Status Labs have appeared in various media outlets. This provides proof that if the proper steps are taken, you can recover from bad press.

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The Growth And Accomplishments Made By Status Labs

The rapid growth rate of Status Labs has seen the firm shift its New York office to a grander Manhattan office space. This move comes a year after the company expanded to New York. In order to accommodate the growing team, the new office is five times larger than the old office. The office, which is located at 1123 Broadway in Flatiron, has a great view that overlooks the Madison Square Park.
Status Labs President, Darius Fisher, said that the reason for the sudden shift was that the firm had added four business development and account management experts to their New York team. To better accommodate the staff, he decided to move to a bigger office that would also be comfortable for future addition of staff. The firm has plans to hire five professionals for their public relations, account management and business development departments before the end of the year.
Fisher added that the firm was happy with the team’s accomplishments made since joining Status Labs. He believes that it is important to have a body of talent as the firm continues to undertake larger and challenging projects. The firm also operates in Sao Paulo and Austin besides serving clients in about 35 countries. This information was originally published on PR Newswire as highlighted in the following link http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/status-labs-new-york-team-relocates-to-larger-manhattan-office-300252243.html
About Status Labs
Status Labs is an online reputation management, public relations and online marketing firm. Darius Fisher formed the firm in 2012. The firm assists clients in building their reputation through an effective PR strategy and digital marketing. Status Labs has enabled clients to offer compelling content that not only drives sales and participation but also engages the audiences. Since every client has different needs, the firm offers a creative solution that is complacent to the expectations of specific clients.
The main objective of the company is to offer clients the best search results. Additionally, through digital marketing, the firm helps clients grow their sales. Currently, maintaining an online presence is important. To this end, being on the first page of Google gives the initial impression of online presence. The expert techniques offered by the firm helps to enhance the reputation of a client’s business. Status Labs ensures that an individual or a firm ranks high through a search result.