Eli Gershkovitch Is A Founder Of The Canadian Craft Beer Movement

Eli Gershkovitch is a Canadian lawyer who is known for opening one of the first and most successful microbreweries. His interest in brewing began when he visited a microbrewery in Germany where he noticed the number of people who were sampling craft beers. Eli Gershkovitch realized that Canada was open to craft beers so he began brewing beer in his hometown of Gastown.


Some of the market forces Eli Gershkovitch noticed were the rise of a younger generation of people interested in unique beer along with an aging group that would be interested in going to bespoke taverns where they could sample high-quality beer. Eli Gershkovitch also recognized that Canada lacked a steam-powered brewing option. This way of brewing beer provides a taste that is not tainted by the fuel used to heat the mash. It also calls back to a time before massive breweries. Eli Gershkovitch has since gone on to make award-winning beers that have won international awards while establishing it as a cornerstone of Canadian brewing.

Eli Gershkovitch also noticed that Canadians were lacking in bars designed to enjoy good beers. This lead to him establishing a number of pubs designed for enjoying craft beers. These bars have open seating where large groups of people can gather around to enjoy beer. These pubs offer an old-world feel while maintaining Canadian culture. His flagship pub has since expanded so that it seats over seven hundred people. The pub serves as a large brewery where patrons can go to drink where their favorite beers are made (WingsJournal).


Eli Gershkovitch used his experience in law to help him establish his business. Brewing requires a business to act in accordance to many laws in different areas that have their own regulations. In addition, craft brewing results in prized beer recipes that he was able to patent in order to bring his beers to a large market. This prevents large breweries from copying his beers. Because of Eli Gershkovitch’s love of fine beers while understanding the laws and changing attitudes towards craft beer it is expected that many great beers are expected from Steamworks Brews.

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Perry Mandera, an Investor in the Transportation Industry

There are several technologies that Perry Mandera uses to serve clients. For over 30 years, he has led a logistics and transportation company called The Custom Companies Inc. based in Illinois, North Lake area as its president. He owns the company and uses three specific technologies to offer transportation services:

Cheetah Dispatch. This is comprehensive software that allows access to a variety of information by the drivers of Custom Companies. It reduces unnecessary paperwork by offering deliveries in real time, making use of electronic media to transfer information.

Warehouse Management System (Crunchbase). This technology allows easy tracking of customers’ inventories. With the company entering them as electronic inventories, customers are in a position to follow the movement of their goods from the time they are received by Custom Companies to the time they get delivered.

Dock Management System which is a technology that set standards for the companies’ Dock Systems. The technology minimizes delays and errors by use of unique barcodes for each shipment thus freight is moved quickly.

Out of a passion for transportation, Perry Mandera started investing in the industry at a tender age of 23. He started his company at this age after having worked for several companies that dealt with transportation (https://gazetteday.com/2018/01/perry-mandera-perpetuates-spirit-giving/). He then sold the company to focus on politics which was also an interest of his. He became the youngest elected committeeman from 1984-1988.

While still doing politics, Perry founded Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. The company grew to become today’s big and well-known company employing hundreds of employees. The company serves different clientele starting from families to corporations. It makes revenues of over $ 200 million and is not only limited to domestic transportation but also deals with international transportation as well.

Perry Mandera has evolved the transportation industry and has helped in setting standards that define quality service in this industry. His efforts have been rewarded by Illinois Transport Association by being named among the ‘Top 100 American Millenniums’.

He is an active philanthropist and donates money, clothing, and transport to charitable organizations that help the needy. Perry also participates in offering relief aid to those families that get affected by calamities.


Regain Your Fitness Through Logan Stout’s IDLife

Many Americans treat companies providing nutritional supplements with suspicion. According to them, the products marketed by the companies are not as potent as they claim; the products do not help health-conscious Americans to meet their health goals. Logan Stout, the founder of a targeted nutritional company, IDLife, shares the sentiments of the bulk of Americans who cast doubt on the effectiveness of “one size fits all” supplements. Stout set out to change the narrative surrounding the health and wellness companies marketing supplements. He established IDLife with one goal in mind: targeted nutrition.

IDLife was founded on a simple yet powerful philosophy that states that no two people are similar, even identical twins have unique nutritional needs. Stout explains that people differ in their genetic, diet, medication use, etc. and therefore dietary supplements should speak to the unique needs of each individual. IDLife is scaling the heights of the nutritional supplements industry because of its customized nutrition concept.

An analysis of IDLife reveals that the company is a marked improvement over its competitors in the health and wellness industry. Apparently, the concept of customized nutrition is setting it apart, but other three factors make IDLife the supplements provider of choice for many Americans.

IDLife is passionate about the ingredients that go into their consumable products. The company is well aware that the quality of their supplements is determined by the quality of ingredients that are used to manufacture the products. All IDLife products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy free to boot. What’s more, all IDLife’s products are regularly tested by FDA approved laboratories for variables such as potency, purity, solubility, and of course safety of the products.

IDLife nutritional supplements are a culmination of many years of scientific research. Stout and his team made use of data carried in peer-reviewed medical journals and data availed by various clinical trials to develop superior products with scientific backing.

Logan Stout, the entrepreneur behind the company, is a man of many talents. He is a retired athlete, a businessman, and a mentor. He is passionate about helping others attain not only their health goals but other goals in life as well. For example, he established the Dallas Patriots baseball organization to mentor teenagers interested in pursuing sports.

Stout attended the Panola College where he pursued a course in business. He has since furthered his studies by attending the University of Dallas where he studied Psychology.

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A Review of Adam Mistein’s Career and Philanthropic Activities

Milstein is an Israeli-born real estate investor, philanthropist, and activist. He was born in Israel in early 1950s. They lived in Haifa before moving to KiryatMotzkin, where he spent the rest of his childhood. In 1971, Adam Milstein joined the Israel Defense Forces and where he went through a thorough military training. This training equipped him with the adequate skills on war and leadership. He utilized these skills during the Yom Kippur War. After serving in the military for three years, Milstein enrolled at the Technion, Israel’s most prestigious university. He graduated from the institution with a degree in business and economics.

Soon after completing his degree, the philanthropist joined his father’s company and helped him to expand his real estate construction and development businesses. This opportunity provided Adam with enough income to start a family. He married Gila Elgrably in 1974. The couple stayed in Israel until 1981 when they moved to the United States together with their two daughters. In the US, Adam enrolled for Masters in Business Administration at the University of Southern California. Two years later, the executive earned his MBA. Soon after, he joined the commercial real estate industry. With the passage of time, he established himself as one of the country’s real estate investors. He worked for Hager Pacific Properties as a sales agent. Owing to his hard work and dedication, Adam climbed the corporate ladder to serve as the company’s managing partner.

In the United States, Milstein began noticing a trend in the problems faced by the Jewish community and their deviations from the Jewish culture. He took it up on himself to correct this anomaly. To this end, he collaborated with his wife to found the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This organization focuses on different projects, including teaching Jewish students on how to read and write Hebrew and connecting the students with their culture. Adam is also the founder of the Israeli-American Council; America’s fastest growing Jewish organization. This organization has played a significant role in enhancing charity works and fostering the relationship between the United States and Israel. The organization focuses on positively influencing America’s policies on Israel.


Louis R. Chenevert’s Professional Achievements

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert has held many management positions in various companies. He served as the chief executive officer and a senior chairman at United Technologies Corporation until 2014. He was appointed to hold the CEO post in 2008. Louis Chenevert has earned reputation since his venture in the commercial industry. He was responsible for the growth of United Technologies Corporation to the global scale level. The company is now among the best-performing companies in the delivery of technology services to the corporate world of business.

Louis R. Chenevert worked as the Production Manager for General Motors Company. He helped the company to increase its sale and made a lot of profit. Louis later left and joined Pratt & Whitney Company, serving as the President to the whole firm. He served in Pratt and Whitney for seven years.

Currently, Mr. Louis is a member of US-India CEO Forum. He is also an active participant of Executive Committee of the Business Roundtable. His exceptional managerial and leadership skills gave him a chance to chair the Business Council together with the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. Moreover, he chairs the board of directors in the Confessional Medal of Honour Foundation.

Louis R. Chenevert has had a successful professional journey since his studies in Production Management which he received from the University of Montreal (HEC). He has been on the advisory board in two different organization. Louis has been in the team of advisors from HEC and Yale Cancer Center. He has been an advisor and a great friend to the University of Montreal (HEC). Louis R. Chenevert was once named in Aviation Week and Space Technology Trade Magazine as the person of the year.

There was a time Louis was appointed to be the member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has won various global awards including Honor Award which was presented by National Building Museum. Louis went on and received an honorary doctorate from the University of Montreal. As an exclusive advisor at Merchant Banking where he joined in 2015, Chenevert has been focusing on opportunities arising from aerospace and industrial sector so that he can invest.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep apnea comes with a wide range of destructive occurrences that affect the normal person when the medical condition develops. According to the latest research, there is a strong relationship between the advancements of sleep apnea and other serious conditions such as the heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. When such diseases affect you, you are likely to develop sleep apnea as another medical condition that takes advantage of you. With the new serious implications that come with the occurrence of the sleep apnea medical condition, new research into its development and treatment therapies is underway to combat the leading source of death in the United States and other parts of the world.

There is a great need in the medical industry to find the cure of sleep apnea. While there is no known cure for sleep apnea, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to develop more than 100 therapies that can be used to reverse and control sleep apnea as a medical condition in the United States. According to the United States Medical Association, sleep apnea is a leading cause of death as it is responsible for over 2 million deaths every year. The worst part is that the disease has no known cure. Dr. Avi Weisfogel also has an advancement in the occurrence of sleep apnea has he has more than two decades of professional experience treating patients who have sleep apnea. Doctors are now uniting to develop a research anchor that will realize the development of sleep apnea medical condition therapy for cure.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the CEO and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. This is a company that advances in the research towards finding effective sleep apnea medical treatments and cure. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also the founder of the Old Bridge Dental Car. In 1999, he founded the dental practice to help him develop the best practice in the area. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has always worked to develop solutions for dental patients as well as other sleep apnea patients in the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also considered as one of the most innovative dentists in the United States.

OSI Group Fortify its Position in the Meat Processing Industry

OSI Group, LLC, has earned reputation in the food industry thanks to its ability to provide unique and fresh products. The Aurora-based food processing company is the best organization in production and selling of value-added protein products and other food elements. The entity provides breakfast and lunch products, entrees, snacks, side dishes, and desserts.

Preparing breakfast sausages, bacon, hot dogs, cooked beef, pork products, sandwich assemblies, and smoked products are among the expertise areas in this entity. You can never go wrong with their frozen, cooked, or fresh beef patties. The American firm serves leading retail brands and foodservice like Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Starbucks.

OSI Group LLC, former OSI Industries, Inc. was established in 1909. It has zonal offices in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific to handle its functions and manufacturing needs across the globe. David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, explains how the global network has enabled them to enter international markets. The worldwide operation means that the local management departments understand the local tastes and beliefs. The private entity runs more than 50 outlets in 17 countries, and it is employing its local-solution methods and global-efficiency strategies to venture in China.

Success Stories

OSI development in China is due to the growth of China economy. It has eight factories and two underway facilities making it the largest poultry plant around. In September, OSI opened a mega entity for production in Henan province and merged with DOYOO Group.

Last January, the group revealed the launching of a modern feed mill with a capacity of 600,000 metric tons per year. They have set up another food plant in India to manufacture vegetable products for the quick-service hotels and retail. In June, OSI publicized a new entity in Geneva for frozen entrees.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a privately owned firm of meat processors with markets across the world. Under the leadership of McDonald, the enterprise has become reputable for servicing food industries and retail. Over the years, the entity has received awards for environmental management and management of health and safety risks.

OSI Group Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

OSI Group Food Industry

The food industry is changing rapidly. Customers are demanding better food, and many companies see this as an opportunity. Over the years, OSI Group has provided great customer service to people who work in this industry.

OSI Group

OSI Group started as a small company with only a few employees. However, over the years, the company was able to grow into what it is today. There are many employees who love working for OSI Group because of the great benefits and pay.

The leaders of OSI Group strongly believe that happy employees make happy customers. This is why they pay their employees so much versus the rest of the industry.

In the coming years, OSI Group wants to continue investing in growth. The leaders of the company believe that there is a lot of potential to gain new customers and market share within the industry.


OSI Group is a leader in food service industry. However, the company is taking on a lot of debt to grow quickly. Customers are demanding more services than OSI Group can currently provide. OSI Group is building a lot of new facilities to help mitigate this issue.

Customer service is a key part of success of OSI Group. No matter what, the customers of OSI Group know that the company is going to do everything it can to give them a great experience. There are a lot of people who are excited about the future of OSI Group. Not only does the company have strong finances, but it invests back into the local community as well.

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