Fabletics Proves That Amazon Is Not The Only Successful Business To Get Athletic Wear

What was once the day of heading down to your local superstore to purchase athletic wear for the gym is no more. Now when people want to purchase their workout gear, they sit down with a laptop, computer, tablet or phone to place an order. The reverse showroom technique has led the market of shoppers everywhere because of the ability to be able to find styles that you like without actually leaving the house. There is an endless amount of styles to choose from instead of only a select few choices you would get in actual stores. A brand that is choosing to use this method is Fabletics.


In the world of e-commerce sales, Fabletics is choosing to give Amazon a run for their money. Prior to Fabletics coming out, shoppers would flock to Amazon to purchase their workout gear. Now they load up the Fabletics webpage and do their shopping.


Fabletics has not only chosen to acquire the reverse showroom technique but to also chose to use the membership basis for their business. Each member will be given the lifestyle quiz to help them become acquainted with the options available to them. The options are going to help to setup the future orders that a member will get each month.


Prior to the start of Fabletics, shoppers and those that love to workout were forced to live in plain, drab workout gear. The gear was plain and black or grey in color. There was no patterns or style to the gear that you were given to wear. The gyms were filled with people working out and with no style at all. Now the days of drab gyms is a thing of the past.


Members will claim the different options for clothing choices and each month, they will receive one new outfit depending on the level of membership each person selects. If you are looking for something for kids, they also offer athletic wear for kids. Now you can take your kids to the park for active play and they can look just as stylish as you do when leaving the house in athletic wear.


The reverse showroom technique has proven to be successful for most companies that require this method of sales. Before Kate Hudson took to the role of spokeperson, she had never placed her hands into a business before. Even though she has had no prior experience in business, she has proven that it can be successful with her hands in the pot.

What Has Made Don Ressler So Successful?

There are many factors that determine how a person becomes successful. There are times when luck plays a major role in a person’s success. Timing is also a critical factor. Bill gates has often attributed the success of Windows to having the right idea at the right time. So how has Don Ressler been able to become so successful in a startup industry where so many others have experienced failure? Don has addressed this question on a number of occasions. He says that a number of things have helped his startups to become very profitable.

One of the things that Don Ressler often credits for his success is his planning. He invests a great deal of time and effort into planning his startups. He says this is essential in order to avoid problems after the startup is launched. Don believes that one of the biggest mistakes that many people make is not having any patience when it comes to their startups. They are in such a hurry to launch the startup that they tend to overlook many key details. This usually comes back to haunt them down the road. Don has learned that the time he spends carefully planning a startup and putting together the right people to run it will pay off in the future.

Another unique quality that Don Ressler has is his ability to foresee the buying habits of the general public. He has been able to predict various market trends during his career with uncanny accuracy. This has enabled him to get involved in certain industries long before his competitors realized they were profitable. Therefore, he was able to snatch up a sizable share of the market and develop many loyal customers. He was able to do this with his cosmetics website called Dermstore. Don Ressler applied this strategy once again years later when he launched the fashion site called JustFab.

Don has also been able to give the public a better selection of products than they can find at any of the competing sites. Don believes that people want to shop at stores that have large inventories. This gave Ressler the idea to launch a startup called Fabletics. It specialized in selling athletic wear. The thing that made Fabletics different from other athletic wear retailers was the fact that they offer significantly more products from more brands. The huge inventory made the site an instant hit with consumers.

Don Ressler: http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Adam+Goldenberg/Don+Ressler/JustFab+com+Debuts+Los+Angeles+Flagship+Store/VTdKv_H2Vpy

All you need to know about Don Ressler

If there’s a brand building guru in the world of business, it is Don Ressler. Most of his adult life has been spent trying to identify and maximize on the online space. He saw an opportunity in the online platform and decided to seize it. Noticeably, his passion as an entrepreneur saw him generate over $1 billion on sales and help different online companies raise millions of dollars as capital.

Ressler is known as the brand building specialist having accomplished several milestones in the business. In 2001, he managed to steer his own company, FitnessHeaven.com, into profit and later sell it to Intermix. It is at Intermix that Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg. The two became friends who then developed into becoming business partners in several companies. The duo shared dreams of capturing and fusing the online market with the fashion industry.

In 2006, Don Ressler and Adam created an online incubator platform called Intelligent Beauty, which would be used for commercial purposes. The pair sought to merge the social aspect of the internet with a cutting edge fashion at a lower price. Seemingly, Don Ressler and Adam had great plans for Intelligent Beauty and soon after, were able to expand the platform, hence placing designers, style consultants and several professionals on board. The positive consequence of these efforts bore JustFab.

JustFab is a style community where its members obtain a varied selection of handbags, accessories and shoes every month. These selections are often tailored to each member’s taste and preference at $39.95. “JustFab demonstrates to women how to wear each of their selections through models. They not only want to inspire women with different style tips but also want them to share the experiences as fashion evokes a response.

After completing $40 million Series C funding round, Fabletics was launched by JustFab. This time, Ressler partnered with a third person, Kate Hudson. The company quickly became a major player in the athleisure category with a competitive edge of providing premium performance products. 
Under the co-leadership of Don Ressler, Intelligent Beauty and JustFab are doing okay. The enthusiasm that Don Ressler contains will sure keep the companies in the industry for a long time. This is a positive indication not only to their business but also to the beauty industry.

Insights From The Woman Who Created Lime Crime

A recent article found online highlighted an interview with Lime Crime’s executive creator Doe Deere. Ms. Deere’s passion for color can be seen in the many photos of her used throughout the article. Not only has Ms. Deere’s line of cosmetics taken the beauty industry by storm, but she was also named as a top female entrepreneur by Self-Made magazine.

In the online article Ms. Deere discusses her early love of art and how it ultimately led to the creation of her extraordinary line of makeup products. Her earliest recollection of experimenting with makeup colors was when she and two of her friends created some interesting looks at a slumber party. As a young woman in her twenties, Ms. Deere continued to experiment with different types of looks using some popular theatrical makeup brands enhanced with her own unique style of expression, which often included the addition of rhinestones or glitter. She posted photos of her unique looks online and instantly gained a following of people waiting to see what she would come up with next.

Creating a Good Example

Ms. Deere is open about her Internet based business and its huge following. She does see many positive sides to having a business online, which includes the ability to receive immediate feedback via social networking websites. She often refers to her fans as unicorns, aptly named after the first line of cosmetics produced by Lime Crime. She sees the people who use her products as being braver, more adventurous and basically different than those individuals who choose to follow a tried and true path.

Ms. Deere describes the type of business woman she feels most inspired by as being someone who is a visionary within their field. She was amazed to find her own image on the cover of Self-Made magazine and hopes that she brings inspiration to others as a female role model.  Read more about Lime Crime on the blog that Doe herself curates, ILoveLimeCrime.  Or you can also follow them on social media through both the official Lime Crime Facebook, and @limecrimemamekup on Instagram.

JustFab is Just That

There are a lot of online retailers who have many different clothing options, but JustFab is one that is not just for clothing, but also for fun shoes and handbags. You might wonder about the new looks they have this year and I’m excited to show you.

JustFab Boots

There are a ton of boots available for you to choose from on http://www.shoedazzle.com/clothing-shoes-boots-handbags/c-shop-by-brand-justfab-justfab.htm. They offer small boots that come just over the ankle and larger boots that go all the way to the knee. They also have them in a wide range of colors for any outfit. If you are stuck trying to figure out what style is better for you, why not just get both, the price is certainly low enough to do that. You also can find the boots in a strappy style or a style that is more for work rather than fun. That will be totally up to you and what you want for your boots.

JustFab Shoes

JustFab has a ton of different options for shoes from dressy to plainer for work. You can find strap shoes as well as heels that are short or long depending on what you prefer. JustFab also come in a wide range of colors that will work with any outfit. You may even find some sparkle shoes to add to your closet. These are great for a night on the town or to let everyone know you have some great shoes.

All of JustFab shoes change year after year so you won’t get the same looks twice and they are up to date with the styles this year. You may decide you want the same style of shoe or boot but in a different color and that works too. The best thing you can do is to look at all the styles, save a few and pick the ones that you want the most. That way you will get the shoes you want for the low price JustFab offers.
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Take some time when you are looking at the different shoes and boot available to you so you can choose the ones that are going to look the best one you and work with the outfits you have. The last thing you want is to have a shoe that doesn’t look quite right, but maybe you could put it with another outfit and get something great. You just never know.