New York Attorney and Philanthropist: Ross Abelow

New York City attorney, Ross Abelow, launched a GoFundMe campaign on 13th January 2016. The campaign was started to assist animal shelters in New York City to be better equipped in lending support to homeless animal support shelters. Through the campaign, they will be able to obtain necessary medical care, food, blankets and vaccines, bearing in mind that most shelters lack enough capacity to take in more homeless animals. The campaign is aimed at raising $5000. Due to the cold temperatures and the winter season, animals that have no shelters are at risk of suffering the adverse weather conditions. The excess funds will be directed towards treating animals in the shelters.

Ross Abelow decided to start this campaign due to his participation in the community activities and projects. The campaign will go a long way in preventing animal deaths and also ensure more are being housed in the shelters. One can get additional information on this campaign through .

Ross Abelow is a licensed legal practitioner a partner at Abelow &Cassandro LLP. His areas of specialty are commercial litigation, entertainment law and family law. He has been practicing for over 20 years. In addition to this, he is a graduate of New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law. He also writes on legal blogs and has his own personal blog. He is particularly active on social media and has facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and mashable accounts. Ross Abelow conducts his business with the highest level of confidentiality as is expected of all attorneys.

Through Lawyer Lighthouse one is able to get information on lawyers including Ross Abelow. The platform offers a directory where one can get all the addresses and phone numbers of different lawyers. Lawyer Lighthouse maintains that Ross Abelow is very capable and thus if one has a case they can be assured of a win. It also describes him as one of the best attorneys in New York City. He is able to look into contracts carefully and never ignores the fine print. Ross Abelow has been described as having the ability and discipline to follow the law. For prohibitions with regard to conflicts of interests, Ross Abelow ensures he abides with them. His has been praised as being one of the most versatile lawyers who has managed to successfully help divorcees and entertainers. Ross Abelow also writes various articles with regards to the legal world and have been published by Crown Point New York.

Keith and Keely Mann Partner with Uncommon Schools

High School students across the country are getting excited as they plan to embark on a new journey as post graduates. Many high school students are often left to determine rather or not they can afford college based on rejections or acceptances by financial aid. Keith and Keely Mann recognized the struggles of high school students particularly those who were from low income families and decided to help. Together, both Keely and Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award recognizes up and coming leaders in business who have the potential to impact the next generation. The Mann’s scholarship initiative partners directly with Uncommon Schools’ a Brooklyn based charter organization.

Joe Frick, a counselor at Uncommon Charter High School was elated about the announcement because he knew it would give the opportunity for a high school senior to attend college who may have not been able to without the scholarship.

Those who are interested in the scholarship have been asked to write an essay of 1,000 words about how a college degree can help them reach their professional goals. Keith Mann has always been an advocate for education and philanthropy and believes this scholarship will give him the chance to see the pool of future leaders in his community.

Keith Mann has been a supporter of Uncommon Schools for many years. Uncommon Schools works to prepare low income students to attend college. The Mann family believes that theirs scholarship is their way of supporting Uncommon School’s overall mission.

This year’s scholarship is available only to seniors who are graduating from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The application process is open from now until February 2016. The winner be announced in the Spring and the winner will receive a $5,000.00 scholarship.

Keith Mann is a 15 year veteran in the executive search industry. He is the CEO of Dynamic Executive Search and in 2009 he decided to expand his business into Dynamics Search Partners dedicated to help investment firms.

Check out some of Keith’s favorite videos from around the web on his Vimeo.


Businessman Keith Mann Offers Scholarship Opportunity to Students in Uncommon Charter High School

Preparing the next generation for worthy careers should be a first priority. Keith Mann and his wife Keely, are making education a priority by offering a Scholarship for Professional Achievement for one student at Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The high school, which was built in the past couple years, is managed by Uncommon Schools, a non-profit that focuses on schools in low-income urban areas. Uncommon Schools’ goal is to prepare all students, no matter income or status, for higher education.

Dynamics Search Partners, which was founded by Keith Mann, is an executive search firm working exclusively with the alternative investment industry. Keith has worked with executive search firms for more than 15 years. As a man who is constantly on the lookout for talented business professionals to fill executive rolls, Keith is proud to assist the next generation of business professionals by offering the scholarship. Keith started out with Dynamics Executive Search and launched the Alternative Investment Practice within the company once realizing the industry was extremely under-represented.

The Scholarship for Professional Achievement will provide $5,000 for one graduating senior from Uncommon Charter High School. Students participating write a 1,000 word essay on how attending college will help them achieve their career goals in the future. A winner is expected to be announced by the end of the month. Dynamics Search Partners and Keith Mann have made Uncommon Charter High School their project helping the school and Uncommon Schools with expenses. They first began assisting the school around the time it was being built.

Avi Weisfogel Supports Operation Smile through a GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel has taken the mantle to help raise around $2,000 for a charitable organization called Operation Smile. To accomplish this, Weisfogel opened a GoFundMe page to help create and spread awareness about the efforts of Operation Smile and at the same time, allow donors to lend a hand through contributions. All the proceeds will go towards helping needy children with cleft lips or palates as well as other facial deformities.

Operation Smile is an international organization that operates as a charity and relies on donations and contributions of well-wishers to fund all its activities. It was initiated by a doctor and nurse couple, Bill Magee and Kathy Magee, in the Philippines back in 1982. It enlists the help of volunteers from various medical fields to help offer surgical services to needy kids and other young adults.

Speaking in an interview, Weisfogel stated that operation smile believes in kids as well as in ensuring that they get exceptional health care and treatment. It believes in providing a platform for equality among all kids by bridging the gap between needy children and quality medical care. He continued to reiterate that it is essential to let every kid know that there is hope in life no matter what trials it throws at them. He revealed that his own passions and background drove him to support Operation Smile.

Operation Smile currently works with many medical professionals and institutions in every area they operate in. They have been instrumental in creating much needed surgical care models aimed at identifying effective solutions that will benefit as many children in these areas as possible. Every year, the organization organizes missions in various areas around the world. It also trains local medical teams on all procedures it carries out to allow self-sufficiency.

About Avi Weisfogel

Weisfogel was born in 1972 in New Jersey. He studied Dentistry in the School of Medicine in New York University. After starting his own practice in his home town, Avi Weisfogel became immediately interested in diagnosing and treating sleep patients. He researched and studied how dental medicine can be used to treat various sleep conditions.

Today, Avi Weisfogel runs a Dental Sleep Masters Program and aims to teach other medical professionals how to treat sleep apnea and other related conditions. He is active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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