Waiakea Water: Making a Difference in More Ways Than One

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water has been making headlines across the world and for good reason. Waiakea is such a big deal because it is the first volcanic water brand in Hawaii since 2012. It has grown considerably since its launch date and has made wonderful advancements in the water bottling and beverage industry. Not only do they promote clean and sustainable drinking water, they also educated millions of people across the United States and worldwide.

The source of Waiakea’s fresh water supply comes from all of the snowmelt and rains that settle on the very active Mauna Loa volcano peak. Penetrable lava allows water to filter through, enriching the water with naturally alkaline water. This affords the water with a crisp, delicious taste that is the bottled water company’s signature. Their slogan, “Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically–Drink Waiakea,” explains their loving nature and has earned them the title as an industry leader.
In addition to the wonderful taste, this mineral rich water assists in reforestation projects and providing resources for less fortunate people who don’t have access to clean drinking water. Waiakea makes it their mission to improve the lives of those afflicted with water related illnesses in continents like Africa. Over 600 million people lack clean water and these survivors can now experience healthy water encased in fully biodegradable water bottles.
Waiakea bottles feature a beautiful, sleek design, making it aesthetically pleasing. They are wonderfully charitable as Waiakea donates about 650 liters of clean drinking water for every bottle sold. They are the leaders in promoting an organic and natural lifestyle along with doing good around the world. This is among the main reason this award winning water company has generated an increase of growth by 4000% within the last few years.
Waiakea’s mineral rich volcanic water it sold throughout the country at places like Walmart, Amazon and at many other online distributors. Pick up a few bottles during the next ride to the market and help support those in improvised countries and to make a difference in this world while you hydrate!