Ricardo Tosto- A leading lawyer in Brazil

Although not a very large number of Brazilian lawyer are approved to practice law, it is estimated there over 3 million lawyers in the country who bear law degrees but have not undergone the necessary process of approval by the Brazilian bar association. This is the body that regulates law in the country. For anyone to be allowed to practice law in the country, they must have complied with the regulations set out by this body. It has the mandate of accepting and penalizing lawyers for misconduct. Law professionals in the country are held in high regard by young people in the country. It is one of the prestigious courses that one would take.

What does it take for one to be a lawyer in Brazil? For one to be a lawyer in Brazil, they must comply with the regulations of the Brazilian bar association. As the regulator of the legal profession in the country, it has a responsibility of ensuring that only the best and ethical lawyers are allowed to practice in the country. There are regulations that guide local lawyers who have been to law schools in the country, and there are regulations for international lawyers who would like to practice in Brazil. The process of approval starts with one going through a five years law degree program in a university that is recognized in the country. After that, one is required to join a law school where they must sit and pass the bar examination.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is one of the best brains in the country. His influence as a lawyer has been promoted by his ability to win cases for his clients. Ricardo Tosto has built a name based on his ability to study cases keenly and ensuring that justice is granted in the quickest time possible. He is determined to see his clients get justice with no delay. Ricardo Tosto is part of the team that founded the largest law firm in the country.

Closing The Gender Wage Gap In Philly

As the United States stands today, there is no such thing as equal pay across genders. Women are paid less than men in most cases. This gap is a major concern in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are pushing for “closer to equal” if not “equal” pay across genders and they have implemented such a law to help fix this problem.

Karl Heideck analyzes and explains this law on http://www.phillypurge.com. He is well versed in law, earning a law degree from James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in 2009. He was a member of law firms and held high positions. Karl Heideck was a practicing attorney as well. His analysis of this law explains what it contains, who it will affect, and its consequences.

The first thing Karl Heideck talked about was the law itself. In a nutshell, it basically states that companies that do business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will no longer be able to ask potential employees how much they made at any previous job they may have had. Since companies are really not paying fairly, past wages would be disproportionate among the genders. If the employee gave permission they could ask, but only if initiated by the employee.

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Karl Heideck went on to say that any company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania would be affected. Even if the company itself was outside of Philadelphia, if the business is conducted in Philadelphia then they would be affected as well.

This is another war on inequality that needs to be fixed. I applaud Philadelphia for taking this first step. Discrimination is more than just race. Discrimination can be about your age, your sex, your sexual preference or even your weight. Things that should not matter when it comes to applying for a job. Since this is the first of any such law put into effect, this will be a hard long battle, and this is just the beginning. It could go state by state, city by city or there could eventually be a law put into effect by the supreme court that would put the law into effect in all of the United States at the same time. At any rate, it has started and the fight for gender equality is in the ring.

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Sujit Choudhry: Taking Comparative Law to Greater Heights

Comparative law mainly entails studying differences and similarities between legal systems and legislation in various countries. This study includes cannon laws, religious laws, universal laws, civil laws and socialist laws in different nations. Comparative law has become popular and equally important due to internationalism, democratization, and globalization. In most cases, the comparative law focuses on getting deeper knowledge in law and perfecting legal systems.

The study of Comparative law can help inform people about all forms of legal systems and laws available in the legal field. What’s more, a country or an organization like the United Nations can use this study to decide on a certain treaty. Business leaders can use comparative legal studies to determine whether there will be a disagreement between international companies. This study shows how other corporations treat distinct functional problems.

This branch of law benefits businesses because it enables them to understand markets they intend to expand to and various regulations. The study of comparative law also helps some politicians. It allows politicians to learn and understand how other nations operate. They also get to learn about economic and society policies of other countries.

Sujit Choudhry is recognized internationally as a professional in comparative constitutional law. He has taken up comparative law as a significant part of his career and work. Sujit has a vast field of experience. He played a leading role in the constitution-making process of several countries. These nations include Tunisia, Ukraine, Nepal, Libya, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt and South Africa. He is a leader in three different research projects on comparative laws. Sujit Choudhry is confident that his research will aid in developing a unified legal framework that can help policy makers to build a country with few legal issues.

Sujit earned his Bachelor’s degree in Law in 1994 from the University of Oxford. Further, he studied at Harvard Law School where he received his Masters of Laws degree in 1998. Sujit has worked with international organizations such as UNDP, World Bank, and UN. He has had many impressive accomplishments in his career that have earned him several awards and recognition.

Whistleblower Lawyers and the SEC

SEC Whistleblower lawyers personify and reveal fraud as well as reclaim and retrieve taxpayers’ assets thru “qui tam” (private person who assists in a prosecution and obtains partial or entire instituted monetary penalty) under the State and Federal jurisdictions pseudo claims laws.

Moral aspects dictate that it is a foremost obligation to expose fraud aimed at our government. Fraud contrary to our government senselessly burdens American taxpayers billions of dollars annually.

The severity of these prohibited actions result in a massive financial squeeze on our economy. Reporting fraud is the honorable step to undertake which ultimately may also prove to be rewarding as well.

The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) conducts Whistleblower Program to obtain tips relating to the infractions of Federal securities laws. This program was created as a sector of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which retains and adheres to strict dollar guidelines when compensating a Whistleblower for tips which conclude in implementing an accumulation of monetary penalties of at least $1million.

SEC is interested in these violations: misleading market guidance strategy, price misrepresentation, money laundering, fabricated sales, reporting and offering fraud.
Anyone who voluntarily offers SEC “original” information about a breach of Federal securities laws that either ensued or are about to transpire and is the primary individual to accumulate that information contingency on two essential aspects, initial autonomous information unknown to the SEC or publicly accessible, and not from a pending finalized court proceeding.

Corporations or organizations are not qualified to become SEC Whistleblowers as well as officers and employees of various government or self regulatory entities who were employed at the inception of this information, as well as condemned persons of a criminal prosecution in regards to the lawsuit in question.
Exempt are Whistleblowers who attained the information through some course of an audit deemed necessary under the SEC.

To become a Whistleblower it is not necessary to be an agency insider. The SEC undertakes nameless proposals into account with the information, but if you desire to be compensated for your efforts it is mandatory that you disclose your contact information and the name of the attorney who is associated with your submission.

You will also have to finalize a “tip, complaint or referral form” which incidentally must be acknowledged and signed under penalty of perjury.

In the event that the SEC disallows the claim and decides not to pursue it through further channels, then the claim is dead in the water.

New York Attorney and Philanthropist: Ross Abelow

New York City attorney, Ross Abelow, launched a GoFundMe campaign on 13th January 2016. The campaign was started to assist animal shelters in New York City to be better equipped in lending support to homeless animal support shelters. Through the campaign, they will be able to obtain necessary medical care, food, blankets and vaccines, bearing in mind that most shelters lack enough capacity to take in more homeless animals. The campaign is aimed at raising $5000. Due to the cold temperatures and the winter season, animals that have no shelters are at risk of suffering the adverse weather conditions. The excess funds will be directed towards treating animals in the shelters.

Ross Abelow decided to start this campaign due to his participation in the community activities and projects. The campaign will go a long way in preventing animal deaths and also ensure more are being housed in the shelters. One can get additional information on this campaign through https://www.gofundme.com/ross-abelow-pets .

Ross Abelow is a licensed legal practitioner a partner at Abelow &Cassandro LLP. His areas of specialty are commercial litigation, entertainment law and family law. He has been practicing for over 20 years. In addition to this, he is a graduate of New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law. He also writes on legal blogs and has his own personal blog. He is particularly active on social media and has facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and mashable accounts. Ross Abelow conducts his business with the highest level of confidentiality as is expected of all attorneys.

Through Lawyer Lighthouse one is able to get information on lawyers including Ross Abelow. The platform offers a directory where one can get all the addresses and phone numbers of different lawyers. Lawyer Lighthouse maintains that Ross Abelow is very capable and thus if one has a case they can be assured of a win. It also describes him as one of the best attorneys in New York City. He is able to look into contracts carefully and never ignores the fine print. Ross Abelow has been described as having the ability and discipline to follow the law. For prohibitions with regard to conflicts of interests, Ross Abelow ensures he abides with them. His has been praised as being one of the most versatile lawyers who has managed to successfully help divorcees and entertainers. Ross Abelow also writes various articles with regards to the legal world and have been published by Crown Point New York.