Shaygan Kheradpir is a Seasoned Addition to the Coriant Team


Shaygan Kheradpir has just been selected to serve as Coriant’s brand new CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Coriant is a well-known company that specializes in optical transport matters. Many people are aware of Kheradpir’s existence. This is because he was in the news for a while back in 2014. This was thanks to his time at Juniper Networks Inc. Kheradpir worked as Juniper Network Inc.’s CEO for a period of time.

Kheradpir is currently at the helm of Coriant. He is Pat DiPietro’s successor. He’s coming into his new work situation well prepared, too. He’s been heavily involved with the firm’s senior management division for quite a while. Kheradpir has significant experience on his side. He’s worked at both Verizon Communications and GTE. He’s even worked as Barclay Bank’s chief operations and technology officer.

Kheradpir is a famed executive in the technology and business worlds. He was born in December of 1960 in London, England. Although he was born in the United Kingdom and reared in the Middle Eastern nation of Iran, he currently holds United States citizenship. Kheradpir is the son of a doctor who specialized in ear, nose and throat ailments. He relocated to the United States when it was time to receive his university education. He attended the Ivy League institution Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He got numerous degrees from the school. Once he completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he set out to earn his doctoral degree. He studied electrical engineering while at Cornell. He began his studies at Cornell University in 1979 and completed them in 1987.

The executive’s career began in 1987 at GTE Laboratories. His duties at GTE Laboratories involved network management and routing. Kheradpir after some time landed a position as GTE Corporation’s chief information officer. People appreciated the fact that he was capable of introducing products in a prompt and punctual fashion.

Kheradpir is equipped with numerous patents. These patents are in the payments, media and telecom sectors. He was a member of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology’s advisor board. He also was part of the Cornell University Engineering Council. Kheradpir is active on social media and has an account on Twitter. He set up the account in the winter of 2009. Kheradpir routinely posts Tweets that cover a vast range of different topics. He has more than 2,500 followers on the wildly popular social media website.

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Talk Fusion Introduces A 30-day Free-Trial For The Video Communication Solutions

People usually join direct selling to earn extra money. Talk Fusion has created an instant pay feature of the company’s compensation plan to get attention from the video communication creators. The way it works is that when an associate makes a sale, the customer can begin using the product immediately while the associate is credited with his commission within three minutes. According to Bob Reina, the founder, and president of the company, Talk Fusion developed instant pay because what get rewarded gets repeated, and it ultimately validates the business speaks to the financial strength of the company, and it creates the excitement for being a Talk Fusion Associate.


Talk Fusion is based on a culture of hard work, leadership, diligence, and the willingness to learn from others on all things required. In fact, new associates have to work for 7-10 hours a week at least for a year before they start evaluating their options for long-term success. Bob Reina maintains that the Company is very transparent become after being on the field for so long he knows at least what it takes to be successful. Success takes a lot of hard work, and Talk Fusion is the company that pays hard work.

Talk Fusion is already serving more than 140 countries worldwide, and the company grew by 42 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year. As the American market expand exponentially, the company is gaining growth momentum in the international markets especially in Brazil, Mexico, and other Latin American markets. Bob Reina is an animal lover who lives his home with pets and shares his office with at least one. For that love, he generously gives to support animal welfare to build his Humane Society if Tampa Bay Animal Health Center that is mainly sponsored by Talk Fusion.

The recent introduction of a 30-day free trial of the comprehensive video marketing solutions is one development the Bob Reina has referred to as a value that cannot be compared with something else in the world. The 30-day free trial version is intended to give the new customers an experience that will make them subscribe the premium version at the end of the free-trial period.