FreedomPop Focuses on WiFi Expansion Across the USA

For some people the only way to get a product is by finding a great deal. Look at how cell phone carriers are conducting their business nowadays. The majority of carriers out there are trying to price gauge customers for every single cent in their pocket. That natural tendency to overprice created room for the ‘freemium’ company FreedomPop to make some serious headway. Over the past several years FreedomPop has steadily established themselves as a prime time alternative carrier for folks who need to spend every cent wisely. Now FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols is announcing further services being made available for current and future customers including new WiFi access.

For the past year or so we have seen FreedomPop begin to establish their own database of wireless hotspots all around the country. Installing these WiFi hotspots across the country has been a priority for Stokol’s company and now the reason why has come to the forefront: FreedomPop is offering an expanded WiFi service for an additional $5 per month for customers. The $5 monthly fee, which is entirely optional, would grant new customers access to the more than 10 million different hotspots across the continental United States.

Most people are probably questioning why an additional WiFi service needs to be added when the phone already has WiFi technology. Well, the 10 million hotspots will be available to ONLY FreedomPop customers which ensures that the network will never be overcrowded and hard to use. Furthermore, FreedomPop is planning to expand to a total of 25 million hotspots all across the country within the next year or so. These hotspots will be available in common retail places like Best Buy, McDonalds and Burger King with more coming along the way as partnerships reveal themselves. Now, imagine that you lived above or near one of these hotspots. Suddenly you are getting unlimited WiFi in your home for just $5!

FreedomPop’s core service will remain free, just like Stokols has always claimed. Customers who opt to stick with the core service will get a limited amount of talk, text and mobile data all without any charge ever coming to their account. From there customers can choose to expand their services to incorporate more and more of the ‘expansion options’ that Stokols is making available for the platform. This is the route that FreedomPop is choosing to take in order to make their freemium company profitable.

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Funding Expansion FreedomPop’s Goal

World wide domination might be every business owners dream and the company FreedomPop is on a mission to expand. We aren’t sure if global domination is the goal at this point but, you can rest assured that expansion sure is. Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop talked to RCR wireless about the company’s rapid growth. FreedomPop is unlike alot of cell phone providers in many ways. One way they are unique is with no contracts, no gimmicks and no hassles, they are giving you one hundred percent free mobile phone and internet service. They offer free mobile data in twenty five countries and growing.

Can you imagine a plan that includes WiFi calling and texting from anywhere in the world, free calling and texting between FreedomPop phones that is unlimited, free international calling and more? You might be wondering how FreedomPop can stay in business giving away services. According to the interview on RCR, Stephen tells us that they make their money from add-on services and the company is okay with that.

FreedomPop is in the right place, at the right time, with the right product. With the ability to access over eight million hotspots and nationwide roaming, the ability to get a virtual number anywhere in the world and partner offered offers to obtain free data that is unlimited, FreedomPop is headed for global market domination and rapid expansion.

In this in-depth interview Stephen Stokols talks about everything people want to know about FreedomPop and their plans for the future. Stephen opens up and talks freely about his plans and what the company is doing and what puts this company on the leading edge of the industry. The interview was posted on RCR wireless and you can review the whole article with Stephen’s video interview at the website:

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FreedomPop Wants To Expand Even More

RCR Wireless says that FreedomPop is still raising funds from venture capitalists to expand its services in places outside North America. The company already offers free services to people who need a cheap service, but FreedomPop wants to move to Europe and Africa. They have to expand their network using funds that were meant for network improvements, and then they can offer their packages to people in lands far away from home.

The whole point of FreedomPop is to offer free and very cheap services to people who need cell phones. The free and cheap cell phones and networks are powered by money raised by the company, and the money will go to expanding networks in Europe and Africa where there is little to no coverage today. FreedomPop has spent a long time making a case for free or cheap cell phones in America, and now they want to increase their customer base as much as they can.

Expanding in Europe and Africa adds dozens more countries where the company could add millions of customers all at the same time. FreedomPop needs to keep its customer numbers up, and they can do that better than anybody just by expanding simple services. FreedomPop has the most unique service in the world, and they are enticing people who do not want to keep overpaying for phones and services that they do not need.

FreedomPop offers something that is really simple, and the FreedomPop people are still raising money so that they can keep their business as basic as possible. Expansion has always been the plan at FreedomPop, and the company plans to keep expanding as much as it possible can. They are raising money as fast as they can to expand to Europe and Africa, and they are helping everyone around the world get the phone service they need for cheap.

FreedomPop Is Gaining Momentum In The Mobile Market

In yet another turn of fortune for the new up-and-comer FreedomPop, another $50 million in funding has been placed into their financial backing. The recent turn of events has spawned the birth of a new mobile hot spot from the company. This is not good news for the larger mobile providers, since it will effectively be offering very similar services for a fraction of the cost.

Add to this the bonus of having business in 25 countries and there is sturdy ground to build on. FreedomPop looks to leverage this business in these countries by making deals with them on their services rendered. Another factor of this move is FreedomPop can offer this service with none of the lag-issues and drastic speed reductions. This is an issue that the provider T-Mobile, still has issues with for example. The initial price tag of the mobile hot-spot is $49 US. Sim cards for unlocked phones will run you an additional $10.

Each and every customer will receive 200 megabytes of data free per month. There will be an option to purchase additional data for $10 every 500MB extra they buy. Stephen Stokols CEO of FreedomPop, is very happy with his company’s ability to expand at the rate they are moving. He has also stated that having struck so many deals in so many countries gives them this edge for expansion.

The overall value of the funding for their campaign is under lock and key however. Stokols only stating that the amount is upwards of $100 million. With their ad campaigns being mostly word of mouth, the future is unclear. For the original story from Recode, just click the link.