Squaw Valley’s Rigorous Water-Quality Testing Demonstrates Commitment to Customers

Following an unexpected and powerful October rainstorm, Squaw Valley–one of the biggest and most reputable ski resorts in America–saw a single, upper-mountain water source become contaminated with bacteria. The resort’s prompt response to this unforeseen difficulty is commendable, and does well to illustrate just how much it values skiers, visitors, and the overall community.


After their routine testing detected the water abnormality, Squaw Valley officials contacted health and safety experts to further identify the bacteria’s source. Then, an all-encompassing recovery plan–one that spared no expense and left no avenue unexplored–was initiated, and the preliminary benefits are already clear: the water’s health is rapidly improving, and is expected to return to normal sometime in the near future.


Moreover, Squaw Valley officials also temporarily shut down all of their restaurants, and made all drinking water sources unavailable, to assure the health and safety of each customer. An announcement concerning the water source’s full recovery is expected to be made, with the certification and approval of sanitation and purity professionals, sometime soon.


A lot can be learned about a person or business’s operating style in times of unadulterated success, but to really ascertain an individual or company’s true character, one must observe their actions when things aren’t going well. Squaw Valley was dealt a bad hand by sheer chance, and rather than putting their heads down or complaining, leading officials took all the necessary steps to protect their customers, repair the water source in question, and return the top-notch resort to its previous form.


The same dedication exercised in responding to this crisis allows Squaw Valley to maintain some of the very best mountains and facilities, attracting skiers and visitors from around the globe in the process.