Youthful Anime Characters and the Eventual Rise of Mature Horror


Classic anime is not forgotten. The original and wonderful characters contributed greatly to classic 1960’s and 1970’s anime television being widely remembers. Even today, new and younger fans of anime invest time watching these old programs. Characters such as sports anime star Speed Racer and his crew are still able to excite fans. Speed Racer himself had a “coming of age” persona that meshed well with his winning mindset.


Marine Boy might not have been as fleshed out as Speed Racer, but the underwater hero was a hit in the U.S. at a time when comic books were experiencing a superhero-fueled revival. The very anime robot Tobor, The 8 Man was an unemotional hero but his deeds carried the day and enthralled viewers.


Kimba, the White Lion was obviously not a superhero but the young cub had a childlike quality that appealed to younger audiences.


All of these classic programs had a family-friendly vibe to them. As fans of anime grew up, so did the themes found in anime movies. Horror quickly became one of the more popular genres. Vampires and demons have always been a staple in anime horror. Such creatures won’t be going anywhere soon. Horror has a timeless appeal among the more mature anime fans.