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On September 12, 2012, David McDonald led OSI Group in the celebration of its two decades of existence in China. Since the launching of the company’s first office in 1992 in Beijing, OSI has expanded and contributed to the growth of China’s economy. OSI Group’s services are preferred to the quality standards that accompany it. In 2008, David McDonald was entrusted with a supply order for foods during the Olympic Games event. With his management expertise, OSI Group delivered exclusive services entailing the supply of different items.

OSI Group supplied 113 tons of five items including chicken, beef, pork, dehydrated onions, and eggs. After the event, OSI Group was widely praised by the customers and received no complaints demonstrating the company’s value for client feedback. This event marketed OSI Group all over the world. At the moment, David McDonald leads the company in providing supplies to various popular brands including Starbucks and Burger King.

Another factor that puts OSI Industries at the top of the industry is its strategy that places focus on the consumer. Usually, worldwide organizations are local; thus the culture has to be put in consideration. OSI Group is diversified across four nations with varying culture aspects and government regulations. David McDonald’s understands the value of meeting his clients’ needs. Due to this factor, David’s strategy of recruiting employees from all over the world provides him with the confidence of at least matching the company’s products with the customer’s tastes.

As a global entity, OSI Group supplies protein-products under David McDonald’s instructions. Additionally, Mr. McDonald has led the organization to expand and inventing new operations. Partnerships are also key to McDonalds’ management. Last September, he signed a collaboration agreement with DOYOO Group and together, the affiliates supply items to Papa John’s and McDonald’s.

David McDonald has played an essential role in the improvement of the organization’s sustainability. He has invented new models to aid in the enhancement of the company’s manufacturing and processing sectors. Recently, David launched a beef processing firm in Poland as well as a food processing factory in India. Other improvements originate from the penetration of more advanced markets like Hungary and Geneva. David’s exclusiveness in the corporate world is attributed to his extensive exposure and knowledge. David attended the University of Iowa State where he attained his animal science degree. Additionally, his interests in the food industry direct his motives. David McDonald believes that product augmentation and capacity generates more quality products.

OSI Group Fortify its Position in the Meat Processing Industry

OSI Group, LLC, has earned reputation in the food industry thanks to its ability to provide unique and fresh products. The Aurora-based food processing company is the best organization in production and selling of value-added protein products and other food elements. The entity provides breakfast and lunch products, entrees, snacks, side dishes, and desserts.

Preparing breakfast sausages, bacon, hot dogs, cooked beef, pork products, sandwich assemblies, and smoked products are among the expertise areas in this entity. You can never go wrong with their frozen, cooked, or fresh beef patties. The American firm serves leading retail brands and foodservice like Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Starbucks.

OSI Group LLC, former OSI Industries, Inc. was established in 1909. It has zonal offices in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific to handle its functions and manufacturing needs across the globe. David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, explains how the global network has enabled them to enter international markets. The worldwide operation means that the local management departments understand the local tastes and beliefs. The private entity runs more than 50 outlets in 17 countries, and it is employing its local-solution methods and global-efficiency strategies to venture in China.

Success Stories

OSI development in China is due to the growth of China economy. It has eight factories and two underway facilities making it the largest poultry plant around. In September, OSI opened a mega entity for production in Henan province and merged with DOYOO Group.

Last January, the group revealed the launching of a modern feed mill with a capacity of 600,000 metric tons per year. They have set up another food plant in India to manufacture vegetable products for the quick-service hotels and retail. In June, OSI publicized a new entity in Geneva for frozen entrees.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a privately owned firm of meat processors with markets across the world. Under the leadership of McDonald, the enterprise has become reputable for servicing food industries and retail. Over the years, the entity has received awards for environmental management and management of health and safety risks.

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OSI Group Food Industry

The food industry is changing rapidly. Customers are demanding better food, and many companies see this as an opportunity. Over the years, OSI Group has provided great customer service to people who work in this industry.

OSI Group

OSI Group started as a small company with only a few employees. However, over the years, the company was able to grow into what it is today. There are many employees who love working for OSI Group because of the great benefits and pay.

The leaders of OSI Group strongly believe that happy employees make happy customers. This is why they pay their employees so much versus the rest of the industry.

In the coming years, OSI Group wants to continue investing in growth. The leaders of the company believe that there is a lot of potential to gain new customers and market share within the industry.


OSI Group is a leader in food service industry. However, the company is taking on a lot of debt to grow quickly. Customers are demanding more services than OSI Group can currently provide. OSI Group is building a lot of new facilities to help mitigate this issue.

Customer service is a key part of success of OSI Group. No matter what, the customers of OSI Group know that the company is going to do everything it can to give them a great experience. There are a lot of people who are excited about the future of OSI Group. Not only does the company have strong finances, but it invests back into the local community as well.

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