JMH Under Jason Halpern Is The Leading Real Estate Developer

JMH deals in the establishment of essential residential and business buildings in the United States. The JMH real estate Development Company is among the most leading full-service real estate companies in America. The company has officially taken over the incredibly beautiful and unique Manhattan, Miami Beach, and Brooklyn real estate markets.


Jason Halpern is the owner of the enterprise. He took over from his father who the original initiator of the company. The Company formerly operated in the Western Westchester when Halpern took charge. Jason has expanded the company to focus exclusively on luxury property. Halpern also deals in mixed use and hospitality property segments. He combines marketplace knowledge with the profound site and development skills to afford the highest quality and longer lasting buildings.


Jason Halpern is currently constructing Cobble Hill Landmark Townhouses
The company is currently developing nine Cobble Hill Townhouses that are meant to serve tenants in Cobble and the Brooklyn neighborhood. JMH also redesigned 184 Brooklyn Kent Avenue turning it into great residential apartments. The 184 Kent project is reputable for being Brooklyn’s most adaptive and reused building. JMH employs the most innovative methods to establish their unique buildings. Jason Halpern leads the expert team at the company. Halpern also partnered with the Rockpoint Group to renovate the former Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse in Williamsburg. The company plans to construct luxury rental apartments in the area.


Jason Halpern leads JMH in constructing the South Beach Aloft Hotel
JMH recently built the eight-story, 235 roomed Aloft hotel. The hotel was opened last year in the central business district of the Miami Beach. The hotel is an adjustment of the former Ankara Motel towers. The hotel is a grounding breaking South Beach landmark constructed on a waterfront. It has larger room spaces, full-service gym, launch pad, and outdoor pools.


Halpern’s JMH also aims to develop the Northern Boulevard Market and 70 Henry Street Projects
The Company also seeks to transform the Cinema Heights in Brooklyn to boutique condominium buildings. Halpern still waits for approval from the Landmarks Preservation authorities to commence construction. Halpern has also turned to the Northern Boulevard marketplace where he plans to construct a private hotel.


JMH led by Halpern are also developing 2901 Dr. Miami Beach and 8995 Collins Avenue Projects
Halpern has made trips from Brooklyn to South Florida very often. He is currently managing other residential developments in Florida. The South Florida residential projects are planned to be more competitive substantive than the Downtown towers. Halpern also achieved a multimillion property deal on 8995 Collins Avenue where the company intends to transform the Surfside Harbor into luxury rental apartments. JHM also finished pre-designing the 2901 Dr. Miami Indian sales center Creek into fifteen residential apartments.


The Importance of A Real Estate Agent

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