Alexandre Gama

     Alexandre Gama acts as communicating operator and works in the advertising industry. He is very talented and works very hard professionally. He does all he can to help others and puts in a lot of time and effort into his work. He strives to make himself better and those around him as well. He is the founder of one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil and works very hard to accomplish helping others and completing his advertising agency. He recieved a degree in advertising and communications and works very hard to uphold to his potential. He not only looks out for himself but for others as well. Alexandre’s advertising career officially began in 1982 and from there on out he worked his way up to the top and began to completing advertising agencies and doing his best to uphold companies. He got an award being a copywriter and was compensated fully. Alexandre works very hard and does his best to help others and the community. He not only does what he can but others look up to him as well as a shining example of what to do when in times of crisis. He does not let anybody tell him he cant and he always looks to help others in the best manner possible. He tries very hard to be a strict professional and treats his coworkers equally. He tries to do his best to help others in a way possible and has gotten many awards but gives all credit to others.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Brings New Life to Grupo Televisa

     Despite Grupo Televisa always being a successful company, they have had some things that have been not so great. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knew this and knew that he would have to make the best changes possible. There were many different options that were included with the acquisition of the company and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero worked hard to make sure that he was running all of these in the right way. He also knew that he would be able to make the right type of changes for his own career so that he could make the company better. The fact that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knew what to do and how to help people was evidence of the way that the company would be able to grow. He wanted to make sure that he was making the right moves and he chose to improve Grupo Televisa no matter what was going on.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero continues to help the company. They are now among the top companies in the world and they are the number one media company in all of Mexico. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has worked hard for this position and he knows that the company will grow in different areas no matter what they are doing. He also knows that they will be able to make things better for different people so that they don’t have to worry about what type of issues they are having. He plans to make the right type of changes and to show people what they can do in different areas of media.

While Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has not always been active in the company, he has been showing people what they can do now. He is committed to Grupo Televisa and his commitment shows in the things that he does. He hopes that he will be able to continue making the company grow and that it will be among the best companies in the future. He also hopes that he can do more so that the viewers of the company so that they will be able to try different things.

Relational NuoDB Cloud Database Overview

Founded in 2008, Software developer NuoDB is widely recognized for innovative approaches to cloud database computing. NuoDB cloud database technology is a delivery mechanism which incorporates scale-out processing for SQL (Structured Query Language) and “distributed computing methodologies.” The cloud database is defined by transaction reality, which includes ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability). You can liken it to an extension of functionality and capabilities of the three tier structures. The three tiers of a cloud environment are the administration database, storage and the transaction data log files.

Using a NuoDB cloud database is an upgrade on the standard SQL database. Because data objects can easily communicate with the search engines to find the right documents based on the crawled queue. NuoDB doesn’t include loose coupling, but rather it allows the cloud database to communicate with the application and the disk drive. Thus avoiding close coupling, which restricts the scale out and elasticity of data objects.

As a cost effective solution, cloud computing increases the availability of relational databases. And with that availability comes cloud database expansion pools, which make it easier to add more servers that can run anywhere. In January 2017, the community version (developer’s edition) was upgraded to include multiple hosts scale out.

Creative Entrepreneur-Alexandre Gama

     Founded in 1999, Neogama is an advertising agency in Brazil and is one of twenty of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Neogama was founded by Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian entrepreneur, born in Rio De Janiero on June 1, 1958. Neogama was the fastest growing company in Brazil within its first three years.

Gama received his degree in advertising and Communications from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and began his advertising career in 1982 at Standard Oglivy and Mather where he was a copywriter.

Gama has accomplished many things during his career. After Gama started his own company, in 2008 he was the first Latin American to present a master class at the Cannes Festival in France.

Gama became a board member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies in 2012, and was responsible for supporting the Brazilian Communications Industry. Not only did Gama participate in communications and advertising, he was also involved in the music industry in 2014. He also became a shareholder and investor in Briggs Automotive Company in the same year.

As The first Brazilian to lead a global network of agencies, Gama was nominated one of seven of the most important professionals in Brazilian history in 2006.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – Media Black Belt

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Long Fight and His Very Name’s Importance – Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and Mexico

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is a name of honor to any Mexican. It stands for news you can trust. It stands, also, for so much more.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has worked in news for decades. He has seen nearly all of it: The good, the bad and the “so, so”. Regardless of his many experiences there, he continues to serve there and not let the obstacles hold him back as any serious leader should do.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Speaking Points and More – Why Does Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Love Mexico So Much and What Makes the Man Unique in the First Place?

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, first of all, was both born and raised in Mexico: He has not lived anywhere else in his lifetime thus far, and he also recounts that there is no other place that he would rather be; thus, Mexico is his very home and heart. He loves the people of Mexico; he loves the food in Mexico; he loves the stores, shops, restaurants, business centers, malls and beaches in Mexico; he loves Mexican culture and everything it entails – this man is no less than a true Mexican in heart and spirit, and he has shown his true colors more than once. The people love him; how could they not, when he is one of them?

He would never abandon or betray his own country or countrymen but only wishes them the best as he serves within the top ranks of Mexican media. Did you know that Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega will be one of the first names remembered when mentioning Grupo Televisa? His name is quite a memory marker.

Omar Yunes leads Sushi Itto to Higher Levels of Success

The Best Franchisee of the world (BFW) seeks to give recognition to the franchisee’s that have managed to go above the fray. This edition of the BFW had a large attendance from representatives from Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, France, Brazil and Italy. The organizers of the award and the representatives were enthusiastic about this particular recognition. This was due to the fact that Mexico was now able to be gain trajectory among other franchisees on the international level.

Omar Yunes emerged as the winner of this chapter of the BFW. He was also able to be named in the first place of the Mexican chapter of the BFW. The competition which was held in Florence Italy singled out Omar Yunes due to his resilience and innovative strategies as one of the leaders of Sushi Itto. His contributions and input to the brand have been able to gain significant milestones and gain peer and industry recognition for Sushi Itto.

Omar was elated about receiving the award and stated that it was only a visual representation of what the 400 employees have strived to achieve. He considered himself a representative of employee excellence and the brand that has given them the liberty to be innovative with their service delivery. The award scrutinizes the franchisee’s ability to effect positive changes in the network, its financial and operational input and general employee motivation.

Omar Yunes was able to clinch the award due to his management skills and his relevance in ensuring the fluency of the franchise and franchisee relationship. The CEO of Sushi Itto also reiterated that the award was a manifestation of the brand’s efforts to provide top-notch customer service to their wide range of clients.

A Glance at Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is an astute and intelligent businessman. Having started off at 21 years as the franchisee of Sushi Itto which features a Japanese food chain, Omar has been able to grow in leaps and bounds. He currently owns up to 13 units which represent 10% of the units that are belonging to Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes runs the base operations of the units that h owns at Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. Omar Yunes continuous to empower and inspire the people around him to achieve even greater levels of success.

Bruce Bent II: The Brains Behind Money Market Fund

Money market funds present unique investment opportunity for investors seeking for significantly safe investment option with reduce risk and short maturity terms. This type of mutual funds was established by Bruce Bent II’s father in 1971 for investors in-debt securities. They have a fixed investment approach and a short maturity period. The safety that comes with money market funds investment is hinged on the significantly low volatility associated with them. In addition, they have low credit risk. Investors in this type of mutual fund also enjoy tax exemptions while some of the investment options under this category of mutual funds are not taxable. These qualities make money market funds as a preferred investment option for investors with low volatility threshold and prefer nonvolatile investment vehicle. Additionally, investors seeking for investments that mature within a short period of time should opt for money markets funds. Lastly, money market funds are suitable for those seeking to invest in securities, which are extremely liquid.

Employment Background

 Bruce Bent II had already made a name for himself as an expert in financial advisory and an investment advisor with a strong reputation. He has experience working in the industry where he is known for his innovative and creative marketing and investment ideas.He currently serves as the Vice Chairman of board of directors and President at Double Rock Corporation in addition to his role at Reserve Management Company.

Bruce Bent II has worked at Hallmark Investment Series Trust across its various investment and financial advisory subsidiaries. Initially joining the corporation as an assistant treasurer in 2000, he excelled professionally rising through the corporate ladder while at the company to become one of its leading executives. He held the position of senior vice president at one of its subsidiaries before being elevated to the position of co-chief executive officer.

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NuoDB Gets Your Database in the Cloud

NuoDB is one of the leaders in SQL-based transactional database systems. Since their founding, they have been pioneers in putting relational databases into distributed cloud systems. Their technology is cutting edge, yet still tempered with years of experience in the database industry.

NuoDB is a distributed database, accessible from anywhere, secure, and saved in the cloud. It also takes traditional SQL databases a step farther with a three tiered system that includes administrative, trasactional, and storage tiers. This helps NuoDB deal with some of the problems found in especially large cloud-based systems. It also uses a number of in-memory caches. This helps to maintain data integrity, while still operating within a cloud environment.

The cloud database from NuoDB comes in three flavors: an open source version that is free, a professional version for developers, and an enterprise edition for large corporate and manufacturing environments. Each one has the basic technology and makes use of the cloud-based design.

Karl Heideck’s Accomplishments as a Litigation Professional

Karl Heideck’s Accomplishments as a Litigation ProfessionalLitigators are law experts who have excellent knowledge in offering legal services to plaintiffs and defendants during civil cases in court. They are skilled in filling litigations and ensuring that clients win the cases. A lawsuit has various stages, and they include pre-trail, investigations, discovery, and trial in the courtroom. The discovery stage enables the attorney of the plaintiff and the litigants to make findings that may assist them in winning their case. Another role of the litigator is being in charge of the settlements after a trial. They are also required to go back to court in case any of the involved parties appeals.

arl Heideck is an outstanding litigation attorneyKarl Heideck is an outstanding litigation attorney who is based in Philadelphia. The primary fields that he deals with are risk management, compliance, and lawsuits. Karl Heideck attended the Swarthmore College and got his undergraduate degree in English and Literature. Heideck then studied law at the James E. Beasley School of Law that is based at Temple University. Karl was awarded a Juris Doctor degree in 2009.

After being licensed as an attorney, Karl Heideck was employed by the Conrad O’Brien, where he served as a partner. He was a litigator at the firm, and his primary focus was in dealing with government probes and crimes that were committed in various offices. Karl Heideck got sufficient experience at the law company and later got a job at the Pepper Hamilton LLP. He served the company as a Projects Attorney and tackled white collar defense, bankruptcy issues, pharmaceutical litigations, and government investigations.

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Karl Heideck was later hired by the Grant & Eisenhofer, PA, where he serves as a contract attorney. He got the position after serving in the sector for only four years. The firm has branches in different parts of the nation, and he is in charge of conducting discoveries in banking and securities fraud litigations.

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