Anthony Petrello Is a CEO With a Heart

     Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. He has always been a dedicated philanthropist. His philanthropic work only grew after his daughter was born.

Anthony Petrello sees miracles every day when his daughter chews her breakfast. His daughter is 8 years old but just learned how to chew food. His daughter was born prematurely and suffered a neurological condition. She had to practice chewing millions of times until her brain finally recognized the motions of chewing. Even though Anthony’s daughter has difficulty chewing and cannot perform simple tasks, she is kind and friendly to everyone she meets. This inspires Anthony and his wife to continue being kind to others. His daughter also inspires him to donate money to fund research to help out children who have conditions that are similar to the one that his daughter has.

His daughter was born at a very premature time. She weighed very little. She developed a condition that is common with premature babies that prevents the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. This condition later manifested itself in cerebral palsy, which slows down motor development in humans. This experience humbled Anthony and his wife. It caused them to be introspective and to pray for divine assistance. Most parents do not expect their children to be born with a neurological or physical condition.

Anthony Petrello is a CEO with a heart. He quit his job in New York and moved to Houston. He became the CEO and COO of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is the largest drilling contractor in the world. Oil companies rely on Nabors Industries to do the drilling for them. Anthony Petrello has three degrees from respected universities. He has two degrees in mathematics from Yale University and a degree in law from Harvard Law School. However, he decided not to become a mathematics professor or an attorney. Instead, he got involved in the oil industry. He moved to the top rather quickly.

Anthony Petrello is also on the Board of Trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital. He got in touch with various research institutions to find out if there was a cure for his daughter. He came to the realization that there was a lack of proper research and that there was a need for funding to fund the research, so he started donating money.

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The American Institute of Architects Designing the American Infrastructure

     For more than a hundred and sixty years of setting standards in the construction industry, the American Institute of Architects has never been short of professionals ready to take up challenging assignments of designing America’s cities. Established in 1857, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has sought to improve housing sector policy formulation by working with federal and state legislatures to ensure proper laws exist to guide the industry. It closely works with individual members of government agencies both in the state and federal governments to ensure that the environment in which architectural work is carried out is convenient.

The AIA has maintained a consistent approach that ensures it is constantly engaged in community outreach activities as it seeks to connect and influence positively the society in which its members offer services. It does so by helping design public places such as parks and other social amenities to improve the quality of life for all Americans. They also remain at the forefront of protecting America’s infrastructure by helping in the reconstruction of communities affected by disasters such as hurricanes and encouraging members to remain professional in engaging the community.

Leading the American Architects Institute from the front in achieving its endeavors is one Robert Ivy, the current Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer. With extensive experience in the architectural designs industry, experts in the industry were not surprised when he was appointed as the most suitable to lead AIA in 2010. Having served as the McGraw-Hill Construction Media Vice President and Editorial Director since 2003, Robert Ivy had developed the necessary knowledge of the architectural sector cutting across the whole country making him the most suitable candidate for the job.

Before joining the construction media, Robert Ivy had served as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. He oversaw the Records growth till it became one of the world’s most read architectural magazine, earning a series of industry accolades along the way. These include the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence, more than 25 Jesse H. Neal Awards, numerous Ozzies, Folio Design Awards, and the premier magazine journalism award.

On a personal level, Robert Ivy is not new to winning awards. In 2009 he was awarded the American Medias topmost award for any individual the Crane Award for having made immense contributions to the press. In 2010 the Alpha Rho Chi named him Master Architect, an award received by few individuals.

Matt Badiali’s Take on Hiking Oil Prices

     There is a reason as to why oil prices are on an upward trajectory. Within two and a half years, the West Texas Intermediate crude oil price has hit the top. There is a need to establish what’s contributing to this effect and make a decision if we have to put some of the oil producers into perspective. Saudi Arabia’s constant manipulation in production has, in part, contributed to the surge in price. The country was quick to assure everyone that production cuts would be maintained by OPEC. The move culminated in the rising of oil prices

Conversely, the demand for partially refined oil from the United States seems to be on the rise. Exports to Europe increased in the first part of the year with May, June and July recording total the highest total exports. Comparatively, Exports to Mexico, Central and South America exceeded last year’s total export records. Mexico received 228,000 barrels per day, 183,000 barrels per day went to Brazil and Netherlands received 102,000 barrels per day. This only implies that the hiking oil prices are getting support from fundamentals. Why not buy oil companies now?

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the editor of a monthly investment advisory known as S&A Resource Report which focuses on natural resources. Matt also contributes to the Growth Stock Wire which is a free pre-market brief concerning the most profitable trading opportunities in a day. He is an experienced hydrologist and geologist who has contributed so much to the oil industry. Matt’s work has enabled him to travel to different parts of the world in countries like Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Haiti, Singapore, Turkey and Switzerland. He has interviewed CEOs on matters that pertain to their latest resource prospects. He has also provided many Analyses that focus on all types of geological data.

Matt Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing as the Natural Resources Expert. He is vested with the responsibility of delivering profits opportunities to every paid subscriber. Before he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt worked at Stansberry Research as the Editor of the Stansberry Research Resource Report. This was a monthly issue that focused on energy investments, metals and other natural resources.

Matt graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Earth Sciences. He proceeded to acquire a Master’s degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Matt Badiali is also active on social media, where he engages with the audience.

AIA Partners With Not-for-Profit Firms To Chair Societal Projects

     The birth of AIA was the beginning of all the advocacy programs that would chair reforms in the world of architects. Since it was established, AIA has always been keen on developing instrumental advocacies for architects and builders. The organization advocates for the heightening of architectural values with the sole purpose of ensuring that architects enjoy the availability of powerful resources in the state. It is also through these values that architects have been able to gain from the positive reforms that the institute has invested in. The work of AIA drives positive transformation through the input of design.

Background of information

AIA exists as an independent, not-for-profit organization that is committed to the advancing of leadership, services and design among others. The institution is controlled by the need to develop strong advocacy platforms for the betterment of architectural policies. Often has the organization worked with community-based organizations in the search for projects that will transform the community at large. With AIA, saving the society from disastrous events is just one project that has been key to the development of multiple advocacies. The main purpose of working with AIA has always been to develop instrumental structures that will empower constructions in terms of design and safety. AIA is committed to making sure that architectural students receive the best in terms of resources and working conditions.


AIA is led by a prominent architect called Robert Ivy. Ivy works as the lead executive whose decision controls most of the organization’s operations. Until now, Ivy works as a committed member of the institution, always seeking to develop transformative policies for the improved lives of architects. With Ivy as the chair, AIA has always partnered with strong institutions to ensure that the end-result is a conclusive project that will elevate the position of the institution. AIA, under the leadership of Robert Ivy, has never let clients down. Often, the institution has received positive reviews in regards to service delivery.


AIA has approximately 90,000 architects. Inclusive of the number are the professionals and associates who work progressively to ensure that the institution bears fruits in terms of core adherence and ethics upholding. AIA is in place to ensure that architects deliver some of the best results in terms of dedication and commitment to project development. For AIA, it is all about focusing on the development of instrumental projects for the company. As usual, AIA commits to ensuring that students have better learning opportunities. The company offers better learning opportunities for trainees as well.

Quick Facts about American Institute of Architects

     American Institute of Architects or AIA is a prestigious non-profit organization residing in Washington DC. It provides community redevelopment, education, and public outreach programs to architecture specialists including licensed architects and allied partners. The AIA provides emerging architecture specialists with Web-based resources and hosts the AIA Conference on Architecture annually. The organization also awards excellent designs and professional achievement.

American Institute of Architecture engages in monitoring regulatory and legislative actions. Furthermore, it advocates for legislation that protects the professionals’ future; policies that encourage innovation; and regulations that ensure buildings are safe. The organization utilizes collective power to make decisions through state and policymakers. The AIA uses its community-based organization to provide services to the public. The organization works alongside local governments to create affordable housing for the public. The AIA’s projects encompass community, commercial, government, and healthcare.


The Role of Robert Ivy in AIA

Robert Ivy is the celebrated CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA. He has contributed towards the prosperity of the organization. Robert introduced two major types of research about the role of architect I the contemporary society as well as the future architecture industry. Robert led the organization towards developing a design that would accelerate the improvement of public health through community planning and research grants. He also launched an inclusive effort to develop a relevant and responsive AIA to increase awareness of architectures and a national dialogue about their roles in people’s daily lives.


Career Experiences

Robert Ivy went to study at Sewanee University where he acquired his degree. Robert also proceeded to obtain Masters in architecture from the renowned Tulane University. He served as a principal at Dean & Ivy, Dean/Dale from 1981 to 1996.

Robert Ivy was the Editor in Chief of a popular architectural journal: Architectural Record in 1996. He was also the esteemed Editor Director and VP of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Robert also participated in an architecture panel as a jury member. The panel chose Frank Gehry to design the famed National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Robert Ivy’s leadership skills contributed to the success of Architecture Record. For instance, it earned 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and the premier magazine journalism awards.



In 1998, Robert was honored with the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. The American Business Media gave Robert the Crain Award in 2009. The national architecture group, Alpha Rho Chi, chose to be their Master Architect. He earned the position because he communicated the core values of architecture effectively.


How Sussex Healthcare Provides Quality Adult Care

     Sussex Healthcare is a company in the United Kingdom that offers care for vulnerable adults. This includes older people who need around the clock assistance. They also care for people suffering from dementia and other neurological systems. Additionally, they help people who have learning disabilities.

It was over 25 years ago that Sussex Healthcare was founded. They have a number of residential and nursing care facilities around Sussex. The staff at this healthcare organization includes those who specialize in areas such as autism, neurological conditions, profound multiple learning disabilities, and acquired brain injury. They also have specialists for elderly people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

In order to provide the highest level of care, Sussex Healthcare incorporates the latest technology into the facilities it operates. These are used to enhance their care of vulnerable adults and look after their well-being. The technology is used in their services such as sensory rooms, hydrotherapy pools, gymnasiums, and other areas. In order to use this technology the staff often receives additional training in their use.

It was in 2002 that Sussex Healthcare was accredited by the Health Quality Service. In 2003 the company earned the Investors in People standard. Additionally, in 2005 this company attained the international standard ISO 9000:2000. In making these achievements Sussex Healthcare became the only such company in the UK to have done so.

Sussex Healthcare now operates 20 homes in the greater Sussex region. Most of their locations offer 24 hour care. One of the ways they take great care of people is by providing them with food made from local, fresh ingredients. They also offer a large variety of activities that people under their care can engage in. Additionally, at Sussex Healthcare they offer educational opportunities in order to keep the people under their care mentally stimulated.

Dr. Shafix Sachedina Giving Support To Those Suffering From Dementia And Their Families

     Dr. Shafix Sachedina is the owner of Sussex Health Care. Their focus is to give peace of mind and support for the loved ones who care for those suffering from Dementia. Staff there are continuously learning about the progression of Dementia so that they may give the best possible care for in care loved ones faced with Dementia.

Dr. Sachedina began his career in health care in 1975, where he graduated as a Dental Surgeon from Guy’s Hospital Mediacal and Dental School in London. Although he worked many years in his degree, Dr. Sachedina was an entrepreneur at heart.

Following his entrepreneur heart by opening Sussex Health Care, Care Centres & Support Services, him and his compassionate team of health care providers help others who are a resident as his facility by providing care for the elderly. Whether or not they need care for their Dementia. They do so by maintaining their physical health, but also by engaging them in activities such as cookery, quizzes and handicrafts. They also help those with learning disabilities providing 24 hour service care that fits each resident’s individual needs. They also have support for those needing Neurological care, for those suffering from illnesses such as Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s Disease. Dr. Sachedina and his staff also have another special team of health care providers putting their focus on helping those with Brain Injury that may or may not include Spinal Cord Lesions.

Dr. Sachedina is part of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee, and is Chairman of Focus Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. He is a part of a few committees focused on having a better relationship with other societies and those of a different faith. One aspect of a true example of a leader is to promote better relationship with those who are culturally and religiously set apart.

Dr. Shafix Sachedina has set forth in using his gifts of knowledge and compassion to give back to the community in a way that not only help those in need of long term care but by giving support to their loved ones as they go through the process of care with them.

Bruno Fagali Is A Competent Lawyer

Are you searching for information on how to hire a good lawyer in Brazil? Do you want to enlist the services of an experienced lawyer? If you want to get reliable advice or guidance regarding your legal issues, it is imperative to choose someone who is well versed in the type of case you are dealing with.

Bruno Fagali is one of the leading attorneys in Brazil. He focuses on Administrative Law, Urban Law, Regulatory Law, Compliance, and Ethics. Bruno Fagali can advise or guide you in getting your case resolved effectively and efficiently.

With so many lawyers out there it can be a daunting task deciding which one to go with. There are several steps to take if you truly want to find a competent lawyer to help you.

To find a good lawyer, you need to use reliable resources, including Lawyers’ Directories and reputable professional associations. Bar Associations have resources that can help you find lawyers who can handle your case for you.

Another way to find a lawyer is by getting recommendation from people you know and trust. These can be family members, colleagues or friends. Some people turn to their accountant or physician to help them find a good lawyer.

Once you have a good lawyer by your side, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your legal situation will be addressed appropriately.

In Brazil, Bruno Fagali comes highly recommended due to his proven track record. Bruno Fagali has practiced law for many years and has a good understanding of the system. He has many clients from all walks of life, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, institutions, professionals and multinational organizations.

Bruno Fagali takes the time to understand his client’s business or legal issue and works hard to develop the right strategy to address the matter. He is passionate about getting the best possible outcome for his clients.

Bruno Fagali receives many positive reviews due to his high quality services and guidance. No matter how tough or complex the situation, Bruno Fagali has the expertise and experience to tackle it.

Alexandre Gama

     Alexandre Gama acts as communicating operator and works in the advertising industry. He is very talented and works very hard professionally. He does all he can to help others and puts in a lot of time and effort into his work. He strives to make himself better and those around him as well. He is the founder of one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil and works very hard to accomplish helping others and completing his advertising agency. He recieved a degree in advertising and communications and works very hard to uphold to his potential. He not only looks out for himself but for others as well. Alexandre’s advertising career officially began in 1982 and from there on out he worked his way up to the top and began to completing advertising agencies and doing his best to uphold companies. He got an award being a copywriter and was compensated fully. Alexandre works very hard and does his best to help others and the community. He not only does what he can but others look up to him as well as a shining example of what to do when in times of crisis. He does not let anybody tell him he cant and he always looks to help others in the best manner possible. He tries very hard to be a strict professional and treats his coworkers equally. He tries to do his best to help others in a way possible and has gotten many awards but gives all credit to others.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Brings New Life to Grupo Televisa

     Despite Grupo Televisa always being a successful company, they have had some things that have been not so great. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knew this and knew that he would have to make the best changes possible. There were many different options that were included with the acquisition of the company and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero worked hard to make sure that he was running all of these in the right way. He also knew that he would be able to make the right type of changes for his own career so that he could make the company better. The fact that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knew what to do and how to help people was evidence of the way that the company would be able to grow. He wanted to make sure that he was making the right moves and he chose to improve Grupo Televisa no matter what was going on.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero continues to help the company. They are now among the top companies in the world and they are the number one media company in all of Mexico. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has worked hard for this position and he knows that the company will grow in different areas no matter what they are doing. He also knows that they will be able to make things better for different people so that they don’t have to worry about what type of issues they are having. He plans to make the right type of changes and to show people what they can do in different areas of media.

While Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has not always been active in the company, he has been showing people what they can do now. He is committed to Grupo Televisa and his commitment shows in the things that he does. He hopes that he will be able to continue making the company grow and that it will be among the best companies in the future. He also hopes that he can do more so that the viewers of the company so that they will be able to try different things.