Securus Technologies Defending Their Honor

The technology industry is filled with patents. The industry can be highly competitive when it comes to who can use the patents and how they can use them. This is true for Securus Technologies and their competitor, Global Tel Link. Recently, GTL released a press statement making many claims about patents and Securus Technologies. Not agreeing with many of the statements by GTL, Securus Technologies released a rebuttal to some of those statements a few days later.


Many of the claims that GTL was making had to do with patents and if Securus was allowed to use them or not. Both GTL and Securus Technologies have been to court many times to settle these disputes. GTL says that a final decision has been made. Securus Technologies says no such decision has been made and they currently have the right to use the patents in question. Securus Technologies also stated that there is more to come with what is happening with the court cases and it will be awhile before anything is settled. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Another large claim made by GTL was that Securus Technologies is too willing to take any competitor to court. Securus does acknowledge that they have been to court many times, but heading to court is never their first resort. They always try to settle things civilly and get it handled out of court between them and any competitor. If a suitable resolution for both companies cannot be made, then the court option is brought up.


Securus Technologies is a technology firm based in Dallas, Texas. They are a leader in providing technology for law enforcement and the criminal justice system. They serve over 3,400 agencies across North America. Patent disputes are part of the process and they will defend themselves when they feel it is necessary.


Securus Technologies Receive Positive Response From The New Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies have received a great positive response from the public in their newly initiated technology namely the video visitation app. The application is a simpler way to connect those incarcerated in prison to their loved ones without actually having them go visit them in prison and making long ques. The application is communication channel where with the video visitation app you can communicate to a friend or a family member in prison and even share important family events over video chats. The convenience of the video visitation app is the fact that it is perfectly fit for all Android phones and the newly initiated app for iPods and iPhones.

Families have made more than 65,000 downloads of the video app mobile application from their mobile phones (Source: There have also been more than 5,000 downloads of the application from iPhones, tablets and iPod’s. The application can be obtained in the play store for android devices and app store in Apple iPhones. All one is required to do is to download the app and synchronize the calendar to get notifications of the next scheduled video chat for their loved ones. Securus Technologies has helped many prisoners reconnect with their families especially those in correction centers far from home. Video visitation app serves more than a mere phone call can do.

Securus Technologies have been in service to many correction agencies to maintain peace. They are also great in providing solutions in civil and criminal justice that are technology related. This is to ensure investigations, public safety and monitoring of activities in correction centers. Located in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies have served more than 3,400 public safety corrections and more than 1,200,000 prisoners all over North America. They enhance connections through providing information on public safety, conducting biometric analysis, emergency response and also incident management.

Securus has advanced its technology to ensure even the safety of all inmates in correction centers. They will have a frequent connection with loved ones from the video visitation app which does not need one to tether to computers to connect but can work under Wi-Fi connectivity and remote connections too. To provide efficient services, Securus Technologies also added more software developers and a new member to their sales leadership team who will assist in running of technology and creating new ideas to serve inmates and their families. To Securus Technologies, the commitment to serve and connect is their drive.