In the Dark in the Heart of Venezuela

Some writers that are trying to poetically express the collapse of Venezuela may refer to this economy as one that is in the dark. People like David Osio, 50, that live in Venezuela may refer to the land as one that is literally in the dark due to power outages. That may be a very difficult thing for many process, but significant power outages have caused many customers and homeowners to be without power at the most inconvenient times.
There are a plethora of people that have managed to continue to make the best of each situation, but many people are no longer able to take these harsh conditions. There are photos of that are surfacing, and people in the United States are getting a first hand account of the trouble that people are facing with in Venezuela. Customers are literally shopping in the dark. Some are cooking their meals at home in the dark. The work week in Venezuela has been shortened to four days as a result of all of the ongoing issues with electricity.

Venezuelan citizens are certainly feeling the effects of what is happening because it is affecting every single aspect of their lives. The citizens of Venezuela are starting to protest now that there are so many issues with food. It is hard for people to live this way. There are certain to be more protests as power outages increase.