Creative Entrepreneur-Alexandre Gama

     Founded in 1999, Neogama is an advertising agency in Brazil and is one of twenty of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Neogama was founded by Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian entrepreneur, born in Rio De Janiero on June 1, 1958. Neogama was the fastest growing company in Brazil within its first three years.

Gama received his degree in advertising and Communications from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and began his advertising career in 1982 at Standard Oglivy and Mather where he was a copywriter.

Gama has accomplished many things during his career. After Gama started his own company, in 2008 he was the first Latin American to present a master class at the Cannes Festival in France.

Gama became a board member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies in 2012, and was responsible for supporting the Brazilian Communications Industry. Not only did Gama participate in communications and advertising, he was also involved in the music industry in 2014. He also became a shareholder and investor in Briggs Automotive Company in the same year.

As The first Brazilian to lead a global network of agencies, Gama was nominated one of seven of the most important professionals in Brazilian history in 2006.