Relational NuoDB Cloud Database Overview

Founded in 2008, Software developer NuoDB is widely recognized for innovative approaches to cloud database computing. NuoDB cloud database technology is a delivery mechanism which incorporates scale-out processing for SQL (Structured Query Language) and “distributed computing methodologies.” The cloud database is defined by transaction reality, which includes ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability). You can liken it to an extension of functionality and capabilities of the three tier structures. The three tiers of a cloud environment are the administration database, storage and the transaction data log files.

Using a NuoDB cloud database is an upgrade on the standard SQL database. Because data objects can easily communicate with the search engines to find the right documents based on the crawled queue. NuoDB doesn’t include loose coupling, but rather it allows the cloud database to communicate with the application and the disk drive. Thus avoiding close coupling, which restricts the scale out and elasticity of data objects.

As a cost effective solution, cloud computing increases the availability of relational databases. And with that availability comes cloud database expansion pools, which make it easier to add more servers that can run anywhere. In January 2017, the community version (developer’s edition) was upgraded to include multiple hosts scale out.